Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 802 - Teach Her How To Behave As A Person!

Chapter 802: Teach Her How To Behave As A Person!

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Although the younger sister played by Xu Xin was saved by Tangning’s crazy character after arriving on the island, she was extremely cautious of her, especially when the two women set up camp in some thick grass. In the scene, Tangning’s character fell asleep against a tree and the sister tried to knock her out and run away.

However, Xu Xin played this scene multiple times. As it was mainly psychological, most of the scenes were close ups. The scene of Tangning being hit was originally in the next scene, but Tangning told the director that she could act out both scenes together.

“Fine, Tangning can try both,” the director said.

After listening to the director, Xu Xin’s expression changed.

She wasn’t sure if Tangning would take the opportunity to seek revenge on her.

So she said to the director, “Director, Tangning is going to hurt me!”

“You’re talking nonsense. Tangning is a professional, how could she hurt you?” the director asked. “Haven’t you wasted enough time?”


“Enough with the nonsense. As soon as Tangning is ready, we can get started.”

Tangning nodded and immediately swapped roles with Xu Xin. In an instant, she transformed into the paranoid younger sister. Every little movement and she would tense up.

Xu Xin was shocked. She never expected that Tangning would be able to play her character so well.

Most importantly, she perfectly portrayed the emotions of fear, caution and hopelessness. Especially when she lifted a rock above Xu Xin’s head in the end. Although she wasn’t going to really hit anyone with it, Xu Xin screamed in fright and her legs got weak.

“Great!” the director praised. “Tangning, you are an acting genius.”

Tangning looked at the director and smiled. Afterwards, she transformed back into herself. But, Xu Xin was thoroughly frightened…

“Xu Xin, do you remember how to do it?”

At this time, Xu Xin simply focused on settling her fears. How could she even focus on a single word that the director said?

“Forget it. Get some rest first. Tangning must be tired as well.”

Xu Xin couldn’t move at all until her assistant stepped forward to help her up. At this time, Lin Qian approached Tangning’s side and asked as she covered her with a jacket, “Ning Jie, why did you suddenly make a move?”

“Because she has a disgusting mouth!” Tangning said, summarizing her feelings towards Xu Xin’s earlier suggestion.

“What if she treats you in the same way?”

“On set, she has no chance of hurting me…” Tangning replied confidently. “I will make her pay back for everything, including the well incident.”

Previously, she had wanted to find the culprit because Xu Xin hadn’t stuck her head out. But now, Xu Xin had delivered herself into her arms. If Tangning still didn’t know who the culprit was, it would be an insult to her intellect. Who else on set would be as tricky as Xu Xin?

Lin Qian did not reply, but gently nodded her head in agreement.

She was aware that there were plenty of people like Xu Xin in the industry…

…and Tangning had merely met one of them.

After being frightened by Tangning, Xu Xin was a lot more cautious of Tangning after filming recommenced. But, when she thought about the fact that she was now playing the attacking role, she cheered on the inside. Tangning gave her permission to act a certain way!

So, she acted according to Tangning’s demonstration and hit her on the head with the prop like a terrified bird. Of course, it didn’t really hurt, but she still applied full force.

At this time, not only did Tangning’s character not lose consciousness, she immediately woke up, assumed Xu Xin wanted to kill her, pounced on top and started hitting her like crazy.

“Great. Tangning’s explosive power is amazing!”

At this time, Xu Xin finally realized that she had fallen into Tangning’s trap. She had deliberately provoked her to act like this…

And her desire to teach Tangning a lesson was so strong that she had forgotten the response from Tangning’s character.

“Tangning, you are despicable.”

Tangning did not say a word. She simply held onto her jaw and stood up.


“Tangning, you need to guide Xu Xin more often. If you have spare time, you should teach her…”

“I will, director,” Tangning replied with a smile.

However, she wasn’t going to teach her how to act, she was going to teach her how to behave as a person.

By the time that filming ended, it was already 9pm. Lin Qian helped Tangning back to her room, but halfway there, she ran into Xu Xin. To be exact, Xu Xin deliberately chased after her.

“Tangning, do you want me to expose your secret?”

Tangning was originally tired, so she had no intention of responding to Xu Xin. Lin Qian understood her, so she gestured for Tangning to return to her room and to leave everything for her to handle.

Xu Xin originally wanted to chase after Tangning, but Lin Qian stopped her, “What do you want?”

“I already told Tangning clearly what I want. Tell her to come to my room at 11pm tonight. Otherwise, I will send the photo in my hands to the media.”

“I don’t care about your 11pm. All I know is, if you do anything reckless, I will let the entire cast and crew know that you are sleeping with the director,” Lin Qian said as she opened the film’s chat group on her phone. “Xu Xin, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Stop being such a disgusting person. Otherwise, Ning Jie’s patience will reach its limit.”

“It seems like Tangning wants to go down together.”

At this point, Lin Qian wanted to know the conditions that Xu Xin wanted to set, so her tone became a lot more gentle. Xu Xin thought Lin Qian was honestly intimidated. “How about this, tell me what you want and I’ll see if we can do it.”

“Hmmph, I knew you would be scared,” Xu Xin thought she had successfully threatened Lin Qian, so her expression turned a lot more arrogant. “Recently, there’s been a resource that I’ve been struggling to get my hands on. It’s the May cover of Global Style. I want Tangning to recommend me and help me secure it.”

After Lin Qian heard this, she nodded her head, “We can think about it. Just sit back and wait for the news.”

“Then it’s set. That’s how you should have behaved all along,” Xu Xin laughed happily. Meanwhile, Lin Qian went to tell Tangning about Xu Xin’s motive.

“Since she wants it, let’s contact the editor of Global Style.”

“Huh?” Lin Qian was confused.

“Tell them that they can’t use Xu Xin under any circumstances!” Tangning instructed.

Lin Qian laughed and nodded her head, “Although, I don’t quite understand how things operate, I will give Vice President Fang a phone call and ask him to help.”

Tomorrow, there was going to be a good show.

Xu Xin would never have imagined that Tangning contacted the magazine for something negative, rather than helping her like she expected…

Holding onto Tangning’s ‘secret’, Xu Xin was afraid that Tangning would strike back, so she decided not to visit the director’s room for a while. But, even if she didn’t go looking for him, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t go looking for her. Xu Xin was wary, but she still let the director into her room. Unfortunately, by doing this…

…she once again fell into Tangning’s trap!

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