Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 809 - Madam, I Discovered Something

Chapter 809: Madam, I Discovered Something

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Even though the weather wasn’t too hot, Tangning could feel that Mo Ting’s body was covered in a layer of cold sweat.

He was afraid.

In front of everyone, how fearless and ruthless was he? He had never been afraid of anyone. Yet, at this moment, he was truly frightened.

“I’m fine, I’m honestly fine,” Tangning forgot about her fears. At this moment, her main priority was comforting this man because she couldn’t bear to see him in such a worried state.

However, Mo Ting continued to hug her and wouldn’t let go. Only after a considerable amount of time, when Tangning’s arms began to feel numb, did he finally release her.

“Let’s go check on Lin Qian and Xu Xin.”

Tangning wanted to confirm if the two women were seriously injured, but Mo Ting stopped her, “Lu Che’s already gone to check.”

However, Xu Xin was going to suffer after this…

The next morning, inside the Quan Family Home.

After an entire night, news of Tangning’s car accident had spread to every corner of Beijing. Quan Ziye never cared about who was at the top of the headlines, but today, his housekeeper found a video online and placed it in front of him.

“Young Master…look at this.”

Quan Ziye lazily opened his eyes, his gaze containing a slight charm, making him resemble a kitten that had just awoken.

“What rubbish are you trying to show me?” Quan Ziye received his phone from the housekeeper and started playing the video. However, after 2 minutes, he suddenly sat up straight. “So, she went to be an assistant for Tangning. No wonder I searched all over Beijing and couldn’t find her.”

“Have you called the hospital to confirm her current condition?”

“Yes, Young Master,” the housekeeper nodded. “The Second Miss was lucky. She only suffered minor injuries, nothing serious.”

After hearing this, Quan Ziye let out a laugh, “She tried so hard to hide from me, but what was the point? Didn’t I end up finding her in the end?”

“What does the Young Master have planned?”

“Let’s go to the hospital.” As soon as he was done talking, Quan Ziye jumped up from the sofa and grabbed the keys to his Maserati from the coffee table.

After putting on his sunglasses, he jumped into his car. No words came out of his mouth, but his heart was chanting the words, “I dare you to hide again, Lin Qian.”

Lin Qian did not hurt her arm like Tangning did. Her injury was on her head. Although her head scans came out fine, she still ended up unconscious for an entire night. So, she didn’t wake up until the next morning.

Lu Che had been watching over Lin Qian by her bedside. As soon as she woke up, he handed her a glass of water, “Are you OK?”

Lin Qian slightly nodded her head. Due to the fact that she had been sleeping for so long, it took her a while to find her voice.

“That’s good.”

“How’s Ning Jie and that crazy woman?”

“They’re both fine,” Lu Che replied. “The Madam only suffered a small injury. But, that crazy woman wasn’t as lucky,” Lu Che shrugged.

It was good that Tangning was fine. Lin Qian once again closed her eyes to get some rest. But, at this time, a man in sunglasses suddenly entered the room. In response, Lu Che immediately said, “Sir, I think you’ve entered the wrong room.”

Quan Ziye removed his sunglasses and pointed to Lin Qian, “I’m her brother.”

As soon as Lu Che saw Quan Ziye, he understood what to do. So he glanced at Lin Qian and immediately left the room, giving the siblings some privacy.

As soon as Lu Che left, Quan Ziye closed the door and locked it. He then walked up to Lin Qian and sat down beside her bed, “Did you enjoy hiding from me?”

Lin Qian closed her eyes, not wanting to say a word.

“Lin Qian, I think I used the wrong strategy on you. That’s why you were hurt for so many years,” Quan Ziye wasn’t angry, but his smile did not look innocent.

Lin Qian immediately opened her eyes and stared at Quan Ziye, “What do you want to do?”

“After you leave the hospital, move in with me…”

“Yes! It’s exactly what you’re thinking – let’s live together!” Quan Ziye said as he pulled out his phone, “Otherwise, I will call my mom right now and tell her about our relationship.”

“You’re going to kill your mother.”

“It’s fine. I’m selfish like that,” Quan Ziye replied smoothly.

“You’re crazy.”

“You forced me to be like this.”

“You’re forcing me into a dead end!” Lin Qian exclaimed. “I’m happy working as Tangning’s assistant. I don’t want to live with you. Plus, I can’t be threatened.”

Quan Ziye looked at Lin Qian painfully, like he had been stabbed in the heart, “After so many years, you’re still so difficult to deal with.”

“You should have known this long ago,” Lin Qian replied straightforwardly.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’d kill myself?” Quan Ziye suddenly laughed. “After all, if I was to die, neither of you will be in pain anymore. What do you think of that idea?”

“You don’t need to die. Just stop clinging to me.”

Obviously, their relationship was still at a standstill with no chance of progress. If it was so easy to resolve, all that they had suffered over the years would have been in vain.

Meanwhile, Tangning was standing outside the door. She pretty much heard everything that happened inside the room. However, Quan Ziye seemed to be helpless around Lin Qian.

Afterwards, she walked over to Xu Xin’s room. Seeing Xu Xin sitting in bed emotionless, she walked up and looked at her.

“You’re sure lucky that you’re still alive after that,” Xu Xin sneered in ridicule after she saw that Tangning was perfectly fine.

“It wasn’t necessary for you to do what you did,” Tangning said coldly. “You had a good future ahead of you, yet you decided to make a gamble…”

“That’s right, I took a gamble, so what?” Xu Xin laughed. “Aren’t you happy that I’ll be spending the rest of my life in jail now?”

“You asked for it,” Tangning said before she turned around to leave. But, behind her, Xu Xin said, “Tangning, you’ve always been good at cleaning up any black marks on your name, but there are some things that you can never clean.”

Tangning did not understand what Xu Xin meant and Xu Xin did not explain herself clearly.

Xu Xin had already hit someone with her car, so she couldn’t possibly feel regret.

“I’m actually quite curious how I managed to provoke you,” Tangning queried without turning around, “So much so that you’d make such a huge sacrifice and even risk your life.”

“I’m sure you know.”

After receiving this response, Tangning left.

How did she know?

Meanwhile, behind her, Xu Xin revealed a mocking smile. She was about to completely destroy Tangning.

After visiting the two women, Tangning returned to her room to find Lu Che reporting something to Mo Ting in seriousness.

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“Madam, I discovered something.”

“What did you discover?” Tangning asked curiously as Lu Che handed her a piece of information. “Xu Xin has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She is mentally unstable.”

Tangning furrowed her brows. Just as she was about to say something, a nurse suddenly knocked on the door and said to the trio, “Miss Xu has just committed suicide.”

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