Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 804 - You Misunderstood, But I Didn't

Chapter 804: You Misunderstood, But I Didn’t

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“Tangning, you’ve truly angered me,” Xu Xin stormed over to Tangning’s room angrily with the intention to cause trouble. However, she discovered Tangning was with Mo Ting. The couple were leaving Tangning’s room to go somewhere.

The timing was perfect…

Xu Xin wondered how the almighty President Mo would feel after he discovered his wife had been cheating on him.

So, she quickened her step and caught up to the couple just before they headed downstairs. “Ning Jie, there’s something I want to talk to you about in private. Can we step aside and talk?”

However, Tangning did not accept her request and replied, “I don’t hide anything from my husband. If there’s something you want to say, then say it.”

“Are you sure?” Xu Xin asked with a trace of danger. “Are you really not worried that I’d reveal your ugly side to President Mo?”

“Give it a try,” Tangning replied straightforwardly. Of course, her gaze contained the same amount of danger.

Xu Xin looked deep into Tangning’s eyes and realized she wasn’t afraid. So, she pulled out her phone, swiped to the photo she had previously taken and showed it to Mo Ting, “President Mo, the woman beside you, the wife that you love so dearly…she’s been cheating behind your back!”

After saying these words, Xu Xin waited to witness Tangning’s fate. This man was Mo Ting. If Tangning didn’t receive a slap across her face, that would be quite a surprise. But…

…Mo Ting simply looked at Xu Xin coldly without a word.

“President Mo?”

Mo Ting looked at the phone and handed it back to Xu Xin, “Don’t sneak a photo of my back next time. Your photography skills are horrible.”

After hearing this, Xu Xin looked at Mo Ting in shock…

“Is this your so-called evidence?”

Xu Xin finally realized what had happened. So the man that had snuck out of Tangning’s room that night was Mo Ting. Yet, she not only thought Tangning was having an affair, she even tried to threaten her!

All of a sudden, Xu Xin felt completely embarrassed, “Sorry…I’m sorry, but I think I had a misunderstanding.”

“You misunderstood, but I didn’t,” Mo Ting held onto Tangning’s hand and clasped each finger tightly. “You’ve done something that my wife hates the most. How do you think I should deal with you?”

“Ning Jie, I won’t do it again. Speak to President Mo for me. I won’t do it again,” Xu Xin immediately pleaded.

However, Tangning simply glanced at Xu Xin casually and left the hotel with Mo Ting hand-in-hand.

She was going to keep Xu Xin hanging so she’d understand the true feeling of fear…

As a result, Xu Xin’s​ fear indeed increase. After all, the public had always said that Tangning never went easy on her enemies. So, who could she seek help from?

After thinking for a while, Xu Xin went to look for Lin Qian.

Seeing Lin Qian eating, Xu Xin ran over to her crying and sat down beside her, “Assistant Lin…”

“What is it?” Lin Qian asked patiently. “Weren’t you having fun threatening Ning Jie this morning. Why are you crying now?”

“I misunderstood Ning Jie. Could you please ask her to be magnanimous and forgive me? If this scandal gets exposed, it won’t be good for the film either,” Xu Xin tried to use the film as an excuse to stop Tangning.

“Don’t worry, Tangning will consider the bigger picture,” Lin Qian replied.


“Mark my word,” Lin Qian smiled confidently, while her eyes contained a sense of kindness.

Xu Xin swallowed, aware that she had made a big mistake. She no longer had the courage to remain in front of Lin Qian, so she directly returned to her room. That night, during filming, Tangning didn’t mention a thing. Hence, Xu Xin breathed a sigh of relief…

But…during lunchtime, Lin Qian had spoken to the director in private.

“Director, did you know that Ning Jie has been receiving threats from someone?” Lin Qian asked. “And do you know who this person is?”

Although the director could guess that it was Xu Xin, he did not dare to say her name. After all, he also felt guilty.

“Tangning acknowledges your professionalism as a director and we have no right to question your private life. But, we hope that you can maintain​ your clarity. The fact that Xu Xin is brave enough to threaten Tangning shows that she is willing to do anything to achieve her motives.”

“I hope the director can look at the bigger picture and protect the reputation of the film. This is what you’ve promised President Mo the most.”

After hearing this, the director’s face turned red. He was obviously a bit uncomfortable since his secret had been exposed.

“As for what to do, I’m sure it is an easy thing for you to figure out. In the meantime, Tangning will forget about this entire matter until filming is completed.”

The director understood what Lin Qian meant: Xu Xin wasn’t​ someone that could be kept by one’s side in the long term.

So Lin Qian’s words were a sharp reminder…

…that it was time to put things to an end.

Offending Tangning was equivalent to getting on the wrong side of the entire Hai Rui.

This Xu Xin was much too brave.

Tangning had already done enough to protect his pride by simply asking Lin Qian to throw a few hints. So, it was only right for him to accept this favor.

“Don’t worry, I will give Tangning a satisfactory answer.”

“After leaving this seat, I will also forget everything. You don’t need to worry either.”

The director nodded his head as a thankful gesture to Lin Qian and Tangning.

If he let Xu Xin blow this matter up and it got exposed, the consequences would be unimaginable…

So…the director looked into the distance knowingly…

That night, Mo Ting and Tangning were out having dinner. Seeing that Tangning was completely unaffected by Xu Xin, Mo Ting smiled and asked, “Did you know that someone slandered my wife today, so I was a bit upset?”

“There’s nothing to be upset about. It’s not the truth, so it’s not necessary to blow the situation up,” Tangning replied. “There’s no point wasting time on insignificant people.”

“I’m upset because she actually dared to threaten you,” Mo Ting place the steak that he had cut up in front of Tangning, “She actually had the guts to do it.”

Tangning lowered her head and thought for a moment before she suddenly lifted her head and said, “Ting…I have a thought. I’ve actually considered it for a long time, but I’m not sure if you will agree.”

Mo Ting put down the knife and fork in his hands and wiped the corner of Tangning’s lips with a napkin. He then said dotingly, “Tell me what it is. You know I’ve never been able to reject you.”

However, Tangning shook her head and looked at Mo Ting firmly, “I’ll tell you after ‘Survivor’ finishes filming.”

“OK, I’ll wait then,” Mo Ting patted Tangning on the head, treating her like a precious gem as always, even though they were already parents of two children.

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