Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 96: Not as Important as You

Chapter 96: Not as Important as You

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However, Mo Ting also understood, Tangning did not like to take shortcuts - she liked taking things one step at a time.

If he was to give her a place in Hai Rui, she would only feel that her position did not come from her own hard work and would feel uneasy. Rather than doing that, it was better for him to keep her company while she grew. Like this, their relationship would also become stronger.

His peaceful and sharp gaze turned away from the TV as he gave a gentle cough. Seeing this, Lu Che quickly questioned him, "Was it because you've been busy all night that you are now feeling sick?"

Mo Ting gently touched his own forehead. His perfectly chiseled face did indeed appear tired under the lights. However, he still instructed Lu Che, "Don't tell Tangning."

"President, you have seriously exceeded your workload," Lu Che reminded Mo Ting as he adjusted the black-framed glasses on his nose.

"Cancel the meeting tonight," Mo Ting replied simply before ending the conversation. Lu Che nodded and left the office. He had already pulled out his phone, but thinking about Mo Ting's instructions, he could only sigh.

This almighty man never allowed anyone to see his weak side; he even hid it from the person closest to him.


After Tangning released her statement about suing Tianyi, Tianyi did not respond for quite some time; the person that had taken over from Han Yufan had no experience dealing with urgent matters.

No longer owing each other, how was that so?

According to evidence presented by fans, Tianyi had used Tangning multiple times to achieve their own goals.

From the Crown's Star substitute incident to now, all the suffering Tangning had gone through was hard for anyone to endure. Yet, she was forgiving enough to tell Tianyi they no longer owed each other.

Under her current circumstance of constantly being insulted and finding it hard to even fend for herself, she was able to let go of Tianyi so freely; this was clear proof that her character was nothing like the negative rumors. Hence, the shows that had previously paused their jobs with Tangning got in contact with her again and apologized.

Meanwhile, a famous radio station invited Tangning to be their special guest.

Everything was going well. Although there were still opposing opinions here and there, compared to all the scolding from the previous days, everything Long Jie looked at was a lot more pleasant. She realized Tangning had already stepped out of the storm and clear skies were ahead.

7pm. Tangning left home to make her way to the radio station for a quick meeting. However, when she rang Mo Ting, Lu Che answered instead; he said Mo Ting was currently in a meeting, but Tangning could hear a muffled cough coming from the other side of the phone.

The voice was not obvious but sounded dry and hoarse. And, although Lu Che quickly hung up the phone, Tangning could sense something was wrong.

"Long Jie, turn the car around, let's go to Hai Rui," Tangning suddenly instructed.

"But...we've organized to go to the radio station at 8pm, if we go to Hai Rui, we will not be able to make it," Long Jie had a look at the time; she didn't understand Tangning's intention.

"Just go to Hai Rui first," Tangning repeated herself.

Long Jie was dumbfounded for a moment before obediently turning the car around, "How about I go to the radio station first to hold onto them while you drive over by yourself?"

"Tangning, you've only just recovered a bit of popularity and the radio station today is not one you can afford to offend. At this time, you can't have news about you being arrogant."

Tangning thought for a moment before nodding her head, "Thank you, Long Jie."

"I understand, you are not the type of person to act rashly. I'll get out first," Long Jie waved her hand, showing she didn't care; she knew very well what type of person Tangning was. During all this time, she had not been able to help Tangning much, right now she had a rare opportunity to show off her ability.

Tangning looked thankfully at Long Jie before moving to the driver's seat. 20 minutes later, she arrived downstairs at Hai Rui and parked her car in a hidden spot.

When Lu Che received her phone call, he was extremely confused, but once he got downstairs and saw Tangning standing by the lift, out of breath, he immediately greeted her, "Madam, why are you here? What happened?"

"Where's Mo Ting? Take me up..."

"The president is still in a meeting."

"Then I'll go up and wait for him," Tangning insisted.

Lu Che had no choice - he couldn't just leave Tangning here - so he escorted her through the secret entrance to the CEO's office. Finally, Tangning spotted Mo Ting lying on the sofa, his right hand was covering his eyes from the bright lights.

Tangning immediately turned off the main lights and trod lightly towards Mo Ting's side as she placed her hand gently on his forehead...

"He has a fever. Has he seen a doctor yet?"

Lu Che originally thought Tangning had come to find Mo Ting because she was in trouble, but, judging by her anxious expression, he realized she must have caught on during their phone call. After all, Tangning was never the kind of person to request anything from Mo Ting or implicate him.

"Sorry, madam..." Lu Che apologized sincerely. "The president refused to go...he said to leave it and it will pass."

"He really thinks he's invincible..." Tangning sighed. "How about the family doctor? Have you called him?"

Lu Che: "..."

Just as Tangning was about to make a phone call to the doctor, Mo Ting suddenly woke up. Upon seeing Tangning, he asked her in a hoarse voice, "Why are you here? Don't you have a meeting at 8pm?"

"You didn't tell me you were sick. Since I found out, my heart wasn't at ease," Tangning replied.

"It's just a little sickness, let me drive you over there now." After speaking Mo Ting wanted to get up, but Tangning gently pushed him back down.

"All that other stuff isn't as important as you." After speaking, Tangning's eyes reddened; even she was surprised by how worried she was when she found out Mo Ting was sick and even more so, by how angry she was after she realized he was hiding it from her.

Mo Ting was stunned. He watched as Tangning's eyes reddened and immediately responded by reaching out his hand to touch her face, "Really, I'm just a little unwell, you don't need to be worried. I didn't tell you because I didn't think it was a big deal."

"Come on, let me drive you over."

This time Tangning did not refuse. She helped Mo Ting stand up, "Anything regarding you, no matter how small, matters to me."

"Plus, between a husband and wife, it's because of not caring about small issues, that they slowly build up into big issues."

"I can go, but on the way, you need to buy medicine and I have to watch you take it."

Tangning's attitude was firm. Looking at her, Mo Ting felt like his armor had been sliced open 1 . He wasn't angry, all he could do was admit defeat.

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