Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 97: It's Time to Fight Back!

Chapter 97: It's Time to Fight Back!

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On the way to the radio station, Tangning got out of the car halfway to buy some medicine and fetch some warm water; only after she watched Mo Ting take the medicine did she feel rest assured. Mo Ting looked at the anxious look on her face and revealed a slight smile, "I've already taken the medicine, are you still angry?"

"Next time this happens, are you not going to tell me again?" Tangning stared at him and asked.

"I know you are strong and can always find a way to tackle a problem. You only ever allow people to see the good side of you. However, true married couples should be able to rely on each other when they are at their weakest. You might think it's a small issue, but it still makes me worried..."

"Mo Ting, the type of love I want is not complex. I just want a person that cares about me and that I can also care for in return."

After hearing her words, Mo Ting was silent for a couple seconds before he reached out his arms and pulled her into his embrace, "I won't hide this from you again...I will listen to you."

Tangning gently punched Mo Ting's chest in protest before tightly wrapping her arms around his waist.

As the king of an entertainment empire, it was normal for Mo Ting to make decisions without batting an eyelid. After all, this was a cruel world and the entertainment industry was probably the cruelest industry of all. Although he hadn't gotten to the stage of being fake, he was still not the kind of person to show his true self to others. However, the woman in his arms...

...was so anxious over a simple flu...

It was like she had displayed the most basic and pure form of human interaction to him.

That's right...if you love someone, then go ahead and express your love, whine in front of them, get angry in front of them and give all you have to them. Why must you hold back even in front of the person you love?

The couple happily embraced each other in silence, like they were absorbing each other's warmth. A moment later, the alarm on Tangning's phone went off, it was 7:50pm; the meeting at the radio station was about to start, but Tangning was still on her way...

Tangning furrowed her eyebrows but didn't say a word. However, Mo Ting took the phone from her hands and said, "I won't let you suffer..."


Inside the meeting room of the radio station.

The station manager, announcer and other guests had already arrived, however, Tangning had yet to make an appearance. The station manager glanced at Long Jie who was sitting in Tangning's seat, a look of disgust flashed across his face. Long Jie's heart sank, she had a bad feeling.

This radio station was very famous in the industry. Although their radio show wasn't broadcasted live, they still had a great reputation because of its fine production and workflow.

Naturally, there were plenty of celebrities that wanted to go on this show. As a slightly famous model, Tangning had the least amount of influence amongst the 4 guests that had been invited, yet she was uncaring enough to only have her assistant attend the meeting.

The station manager was a 30-something-year-old man. As he already had a bit of white hair, he appeared a lot older than he was. He pointed at Long Jie and said, "Fatty, you can go. And tell your model she will never get the chance to go on our show again."

It's not that Long Jie didn't try to save the situation, but the man was unwilling to listen to her. No matter what the reason was, if someone didn't show up at the organized time, to him, it simply meant they weren't professional enough and had no work ethics.

The other people in the room also looked at Long Jie impatiently. It was like they were telling her to hurry up and leave so she could stop delaying the progress of their work. Everyone had rushed over from various locations, Tangning wasn't the only one that was busy...

Long Jie unwillingly got up out of her seat. Just as she was about to leave, Tangning arrived at the doorway trying to catch her breath, "Sorry, I'm late."

Seeing Tangning, the station manager stood up and yelled at her angrily, "Do you think this is a marketplace where you can arrive at whatever time you want? Tangning, let me tell you, take your assistant and leave. For a person that depends on bed-climbing rumors to get famous, how dare you treat yourself like someone of importance!"

Tangning was dumbfounded for a moment before calming herself down and pulling Long Jie to her side, "Let's leave immediately."


"It's OK," Tangning shook her head as she looked at the people in the meeting room. She didn't feel humiliated at all as she walked out in confidence.

"That's the first person to be late for one of my shows! Who does she think she is?" After releasing his anger, he returned to his seat to continue the meeting. However, at this moment, his assistant walked in with a man.

The man was dressed in a tidy suit and had a pair of black-framed glasses perched atop his nose.

"Assistant Lu Che, it's you. I didn't know you'd be coming, sorry I didn't come out to greet you..." the station manager stood up and greeted Lu Che respectfully.

"No need to be polite. I am here on behalf of President Mo to announce something: Hai Rui has decided to end its sponsorship for this radio station."

The man was stunned; when did he get on Mo Ting's bad side? He quickly invited Lu Che outside for a talk, "What...what is the meaning of this? The show is going well...did we do something Mo Ting isn't pleased with?"

"Since you won't give other people an opportunity to explain, our president can also do the same to you. That model, Tangning, was late because of our president. It's OK for her not to go on your show, but our president has to return her favor. So...let's just say: you guys are out of luck."

After hearing it was because of Tangning, the man felt a chill down his spine...

All his results over the years had given him a proud personality; he had long forgotten how to give others a chance...

Who would have thought he'd be faced with this challenge.

"Assistant Lu Che, can you please help me plea to the president? We can't just stop this show..."

"To President Mo, stopping a show simply means a new show will start..."

"I will take note, from now on I will no longer be so arrogant," the station manager's forehead was already breaking out in a cold sweat. This was his career...something he had worked hard on; he couldn't just give it up.

"She was only late by less than a minute. It's bad enough that you asked her to leave without letting her explain herself, was it necessary to insult her? You can call Tangning yourself and beg for forgiveness. Also, President Mo doesn't want to hear any ridiculous rumors, so watch what you say."

Just thinking of having to contact Tangning, the man was reminded of how arrogant he was when he told her to leave. He didn't want to do it. But, for the sake of the show and to not offend Hai Rui, he immediately asked for Tangning's contact details from his assistant.

Long Jie picked up the phone, they were already back at the car. The station manager requested for them to return, his tone was a lot nicer than before...

Tangning received the phone from Long Jie and listened as the man spoke, "Miss Tang, I was too impulsive; I didn't ask for your explanation before talking to you in such a rude way, I am extremely apologetic. Can you please come back?"

"Today, I was indeed late, you don't need to be sorry. It's a shame I won't be going on your show..."

"Then...what about President Mo..."

Tangning suddenly remembered what this man had said about her bed-climbing earlier, so her voice became cold, "Since I have paid for my mistake, you must also face the consequences of your words!"

This station manager and the man that had asked her to be a nude model...

She remembered them clearly...

Just because she was polite, it didn't mean she had no temper. Since the bed-climbing incident had been turned around, it was also time...for her to fight back!

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