Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 798: It’s Fine As Long As Tangning Likes Her

Chapter 798: It’s Fine As Long As Tangning Likes Her

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Late into the night, at the Quan Family home.

Quan Ziye lay across his sofa as he drank from the wine glass in his hand. On his body was a set of thin pyjamas, but the heater was not on in the room.

The old housekeeper scurried into the room with a fluffy blanket, “Young Master, it’s cold…”

“Have you found Qian Qian yet?” Quan Ziye asked with his eyes half closed as he lifted the wine glass to his lips. His actions had an evil vibe to them, making him hard not to attract attention.

“No. The Second Miss seems to have disappeared into thin air. We’ve looked all over Beijing and can’t find her,” the old housekeeper replied. “Young Master, why don’t we…”

“Get out,” Quan Ziye knew what the old housekeeper wanted to say, so these two words left his lips coldly. “Others may not know, but you are well aware what Qian Qian means to me.”

The old housekeeper sighed before he replied, “I will keep looking for her. Hopefully, the Madam and the Master doesn’t discover anything.”

Quan Ziye sneered, “So what if they find out?”

He and Lin Qian was never blood related to begin with. If he had desires for Lin Qian, how was he to be her brother?

“The Second Miss wouldn’t want you to do this. The Madam’s been unwell. She wouldn’t want you to upset her.”

“A plot like this is ridiculous,” Quan Ziye smashed the glass in his hand, apparently annoyed at his identity. “If that’s the case, I’ll break all ties with the Quan Family and then marry back into the family. How does that sound?”

The old housekeeper didn’t reply.

In fact, he wished that Quan Ziye would partake in more films so he could get to know more women. Even if he dated a woman from the entertainment industry, he would acknowledge it.

“Lin Qian, don’t you dare dream of escaping me.”

Fang Yu continued his investigation into Lin Qian. After he was done, he reported it back to Mo Ting, “Quan Ziye does not play his cards like a normal person. However, he is extremely patient towards Lin Qian. No matter where Lin Qian goes, he will find an excuse to appear nearby.”

“But, Lin Qian is stubborn. She has rejected Quan Ziye for many years. Even if Quan Ziye has kissed her and touched her in the past, she will never allow him to do it again.”


“Are you planning to keep such a dangerous person by Tangning’s side?” Fang Yu tested. “If Quan Ziye was to find out, Beijing would be in a commotion again.”

“It doesn’t matter as long as Tangning likes her,” Mo Ting replied calmly.

Tangning’s career was steady but not stable enough.

One award was not enough to ensure her status remained the same. So, Mo Ting did not plan to stop Tangning from acting because he wanted to help her pursue her dream. As for other matters, he knew that Tangning could weigh out the pros and cons herself. At a time like this, he knew that she needed a loyal person by her side – and Lin Qian seemed like a decent option.

However, Mo Ting had no idea that something big was to happen to Tangning that night.

As they were to film a night scene and the director wanted to make the atmosphere appear more dangerous, the crew were going to create some rain while Tangning was down in the well.

“Ning Jie, the next scene is going to be very dangerous. Are you sure you don’t want to use a stunt double?” Lin Qian began to feel worried as she watched the crew prepare the set.

“No need,” Tangning understood that Lin Qian wasn’t used to her methods yet. She never used stunt doubles because whenever she thought of stunt doubles, she was reminded of Chen Xingyan. If Chen Xingyan was to go down into that well today, how heartbroken would her family be?

Lin Qian looked at the props in the staff’s hands and reminded, “Make sure to take note of Ning Jie’s safety.”

“Don’t worry, this well isn’t very deep and we already cleaned it out beforehand.”

“But, jumping down from so high could still cause injuries,” Lin Qian emphasized.

Tangning could sense that Lin Qian was truly worried about her; she was truly here to show her gratitude. Some people were like that: as long as you did one good thing for them, they were willing to spend a lifetime paying you back.

“I know, I know, I will definitely be careful.”

“OK. Tangning, let’s get started.” As soon as the director gave his order, the crew immediately took their positions.

At this time, Tangning was strapped up to her harness.

“You must be careful.”

As Lin Qian watched Tangning, she suddenly had a sense of dejavu. She was reminded of the time when Quan Ziye also did a similar scene.

She was well aware of all the things that Quan Ziye had done for her in the past. But, she forced herself not to accept him because she didn’t want to betray Mother Quan.

Back when they were students, Lin Qian had already begun to like Quan Ziye, but Mother Quan had warned her not to seduce her son. If she did, Mother Quan would rather kill herself than witness Lin Qian become her daughter-in-law.

The humiliation all those years ago was what resulted in Lin Qian’s persistence in rejecting Quan Ziye.

She did not care about her own pride, she simply felt hate.

“Ning Jie! Oh God, Ning Jie…”

As everyone heard the rope unravel, they were stunned. Tangning had actually fallen into the well.

Lin Qian immediately ran forward and turned to the staff, “Stop the rain!”

Afterwards, she ran over to the well, ready to jump in herself, but was quickly stopped by the staff, “You can’t go down there, it’s dangerous.”

“If Tangning can go down there, why can’t I?” With that, Lin Qian tied a harness to herself and instructed, “Quick! Get some help to lower me down…”

Without hesitation, Lin Qian headed down into the well, “Ning Jie…Ning Jie…”

“I’m fine,” Tangning replied. “I simply can’t see very well.”

Lin Qian immediately turned on her phone for some light and saw Tangning sitting at the bottom of the well with blood all over her arms.

“Did you get hurt badly?”

“It’s not too bad, I can handle it. How could you come down here all on your own?”

Lin Qian reached the bottom of the well and quickly inspected Tangning’s injuries, “It seems you scratched your arm as your were falling. Does it hurt anywhere else on your body?”

“Don’t overreact and don’t tell Ting about this. Let’s just pretend nothing happened,” Tangning immediately instructed. “It’s normal to get hurt on set.”

“Are you afraid that President Mo will be worried?” Lin Qian exposed Tangning’s true thoughts. “Of course we can keep this incident under wraps, but the staff need to find out why this happened, so they can be more careful.”

Tangning looked at Lin Qian and realized that she wasn’t as fragile as she appeared on the surface. In fact, she was quite tough.

“Ning Jie, Assistant Lin, are the two of you OK? If you are, we will pull you up,” a staff member’s voice echoed from the mouth of the well. Afterwards, Tangning and Lin Cheng were pulled up.

At this moment, the director was already yelling at the props assistants.

Meanwhile, Xu Xin was watching the scene unfold from nearby and subconsciously looked at the safety latch that was being removed from Tangning’s body.

Even though Tangning’s so amazing, she still ended up getting hurt, didn’t she?

Did she really think she’s invincible?

“I honestly checked it director. I really did.”

“Then check it again,” Lin Qian suddenly growled at the staff member.

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