Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 810 - Help Me Set Up A Press Conference

Chapter 810: Help Me Set Up A Press Conference

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“Did she die?” Lu Che quickly asked.

“Yes, she unfortunately passed away,” the nurse nodded. “As well as cutting her wrist, she also stabbed herself and damaged some vital organs. While we tried to resuscitate her, her heart stopped beating.”

“Not only is she ruthless to others, she’s also ruthless to herself,” Lu Che sighed.

“Also…” the nurse looked a little uncomfortable. After a few moments, she finally said, “She left behind a suicide note saying that Miss Tang is not a good person. She also repeated those words while we were trying to save her.”

“This Xu Xin. Even when she’s dying, she tries to drag others down with her.”

Mo Ting and Tangning both looked at Lu Che. Mo Ting then said, “Immediately handle the PR and keep this under wraps. If any news gets leaked, I will hold you liable.”

“Understood, President.”

After hearing what happened, Tangning lowered her head in deep thought. In response, Mo Ting pulled her into his arms comfortingly, “This has nothing to do with you.”

But, they were talking about a life: a living, breathing person. Although Tangning did nothing wrong, a person had suddenly disappeared from this earth, and it was all due to hatred towards her. So, the news was bound to shock and torment her.

She never expected to experience something like this. Life was precious, so she did not think that someone could just give up on it so easily. Especially not because of her.

“Ting…let’s just call the police. Don’t bother with PR,” Tangning suddenly lifted her head and requested. “She left behind a suicide note and so many people heard what she said. It’s the truth. The truth can’t be covered up. Plus, the police will eventually investigate the matter and reveal their findings.”

“Do you know the consequences of this?” Mo Ting asked calmly. “I’ve said it before: you did nothing wrong.”

“Ting, you understand me,” Tangning said as she tugged Mo Ting’s arm. “Even if you manage to cover up the truth for now, what will we do when it gets uncovered? I prefer to be honest and open. Like you said, I did nothing wrong. So, why should I be afraid?”

Mo Ting looked deep into Tangning’s eyes. At this moment, all he felt was anger, “This is Beijing and this matter involves the entertainment industry. You will only be wrong if I say you are. Otherwise, no one will dare say so.”

After he was done talking, Mo Ting gave Lu Che a phone call, “Immediately call the police and tell them everything that happened in detail.”

“But, the news will definitely look bad.”

“What are we afraid of?”

“Understood, President,” Lu Che put away his phone and headed straight for the police station. Of course, with the police involved, the nature of the matter was a lot different.

The rumors were already bad, yet at this time, Xu Xin died…

She died…

In fact, at the moment of her death, she was crying out that Tangning wasn’t a good person…

“Oh God, what kind of horrible thing did Tangning do to make Xu Xin react in this way?”

“I heard that Xu Xin previously threatened Tangning on set.”

“What kind of deep grudge did these two women have? I can’t believe that Tangning forced Xu Xin to kill herself.”

“The commenter above, I think the word ‘forced’ is a bit too extreme. Why would Tangning suddenly force an insignificant nobody to die? It’s not like Tangning is that bored.”

“If you don’t consider this as forcing, then what is? It’s going to be interesting to see how Tangning responds to this.”

“I’m curious what happened between the two women.”

“I’m curious too.”

“I have a feeling that Tangning has attracted a whole heap of trouble.”

“Oh God, don’t let this happen. This matter can’t have anything to do with Tangning.”

Last night there was a car accident, and today, there was a suicide. When added together, the situation just got a whole lot more serious.

Afterwards, Hai Rui’s official website released a statement. Firstly it addressed Tangning’s current condition and revealed that she wasn’t seriously injured. It then explained, “Regarding Xu Xin and Tangning, we will compile the information we have and release it to the public soon.”

This was completely Tangning’s style. As long as she could be transparent, she’d prefer not to protect her reputation for the sake of PR and weave a web of lies. Even though she knew it was hard to separate herself from the incident with Xu Xin.

She had no intention of pleading innocence.

She simply wanted to tell the truth.

“What do they mean by compiling information. Are they writing up a story? A life has already been lost. Why isn’t Tangning stepping out to explain?”

“I know, right? She’s even getting Hai Rui to manage the PR. I’m afraid it’s not going to work this time.”

Retaliation from the public was as bad as Mo Ting imagined. But, no matter how bad the situation was, this was Tangning’s decision. So, as her husband, he had to protect and support her until the end. Because, he was well aware that if she didn’t explain everything clearly to everyone, it would forever bother her and she’d never be able to return to filming again.

“If I stop filming from now on and stay at home to take care of you and the kids, what are your thoughts regarding that?”

Seeing Tangning force a smile, Mo Ting’s heart ached, “As long as you are happy. Either way, I must first clarify this particular incident for you.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be easy.

Death for Xu Xin was a form of relief, but in the eyes of everyone else, she had sacrificed her life to reveal that Tangning was a bad person. This message left a deep impression and caused the image previously developed by Tangning to be completely overthrown.

This was the most difficult obstacle that Tangning had ever faced.

It was an obstacle that couldn’t be eliminated by PR.

A while later, Long Jie gave Tangning a phone call and complained, “Is that woman crazy? What did you do to her? Why would she just commit suicide like that?”

Tangning was originally in a slump. But, as soon as she heard Long Jie’s voice, she couldn’t help but laugh, “Are you that certain that I didn’t do anything to her?”

“What a joke. Who does she think she is?” Long Jie scoffed. “You’re a focused actress. If no one provokes you, you would remain indifferent to them.”

“Since you know that, isn’t that enough?”

“But, I don’t think the PR will be easy this time,” Long Jie was worried. “I heard from Lu Che that you plan to reveal everything to the public. That means you intend to tell everyone that the crazy woman left behind some last words and a suicide note just to scold you.”

“Tangning, are you aware that this matter can’t be easily resolved by a bit of PR?”

“I know,” Tangning replied.

“But, who are you? You are Tangning, I trust you,” Long Jie suddenly cheered up. “If worse comes to worst, you can just give up being an actress. I actually have an idea that I’ve been wanting to discuss with you. The timing is just right.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I want to start a management agency,” Long Jie said in seriousness. “Lu Che’s mother has been looking down on me all along. This time, she even shamed me for giving birth to a daughter. So…”

“No wonder we’ve been friends for so many years,” Tangning smiled. “I actually have the same thought as you.”

“Our agency needs to be special. Otherwise, the industry only needs one Hai Rui,” Long Jie added.

“That’s right. That’s why I’ve already asked Lin Qian to look for some highly talented people who have gone unnoticed,” Tangning replied.

“Oh God, I feel like we are surprisingly on the same page,” Long Jie started cheering excitedly. “In that case, Ning, don’t be afraid. Do what you need to do. We can always start over.”

After speaking to Long Jie, Tangning put down her phone and looked at Mo Ting, “Ting…help me set up a press conference.”

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