Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 801 - I Hate Being Threatened

Chapter 801: I Hate Being Threatened

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“Let’s just wait and see how she plans to threaten me,” Tangning looked down, but it was obvious that she was wise and farsighted. Tangning hated being threatened, but some people wanted to dig their own graves.

Did Xu Xin think that she could do whatever she wanted on set just because she was sleeping with the director?

Xu Xin obviously didn’t know how to play the real game of underhandedness.

While filming, Xu Xin thought she had a hold on Tangning’s secret, so during their scene together, she winked at Tangning suggestively. She expected Tangning to respond, but Tangning simply glanced at her and remained indifferent.

Xu Xin was a little baffled. She refused to believe that Tangning didn’t feel guilty at all. So, she looked at Tangning again and gestured for her to go talk to her on the side. But, as usual, Tangning ignored her.

Xu Xin was flustered, but she finally gave up as she sat quietly to one side. She waited until Tangning finished filming and sat down to have lunch before she sat down beside her and said, “Ning Jie, I was asking you to the side earlier because I had something to say to you.”

“Go ahead…” Tangning replied without lifting her head.

Xu Xin unhappily pulled out her phone from her pocket and showed Tangning, “This is a photo I took this morning.”

Tangning took a glance. Xu Xin had captured a photo of Mo Ting’s handsome back.

“I admit that I’m not a good person, but how good do you think you are? If I revealed this to the public, your previous image of an understanding wife and loving mother will be completely destroyed.”

“So?” Tangning asked.

“I’m not asking to take your role as the female lead, I’m simply asking for your assistance. After all, it wasn’t easy for me to get to where I am today. Isn’t this something that you should do as a senior in the industry? Especially since I have your secret in my hands…”

“Don’t forget that you and the director also have a thing going on,” Tangning retaliated.

“But you don’t have any proof. Plus, you wouldn’t reveal it because it would be of no benefit to you if the film comes to a standstill,” Xu Xin said proudly. “Am I right? I never thought that the arrogant Tangning would be just like any average person.”

“How do you want me to assist you?” Tangning asked as she held back her urge to laugh.

“I want you to introduce me to advertisers so I get more exposure and have more chance of becoming famous,” Xu Xin said shamelessly. “Otherwise, neither of us will be happy.”

Xu Xin thought, in Tangning’s current status, she would definitely care about her reputation. Especially since her husband was Mo Ting. If Tangning did something reckless behind Mo Ting’s back, she would be making herself into an enemy of Hai Rui’s. So, she felt that the evidence she had in her hands was extremely valuable.

But, in reality…

…Tangning was unfazed, “I hate it when people try to threaten me, especially when they aren’t anything good themselves. If you want to expose me, go ahead, do whatever you want.”

Xu Xin was stunned, “You don’t care? That’s impossible. I know you like to play mind games with people. Fine. If that’s the case, I’ll give you one day to think it over. It’s your choice whether I keep your secret or completely destroy your reputation.”

After speaking, Xu Xin walked away.

A moment later, Lin Qian returned. As she watched Xu Xin walk away, she furrowed her brows, “It appears, she tried to threaten you already.”

“Yes, as it appears,” Tangning nodded.

“What did she want?”

“She’s extremely greedy. She wants all sorts of things,” Tangning shook her head helplessly.

“I’ve already secured surveillance footage from the hotel. No matter what Xu Xin tries to expose, she will simply prove that President Mo entered your room,” Lin Qian put away the evidence in her hands. “But, how do you plan to deal with Xu Xin? After all, the director is involved.”

“Just like she said, without evidence and without admittance from the director, I would merely be slandering her,” Tangning looked at Lin Qian with deep meaning. “I guess, with evidence, things would be much better.”

“The director’s room is a blind spot, the cameras couldn’t capture anything from that end of the corridor,” Lin Qian replied. “This entire thing has become quite interesting.”

Tangning looked at Lin Qian carefully and noticed she didn’t have a single trace of worry in her expression. She was extremely calm.

It was definitely a waste for someone with such mental strength to simply work as her assistant.

“Are you sure that you want to hide behind me for the rest of your life? Quan Ziye is bound to find you sooner or later.”

At the mention of Quan Ziye’s name, Lin Qian froze. However, she didn’t say much. She simply replied, “Let’s talk about it when it happens.”

Meanwhile, Mo Ting had noticed the injuries on Tangning’s arm, so he sent someone to investigate and discovered that she had fallen down a well. He also discovered that she was currently looking for the culprit behind her accident. So, he had no choice but to buy the best healing ointment and got someone to deliver it to her.

Tangning understood that this was a sign of Mo Ting’s concern for her, as well as a warning: he was warning her not to get hurt again!

“President Mo is meticulously thoughtful towards you,” Lin Qian sighed admiringly. “He sure is good…”

“Keep an eye on Xu Xin during filming this afternoon. Right now, she is filled with arrogance because she thinks she is controlling the director and threatening me at the same time.”

“Don’t worry, I will keep my eye on that dirty and annoying fly,” Lin Qian replied seriously.

As expected, Xu Xin was annoyed that she couldn’t threaten Tangning earlier that day, so she deliberately caused trouble for Tangning during their scene in the afternoon.

The first few times, the director already noticed it. But, due to the fact that she was his secret lover, he let it go. However, towards the end, even the staff began to notice that Xu Xin was deliberately stealing Tangning’s screentime and even had physical contact with her.

“Xu Xin! What are you doing?” the director yelled.

Xu Xin looked at the director and rubbed her eyes, “Sorry Director, I’m not feeling well.”

“You can’t make Tangning repeat herself so many times. Even if you’re not tired, she is going to feel tired,” the director said angrily. “We’ll do one more take. If it doesn’t pass this time, Xu Xin can sit out from filming for the rest of the day.”

However, after a few more takes, Xu Xin found all kinds of excuses for herself and the director accepted each one.

Tangning was extremely tired, but Xu Xin looked pleased. This was exactly her motive: she wanted Tangning to know that the director only listened to her and would forgive everything she did.

She even walked over to Tangning and whispered beside her ear, “Why don’t I hook you up with the director as well? I don’t mind sharing a man.”

Tangning glanced at Xu Xin, but did not respond. Instead, she said to the director, “Director, why don’t I try Xu Xin’s role and give her a demonstration?”

The director looked at the two women and finally agreed, “Come, Tangning, show Xu Xin what to do…”

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