Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 811 - Get Justice For The Dead!

Chapter 811: Get Justice For The Dead!

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Why would a completely normal actress complain about Tangning with her last dying breath?

Especially since the women had never crossed paths before and weren’t even familiar with each other. What kind of grudge could have caused Xu Xin to hit Tangning with her car the previous day and commit suicide the next?

In the eyes of an average person, if one had not experienced extreme oppression, they would never take such a step. So, everyone agreed that Tangning was the determining factor. After all, Tangning had always been ruthless with her methods. So, perhaps, Xu Xin had actually endured unbearable torment.

The news and media were all discussing this matter and speculating the cause.

All forms of rumors spread throughout the nation. At this moment, the happiest people were perhaps the enemies that Tangning had previously suppressed.

Tangning had been too ruthless and forced someone to die!

“From the moment that she announced her comeback, Tangning has been continuously slandered. In fact, each incident was worse than the last. Originally, when she was crowned Best Actress, we all expected that things would quieten down for her. Who would have thought…”

“Tangning, hurry out here and give us an explanation. If you don’t clarify things, don’t dream about ever being idolized again.”

“Tangning, how did you treat Xu Xin. Please explain everything in detail.”

“I heard that Xu Xin was talking to Tangning moments before her death. Tangning, you need to take responsibility!”

“The b*tch, Tangning, finally killed someone. Is everyone happy now?”

“She’s not a top actress, she’s a murderer!”

Faced with an army of attackers, not only Tangning, but even the people around her felt tired.

“These fans are so fickle. They previously ranted about how much they loved the Madam, but now that this happened, their expressions immediately changed,” Lu Che sighed. “President, what should I do now? This matter isn’t easy to deal with.”

“Arrange for a press conference in three days time,” Mo Ting replied. “We can’t argue with a dead person.”

“But, the Madam…”

“You don’t need to worry about her,” Mo Ting looked firmly into Lu Che’s eyes, gesturing for him to stop talking.

“Understood,” Lu Che said before he retreated from Mo Ting’s office and went to contact the media about arriving on time for their press conference.

Afterwards, the police did an investigation on Xu Xin’s death, but they didn’t discover anything odd. Not only was she not a close friend of Tangning’s, they didn’t even have a form of contact between them. In fact, when the police searched through both women’s phones, they did not have the other person’s phone number nor any contact details.

Afterwards, the police asked the director of ‘Survivor’ about his relationship with Xu Xin.

The director replied honestly that he and Xu Xin were in a normal relationship and that Xu Xin had lied to him about being pregnant. He explained that she was exposed when they went to the hospital for a checkup and they ended up getting into an argument that did not end well.

The police also investigated the reason why Xu Xin mentioned Tangning and why she had previously threatened Tangning on set, but the director replied, “Xu Xin previously asked Tangning to teach her how to act, but, as the female lead of our film, Tangning had a lot of responsibilities to uphold and had no time to teach her.”

“Probably due to this reason, Xu Xin held a grudge against Tangning. But Tangning did not retaliate and was very nice about the whole thing.”

“The women aren’t competitors in any aspect, so I guess the reason for Xu Xin’s hatred is something that only she can answer.”

After various investigations, the police concluded that neither Tangning nor the director had any motive for murder, let alone any form of premeditation.

So, they concluded the case as a suicide and closed it.

But, this response from the police triggered the anger of the public.

They felt the truth was obvious; Xu Xin had left behind a suicide note, clearly stating that Tangning wasn’t a good person. If this wasn’t enough evidence of a grudge between the two women, what other evidence did they need?

“Aren’t the police being too hasty with their conclusion?”

“No one is doubting the fact that Xu Xin committed suicide, but shouldn’t they do a thorough investigation into the reason? How could they close the case so quickly. Does it really have nothing to do with Tangning?”

“I, for one, cannot sacrifice my life to express my hatred for a person. Can any of you do it?”

“I request for a thorough investigation to get justice for the dead!”

The police were crying on the inside. This matter truly wasn’t as complicated as the public made it out to be. Tangning honestly hadn’t done anything to hurt Xu Xin. If they had to give a reason, it would be that Xu Xin was mentally unwell.

But, due to pressures from the public, the police once again questioned the closest people to Xu Xin, especially her director boyfriend.

“Can you tell me how the two of you met?”

The director knew that it was important for him to tell the truth. If the police found any discrepancies in his story, he would be in deep trouble. So, he clearly explained how Xu Xin visited his room and how they fell in love after sleeping together.

“So, when you announced your relationship to the public, did you honestly want to be with her?”

“Sorry officer, I need to explain this properly. Xu Xin tried to threaten me with our relationship a few times, so I reduced her screentime and recommended her to another film. Afterwards, she told me that she was pregnant. At that time, I had my doubts, but if the child was truly mine, I was going to take responsibility, so I decided to reveal our relationship to the public.”

“Before my revelation, Tangning had already discovered Xu Xin leaving my room at night, but she did not create a scandal out of it. She simply reminded me not to let my private matters affect my work.”

“Was she wrong in doing that?”

The officer remained silent for a few seconds and finally shook his head, “No, she wasn’t wrong.”

“If you want to give the public an explanation, you can do some research into Xu Xin and learn about her background and character.”

“I have been in a relationship with Xu Xin, but I won’t allow Tangning to be innocently blamed for something she didn’t do.”

“That is all I want to say.”

The police discovered from the director that Tangning had exposed Xu Xin and the director’s relationship early on, so they contacted Tangning once again.

As a result, Tangning arrived calmly at the police station cooperatively.

“We heard from the director that you discovered Xu Xin leaving his room one night. Can you explain this incident to us?”

“That night, my husband came to visit me at the hotel without notifying the crew. When I went to see him off in the morning, I saw Xu Xin stepping out of the director’s room. At that time, she captured a photo of my husband’s back and thought that I was having an affair. So she began to use this to threaten me.”

“Her first request was for me to contact the editor of Global Style and secure the front cover of their May issue for her. You can ask the editor about this.”

“However, I had told the editor to never use her instead.”

“Afterwards, I got my husband to clarify the entire misunderstanding…”

“As a result, we had a few clashes after that…” Tangning explained everything that happened on set.

“So, you didn’t do anything ​extreme to her?” the officer asked.

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