Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 805 - Let Her Continue With Her Act

Chapter 805: Let Her Continue With Her Act

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The director weighed out the situation and eventually decided to suppress Xu Xin with pressure.

So, he gave the screenwriter a phone call, and after a long chat, he finally achieved his motive.

However, during that entire night, Xu Xin felt that her every second on set was extremely hard to endure.

Not only had she treated Mo Ting as some wild stranger, she even thought Tangning was having an affair and tried to threaten her.

Just the thought of it gave her chills. How was Tangning planning to respond to it?

Later that night, Mo Ting delivered Tangning back to the hotel and left Lin Qian to take care of her. After Mo Ting left, Lin Qian said to Tangning, “Xu Xin is currently sitting beside the hotel pool, threatening to end her life. Do you want to see her? She’s been begging for your forgiveness.”

“Has she revealed the entire matter to the public yet?” Tangning raised an eyebrow.

“From what she’s said, observers will only assume that she saw President Mo’s back and misunderstood you. That’s it, nothing else. And the scene she’s been causing to gain pity will only make people think that you bullied her, causing her to run around in a panic.”

“I won’t take part in this commotion because I don’t want to waste any more time on her,” Tangning said as she removed her coat. “Let her continue with her act.”

Lin Qian smiled and nodded her head, “In that case, get some rest and I’ll return to my room.”

Tangning gestured for Lin Qian to go ahead, but at this time, Lin Qian’s phone suddenly rang. After glancing at the caller ID, Lin Qian decided to ignore it. From the looks of it, it was definitely a call from Quan Ziye.

“If you want to ignore him, why do you still have a method of contact that he can reach you on?”

It was obvious that Lin Qian cared about him and didn’t completely view him with disdain.

“Ning Jie…”

“Fine, I won’t get involved with your private matters,” Tangning said before she entered the bathroom.

Lin Qian returned to her room and let Xu Xin self-destruct by the poolside. Eventually, a passerby approached to join the crowd and check what was happening. But, after seeing that Tangning did not show up, it was obvious that this insignificant nobody was trying to add to her act. In that case, none of the words that came out of her mouth meant anything.

Xu Xin continued putting on a scene until late into the night. Actually, her intention was to see how the director would react. But, it was obvious that he simply treated her like a convenient prostitute.

Xu Xin shivered in the cold night air, but no one cared. In the end, she had no choice but to return to her room and not let anyone continue to treat her like a joke.

The next day, Xu Xin stepped onto set and noticed the abnormal look in everyone’s eyes. So she lifted her chest and walked confidently.

It wasn’t like she had done anything wrong…

“Xu Xin…” After seeing Xu Xin, the director handed some documents he prepared to her. “This is the new script provided by the screenwriter. Both yours and Tangning’s screentime has been affected. Have a look.”

Xu Xin received the script and flipped it open to have a look. That’s​ when she discovered that her role, which was supposed to last until the end of the film, was now made to sacrifice herself as soon as she found her sister. As a result, her screentime was cut in half.

“Director…” Xu Xin wanted to reason with the director, but the director laughed and said, “This is the screenwriter’s decision. There’s nothing I can do about it. But, this actually works out. There’s a new production that I’m familiar with. They are currently making preparations and I was planning on recommending you to them, but you were previously unavailable. So it all works out now,” the director used a common tactic to brush off an annoying actor.

Not only had the new production not finished with its preparations, even if it was ready to begin filming and the director had recommended her, the production probably wouldn’t accept her anyway.

But, was she really that oblivious to what the director was thinking?

As a result, she said quietly to the director, “Director, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“If there’s something you want to say, then say it,” the director replied.

“Are you not afraid that I’d reveal the matter between you and I to the public?”

“Haha, Xu Xin, if you want to self-destruct then go ahead. I wonder how many people will trust you. And even if they do, I wonder who will be affected more. I could always move to working behind-the-scenes and no longer appear in the public eye, but what about you?”

“If this matter gets revealed, do you think you’d still be able to survive in the entertainment industry?”


Xu Xin never imagined that the director was even more shameless than she was.

“Do you remember what you said when you first seduced me? You said that you didn’t want anything from me and that you were merely lonely…Don’t tell me that I was the one that actually said those words…”

Xu Xin looked a bit uncomfortable, like she had swallowed a fly, but she deserved all that was happening to her. After all, she had provoked someone that she shouldn’t have.

After enduring for a while, Xu Xin put away the script and said, “I hope you can follow through with your promise and recommend me to the other production.”

“Of course,” the director replied casually.

Xu Xin hated herself at that moment. From the moment she first debuted, even though her path hadn’t been all glitz and glamor, noone had ever escaped from the palm of her hands. Yet, this time, she had slept with the director multiple times without gaining any benefits whatsoever.

It was all Tangning’s fault.

Seeing that Tangning continued to be respected on set, Xu Xin reacted like she had been possessed.

But, it didn’t matter. Even if her screentime had been cut in half, she was going to find an opportunity to get revenge. Since Tangning made her suffer in such a way, she was going to make Tangning suffer too.

Tangning would have to wait and see!

Even from a distance, Lin Qian could clearly see Xu Xin’s expression and could tell that the director had made a move, so she approached Tangning and said, “This woman might end up holding a grudge against you. We need to be careful from now on.”

“Did you think that if we went easy on her, she would have been grateful?” Tangning shook her head with a laugh. “If she had her way, then life would be much too unfair for everyone else, even though the industry is full of battles.”

“I understand. From now on, I’ll keep a close eye on her every move.”

Xu Xin acted indifferent, but, she had no intention of letting the cast and crew of ‘Survivor’ off….

After this incident, Xu Xin quietened down a lot. But, this did not prevent Lin Qian from keeping her guard up. Because, according to Tangning’s prediction, this was merely the calm before the storm.

“Xu Xin is about to complete her scenes. If she is smart, she will agree to the director’s suggestion and move to another production.”

“Do you think that she’d act stupidly?” Lin Qian asked.

“What do you think?” There was a sense of wisdom in Tangning’s eyes. “If she is smart, she will know that pestering the director will merely put her in a worse position.”

“I’m worried that she has plans to go down together,” Lin Qian concluded.

Xu Xin had been fully focused on acting over the past few days and didn’t say much. It appeared, Lin Qian’s prediction was highly likely…

“I’ll do some investigating and see who she’s been meeting with lately.”

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