Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 803 - How Did You Offend Tangning?

Chapter 803: How Did You Offend Tangning?

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Global Style magazine was unlike the top tier magazines that Tangning used to partake in. It was actually a home furnishing magazine. But, plenty of b-list artists still tried to fight for the front cover.

Xu Xin was aware of where she stood; she knew she couldn’t rush things. So, she simply asked for this one front cover. In fact, it was one that was scheduled for May.

Xu Xin was living in a fantasy. She thought that if she continued to hold onto Tangning’s ‘secret’, Tangning would continue to give her benefits.

So, Global Style was just the beginning…It was a resource that her manager had been working on for a long time without any luck.

Her manager couldn’t do anything, so Tangning should be able to, right?

Not only this, but Xu Xin began to imagine many things. For example, climbing to the same level as Tangning, finding a man and marrying into a rich family.


The next day, just before filming, Xu Xin approached Lin Qian and asked, “How did it go?”

Lin Qian glanced at Xu Xin, completely ignoring her arrogant expression and said casually, “It was too late last night and the editor was asleep. I’ll make sure to contact them tonight. Don’t worry.”

“I’ll wait for the good news then. Otherwise, don’t blame me for doing something not so pleasant.”

Lin Qian let out a gentle laugh and did not give much of a reaction. She wasn’t going to waste her time on getting angry at a person like that.

The atmosphere between the three women was a bit strange, so even the staff could sense something was wrong and began to speculate amongst themselves.

“Hey, did you guys notice? Why does Xu Xin look so arrogant everytime she talks to Assistant Lin? She’s just a measly insignificant nobody, how dare she act like that in front of Ning Jie?”

“I know, right? She even claimed that Tangning would hurt her during their scene yesterday. Who does she think she is?”

“In comparison, look how Tangning is completely indifferent. She is indeed the Queen, she knows how to convince people.”

As Xu Xin left, she obviously heard the chatter because she turned around and glared at the group of people. But, she did not retaliate because she knew she was not at the level to do so. However, she looked down upon Tangning on the inside. Tangning was obviously a tramp, how could all these people respect her? How unfair!

“Ning Jie, I’ve given Vice President Fang a phone call. He said that it’s a small matter and he will handle it. But, not only will he convince the editor of Global Style not to use Xu Xin, he will make it so she gets no style-related jobs at all. Not even the ones that have already signed contracts!”

“Filming is about to start. I’m going to go get prepared,” Tangning nodded, insisting on doing her job well. This was the industry that she was passionate about, so she wasn’t going to let a Xu Xin affect her mood while acting.

It wasn’t necessary.

“Don’t worry,” Lin Qian smiled.

Tangning smiled and headed onto the set…

The reason why Tangning didn’t feel like Xu Xin was an eyesore on set was because she placed 100% focus on her acting. No matter who she was acting alongside, all she saw was their character in the film.

However, Xu Xin was full of tricks. She continuously gestured to Tangning with her eyes that it didn’t matter whether she was an A-lister or extra, she was but another woman who liked to mess around and that they were no different.

Soon, the morning shoot ended and Lin Qian approached Tangning with a jacket. After she wrapped her in it, she led Tangning over to have lunch. But, Xu Xin chased after them…

To prevent Xu Xin from distracting Tangning, Lin Qian immediately turned around and said, “Wait for the news…”

After receiving a response, Xu Xin naturally stopped chasing. She simply cheered on the inside about the front cover that she was about to secure.

In fact, she maintained this state of mind until the afternoon and let it impact her acting.

Although Xu Xin was his secret lover, the director couldn’t help but yell at her, “Xu Xin, what are you daydreaming about? Do you know how to act?”

“Director, I’m tired…” Xu Xin whined.

“Even Tangning hasn’t complained about being tired. Why are you whining?” the director asked. “In your current state, you will only leech a bit off Tangning. You look nothing like an actress.”

Xu Xin did not like this comment, but she did not refute. After all, it was daytime and she couldn’t possibly do anything affectionate to the director, so she could only accept every bit of scolding that he threw at her.

Soon, she received a phone call from her manager. Xu Xin knew straight away that it was an update regarding the magazine’s front cover. So, she immediately asked for some time off and ran to a hidden spot to pick up her phone.

“Xu Xin…”

“Which day in May will the photoshoot take place?” Xu Xin asked.

“What are you talking about?” her manager was confused.

“Aren’t you calling me about the front cover of Global Style magazine?” Xu Xin said with complete confidence.

“Well, it’s true that the editor of Global Style called…”

“So I got it right?” Xu Xin cut in proudly. “I secured this job on my own. Didn’t I do a good job?”

“No, I was going to ask you how you managed to offend Hai Rui? The editor of Global Style personally called me and told us not to take a step near their agency again. They said that they will never use you as a model because Hai Rui has warned them not to. Otherwise, they will need to face the consequences.”

“What?” Xu Xin was stunned. She did not believe what her manager said. “Did you make a mistake?”

“No. The editor clearly told me that Tangning instructed them not to use you!”

After hearing this, Xu Xin’s body shook in anger…

“Most importantly, not only Global Style, but also every magazine that has any ties to Hai Rui has clearly said that they will never take you into consideration for anything. Even a contract that we previously signed has been canceled at the last minute.”

“How did you offend Tangning?” Xu Xin’s manager was mad. It wasn’t easy for her to find an artist that understood the rules ​of the industry, yet, she had been completely destroyed now.

“Aren’t the two of you working together at the moment?”

Xu Xin was no longer in the mood to talk to her manager as she directly hung up the phone and rushed to the set. She then approached Tangning and asked in a lowered voice, “You’ve really ticked me off. I’m going to get back at you real soon.”

Tangning smiled slightly and waited until her​ break time before she gave Mo Ting a phone call, “Ting…where are you?”

“I will be arriving on set in half an hour…”

“OK, I’ll wait for you.” Although she wasn’t affected by Xu Xin, it was still annoying to have a fly constantly buzz beside one’s ear.

So, there were some things that didn’t need to continue dragging…

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