Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 806 - Ning Jie, You Are Indeed Amazing

Chapter 806: Ning Jie, You Are Indeed Amazing

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Xu Xin filmed the rest of her scenes like normal. And finally, with an applause from the crew, she completed her parts in the film. At this time, Tangning still had a few thousand scenes to film.

Lin Qian had investigated Xu Xin, but did not discover anything. She simply noticed that she had been visiting the nearby medical clinic every now and then to get some pain killers.

“Perhaps we were being too paranoid,” Lin Qian reported.

Tangning was quiet for a moment, but her thoughts weren’t simple, “Although we promised that we wouldn’t get involved in the director’s private life, we should still warn him to be cautious of Xu Xin.”

“Stuff like this is hard to say face-to-face,” Lin Qian replied.

After Xu Xin completed her filming, the director followed through with his promise and handed her a new script, “Call the contact that I’ve circled in this script. He will find a role for you.”

“Director, come to my room tonight. There’s something important that I want to talk to you about,” Xu Xin said, pale-faced. “I’m pregnant with your child…”

The director froze in disbelief as he began to doubt her, “We used contraception…”

“But I still fell pregnant,” Xu Xin replied seriously. “I’m not requesting for anything. It’s simply not convenient for us to talk about it here. Whether you want to keep the child or not, come to my room tonight and tell me. I definitely won’t cling to you.”

“I can tell you over the phone…”

“You are the child’s father. You should at least give it a proper farewell.” After speaking, Xu Xin turned and left, leaving the director in a daze.

Needless to say, the director’s mind was in a mess. In fact, he had no idea what to do. It was at this moment that his eyes met with Tangning and Lin Qian.

However, he quickly avoided Tangning’s gaze and pretended like nothing had happened.

Tangning had a clear grasp of the situation, but she did not pressure the director. Instead, she waited until dinner before she finally said to him, “Director, this entire thing has always been a small matter. I hope it doesn’t end on a sour note. Don’t let the production get involved in too much filth, otherwise, I can’t possibly remain.”

“You need to be aware of your responsibilities.”

The director let out a sigh and replied with his honest thoughts, “It’s actually not an unreasonable thing for me to be with Xu Xin. I already had a divorce with my wife two years ago, so being with another woman doesn’t tread on any moral grounds. It is just a simple relationship between a man and woman.”

“Tangning, I know that you don’t like dirty acts like this; it is my fault for losing to temptation. But, I wasn’t completely blinded by desire to the point where I let it affect the normal operations of the production.”

“Since that’s the case, the director should reveal the truth as soon as possible. You need to strike first before your enemy gains the advantage…” Tangning said with an extra layer of meaning.

After hearing this, the director let out a laugh as his expression lightened and he raised a thumb at Tangning, “You are indeed wise.”

Tangning did not say another word and simply smiled.

After all, no one hated dirty underhandedness as much as she did.

“I remember that Feng Teng Media wanted to do an interview with ‘Survivor’ not too long ago. The timing is just right…”

It was good that the director understood what to do.

As a result, Tangning could finally relax. She no longer had to worry about the schemes that Xu Xin was plotting. As long as the director revealed everything, then the filth would never affect her, no matter how much Xu Xin threw it around. On the other hand, everyone naturally would feel sorry for the director after discovering the dark side of Xu Xin.

After completing her scenes, Xu Xin waited inside her hotel room for the director. But, she had no idea that he was in the middle of an interview with the media.

Apart from promoting ‘Survivor’, the director looked unusually happy. So, the media were curious.

“Does the director have some kind of good news? You’re​ glowing with joy.”

“I’m​ not gonna lie. Previously, to protect the privacy of my family, I did not reveal that my ex-wife and I had finalized our divorce two years ago. But recently, I discovered I am about to become a father, so I want to take my child and its mother into consideration and prevent any misunderstandings.”

“In that case, we must congratulate you. I wonder who’s the lucky woman?”

“It’s our production’s actress. The one that just completed her filming today, Xu Xin,” the director unveiled in seriousness. “We met while filming. I hope everyone can give us their blessings.”

“That’s great!”

In reality, the media didn’t care about the director’s private matters, but since he wanted to mention it, they naturally responded with their blessings.

Soon, news spread to the entire industry and Xu Xin received a phone call from her manager, “Why are you in a relationship with the director?”

Xu Xin was completely puzzled.

“How did you know?”

“The director revealed it to the public. Since you offended Hai Rui, I guess it’s not a bad idea to find a source of support. Congratulations.”

As soon as Xu Xin heard this, she opened her phone and did an online search…

In response, she smashed her phone on the floor. Her original plan was to destroy the director, but he ended up confessing his love for her and even told everyone that she was pregnant!

In reality, her stomach was empty. It was simply a lie to lure the director to her room. But now, she had shot herself in the foot.

If she was to reveal that she wasn’t pregnant, the director could now turn around and accuse her of swindling him.

Soon, the director arrived as promised. But, unlike their usually secret encounters, he was now meeting her openly.

“Xu Xin…”

Xu Xin reminded herself to contain her anger. It was a good opportunity for her to test if the director was being sincere with her.

“I never thought that you had already gotten a divorce. Since you truly love me, let’s enjoy our time together from now on,” Xu Xin said gently.

“Of course, my precious. However, I must first take you to the hospital for a checkup to see if the baby is healthy. You did so many dangerous manoeuvres in the film, I’m a bit worried that it may have affected our child.”

Xu Xin’s expression immediately changed.

“What’s wrong?” the director asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“I…It’s too late right now. Let’s go tomorrow, OK?”

The director nodded his head dotingly, “We’ll do as you say.”

Xu Xin overflowed with complex emotions. She had no idea whether the director was telling the truth or lying. But, it couldn’t possibly be a lie. Even though the director wasn’t stupid, he also wasn’t the smartest when it came to relationships. After all, he couldn’t even reject a woman’s advancements; he couldn’t have possibly changed so quickly. So, the only explanation that Xu Xin could think of was that the director truly loved her.

Even if he didn’t, he at least wanted the child.

But unfortunately, there was no such child in her stomach!

What was she to do? That night was destined to be unsettling for Xu Xin. How was she to get past the obstacle the next day?

“Ning Jie, you are indeed amazing!” Lin Qian praised after noticing the situation change. “We now have the advantage. As soon as Xu Xin makes a move, she will be in the wrong!”

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