Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 808 - I Won't Just Leave It At That

Chapter 808: I Won’t Just Leave It At That

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Tangning, again! Why was it always Tangning?

Not everyone understood the feeling of defeat.

“It’s because of her capabilities that I lost to her.” After saying this, Xu Xin finally left the director’s side. But, seeing Tangning being respected by so many people made her blood boil.

“We finally got rid of that pest…” the director breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Xu Xin leave.

There were some people that he naturally felt cold towards. Of course, in Xu Xin’s case, her motives were too impure, so she did not deserve any sympathy.

But, after Xu Xin left the director’s side, she did not completely leave the set. Instead, she approached Tangning and stared her down with eyes full of hatred, “It’s not over between us.”

“It’s time you report to your new film…” Tangning reminded.

“I’m fuming with hatred.”

“You must hate yourself for throwing your body at a man and not getting anything in return,” Tangning responded straightforwardly.

“Tangning, I’m not going to leave it at this,” Xu Xin growled in front of everyone. She seemed to have reached her limit. Everyone looked towards the three women and began to speculate what was happening, but Xu Xin did not explain anything before she turned and left.

As soon as Xu Xin left, everyone turned to look at Tangning.

What happened?

Why was Xu Xin so emotional?

“I guess bad people never realize the fault in themselves. They simply judge others with the standards of a saint while they judge themselves with the standards of a sinner,” Lin Qian sighed.

“Tangning, prepare for the next scene,” the director’s voice echoed across the set. As soon as she heard this, Tangning immediately stood up from her seat and walked over…

After Xu Xin left, the crew no longer mentioned her name. Apparently, she had started with her new project while ‘Survivor’ continued to progress.

But, due to the fact that Tangning hadn’t seen her babies for a while, the director gave her some time off after a few important scenes were completed so she could relieve her yearning.

Mo Ting originally wanted to drive up to get her, but Tangning’s​ heart ached thinking about his long day at work, so she instructed Lin Qian to drive instead.

10pm. Tangning was already resting in the back seat of the van.

Lin Qian glanced at Tangning through the rearview mirror. Seeing that Tangning was sleeping soundly, she made the decision to slow down her driving speed.

But, it didn’t take long before Lin Qian noticed a black car trailing them.

Lin Qian was afraid it was the paparazzi or perhaps her own imagination, so she deliberately swerved into a small alley. But, as suspected, the car followed.

Lin Qian was a little flustered as she turned back into the main road. At this time, the car suddenly turned its headlights on full beam and sped towards Lin Qian, smashing the van into the barrier on the right side of the road.

Tangning sensed an abnormality. As she opened her eyes, she noticed a car ruthlessly ramming into the left side of their van.

“Ning Jie, hurry and call the police. It’s Xu Xin, she’s gone mad.”

“Hold on,” Tangning pulled out her phone. Just as she was about to make a call, the black car directly ran headfirst into the side of their van…

A loud bang shocked everyone. The van that Tangning was sitting in, crumpled out of shape on one side…

Everyone that witnessed the scene couldn’t help but sigh. How much of a grudge did this person have?

It was late at night and Mo Ting was coaxing his sons to sleep. Suddenly, Guo Guo started crying without warning.

Xia Yuling immediately rushed over to help. After checking him thoroughly, she discovered there was nothing wrong with him.

“You’re perfectly fine. Why are you suddenly crying so painfully?”

Meanwhile, Tang Tang slept like a log; the sky could fall down and he’d still be unaffected.

“Xiao Ning hasn’t been home in a while. He must be missing his mother.”

“Mom, can you watch the kids for a while? I’m going to go make a phone call…”

However, Mo Ting called Tangning a few times in a row, but his call couldn’t get through. Just as he began to question what was going on, he received a phone call from Lu Che, “President. Something happened to the Madam.”

Mo Ting’s eyebrows immediately tensed up.

“Welcome to the Late Night News. Just in. Famous actress, Tangning was involved in an accident at 10:41pm tonight in Zhongsanhuan. According to witnesses, she was trailed by a black car which ended up hitting into her van deliberately. The incident happened too sudden and the scene is a mess. At this point, it is still unclear whether there are any deaths or injuries…”

A moment ago, Xia Yuling had simply seen Mo Ting rush out of the home frantically, but she had no idea why because she didn’t get the chance to ask him. But, after hearing the news on the television, she froze in shock and was completely dumbfounded.

Indeed, the incident had happened too suddenly. Even the media had just learned of it. In a rush to get first hand news, some reporters even wore their clothes inside out.

But, no one knew the truth behind the matter, so the media could only speculate alongside the public.

The words, ‘Tangning car accident’, quickly jumped to the top of search rankings and became the hottest topic of discussion.

“Who would hit them? Who would hold such a deep grudge?”

“I looked at videos from passersby. F*ck, Tangning’s van was thrown to the side and smashed until it was crumpled out of shape.”

“The van is already in this state. The chances are slim for the people inside to go unscathed.”

“She was only crowned Best Actress not long ago. What a shame.”

Lu Che and Mo Ting rushed to the hospital where the three women were taken. Lu Che held back the media while Mo Ting blocked out everything around him. His eyes were cold; one glance was enough to make anyone back away.

“Mr. Mo, Mrs. Mo is in this room,” a nurse said as she pointed to the emergency room in front of them. “But, you can’t go in at the moment.”

“Move,” Mo Ting growled.

The nurse trembled in fear, so she couldn’t stop Mo Ting as he forced his way into the room.


On top of the bed, the doctor was currently wrapping a wound on Tangning’s arm. Luckily she did not suffer any other injuries.

Mo Ting pushed the doctor aside and immediately hugged Tangning, pulling her tightly against his chest, “Lucky you’re OK, lucky…”

“I’m fine,” Tangning comforted the trembling man in her arms, “I’m luckily fine.”

As the memory of the accident flashed before her eyes, Tangning felt a sense of fear. Because, at that very moment, she truly thought she was going to die.

But, if she was to die, what would happen to Mo Ting and her sons?

If she died, how would they live the rest of their lives without her?

With this thought, tears began to fall from her eyes, “I’m fine. I’m really fine.”

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“Don’t worry Mr. and Mrs. Mo, it’s just a little shock, nothing serious. As for the other two patients, their injuries are also not serious. You don’t need to worry too much.”

But, at this moment, how could Mo Ting care about anyone else?

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