Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 797 - Why Go Around In Circles?

Chapter 797: Why Go Around In Circles?



Tangning brought Lin Qian back to the set of 'Survivor'. To congratulate her in winning the Fei Tian Best Actress Award, the crew specifically prepared a congratulatory banquet for her and a big cake. After all, the film could now promote themselves as starring 'the Award-winning Best Actress Tangning' and not just 'the actress Tangning'.

"Tangning, you still have a long way to go. Although you've won a Fei Tian Award, if you truly want to convince everyone, you still need time and a good production."

"This industry is all about showing off one's fame and fortune and within the industry there are all kinds of evils. If one wants to maintain their own character, it's very difficult."

Tangning did not say anything as she ate and drank with the crew.

Finally, the director spotted Lin Qian, "This child is..."

"My new assistant," Tangning replied. "Please help me take care of her."

"You've been lacking an assistant for quite some time," the director said before he stood up. "I'm getting old. I can't continue on anymore. I'll leave you youngsters to keep the party going. By the way, there will be a new actress on the set tomorrow. Don't forget your first scene will be with her."

Tangning nodded as she smiled.

"Get some rest."

After winning an award, Tangning's status on set became higher. When people saw her, they naturally greet her 'Ning Jie' respectfully. And of course, this respect was sincere.

"I don't need your help with most things, but there are some things that are inconvenient for me to do on my own," Tangning explained to Lin Qian.

"I understand," Lin Qian nodded. Although Tangning didn't like putting up a front, there were a lot of things that required an assistant to prepare in advance. That way she could save some time.

"I've asked the staff to prepare a room for you next to me. I have a scene to film at 7am tomorrow, don't forget to wake up on time," Tangning reminded before she opened her room door. At this time, a young woman came running down the corridor towards Tangning, almost knocking her over.

"Sorry, Ning Jie, I was too excited to see you, so I couldn't control myself, I hope you don't mind. My name is Xu Xin, I am new to the set."

The woman was slightly too skinny and appeared like she didn't eat much, but her smile was friendly and she didn't make others want to hate her.

"Sleep early," Tangning said after shaking the woman's hand and turning around to enter her room. Lin Qian also headed back to her room while Xu Xin stood outside Tangning's door for a while before she unwilling left to look for her room.

The next morning, Tangning and Lin Qian were the first to arrive on set. After the makeup artist was finished, Lin Qian could barely recognize Tangning.

Tangning had given up her glamorous identity from the previous day and transformed into the old and crazy woman from 'Survivor'. As for Xu Xin, she was to play the role of a woman searching through the plane wreckage for her sister.

Seeing the messiness of Tangning's appearance, Xu Xin couldn't help but approach her, "Ning Jie, you've really sacrificed too much...Isn't it uncomfortable to have your hair stuck to your face like that?"

"Of course it's uncomfortable. But, I don't feel that this is a sacrifice."

"I previously heard that your acting was really good, but I could only witness it in your films. Whereas, today, I finally get to see your true acting. I'm honestly excited."

Tangning glanced at Lin Qian, gesturing that she wanted to read her script in peace. However, the woman wouldn't stop talking.

In the end, it wasn't easy, but Tangning managed to film the first scene in one go. Even though Xu Xin was a less experienced actress, she did not make any mistakes.

"Great, Tangning, keep it up."

After the scene ended, Tangning initially wanted to leave, but Lin Qian held onto her again, "Ning Jie, can you teach me how to act?"

"I really want to become just like you."

Seeing this, Lin Qian immediately walked over to Xu Xin and said, "Miss Xu, Ning Jie needs to prepare for her next scene."

"Then...then I'll wait until Ning Jie has some free time."

Tangning did not say anything. Lin Qian didn't know what to say either. However, the staff reminded Xu Xin, "Ning Jie is extremely busy. How would she have time to teach you? It's best you stop creating trouble for her."

To be honest, after partaking in so many films, Tangning had never met an actor like Xu Xin. She wasn't jealous, nor schematic towards her. Instead, she clung onto her and wanted her to teach her how to act. If she had played any tricks, Tangning could have easily dealt with her, but Xu Xin was asking for guidance. This was actually more difficult to deal with.

"Ning Jie, why don't I go talk to Xu Xin later," Lin Qian suggested.

"Watch what you say and don't hurt her feelings," Tangning reminded.

Lin Qian looked quiet and lady-like in her long black dress.

Tangning was right. A woman like this couldn't have come from an average family background.

"Don't worry," Lin Qian said before she turned around and left. After Tangning started filming her next scene, Lin Quan approached Xu Xin and said, "Miss Xu, Ning Jie doesn't have much free time in the next two days. Not only is she required to go down a well, she will also be climbing some rocks. I don't think she will even have time to rest. So, I hope you can give her some time to rest and not disturb her. If you have something to discuss, can you please leave it for two days later?"

Xu Xin understood and nodded her head, "OK then. To be honest, I'm quite busy over the next two days too."

"Then, it's set."

Xu Xin seemed like a negotiable person with her short, cute and lively appearance. But, after Lin Qian left, she scoffed loudly, "Why try to act nice. If she doesn't want to teach me, she should just say so. Why go around in circles?"

Lin Qian quickly returned to Tangning's side, just as she was touching up her makeup, "You've spoken to her?"

"Uh huh," Lin Qian nodded her head, "Don't worry about a thing, Ning Jie."

The next scene was a relatively dangerous one. Xu Xin's character ignored warnings from her family and arrived at a deserted island to find her sister. However, the locals on the island took away her boat and robbed her of everything she had. In the end, they even planned to rape her, but Tangning's character appeared at this time to save her.

"Cut! Xu Xin, do you call that fear? Or are you trying to make your eyes bigger than everyone else's? Learn from Tangning!" the director yelled angrily. "Let's try it again!"

"Cut...Xu Xin, your emotions are completely incorrect."


"This won't do..."

After 7-8 consecutive takes, Xu Xin was completely confused by what the director wanted and didn't know how to act out her character anymore. At the same time, the director kept comparing her to Tangning. Xu Xin couldn't believe that Tangning watched her fail without helping her and refused to teach her.

"Forget it. Xu Xin, get some rest. Tangning can continue with the next scene."

In the next scene, Tangning was to hide inside a well to avoid the pursuing pirates. Of course, a scene like this was extremely dangerous, so all props had to be thoroughly checked beforehand.

"Tangning, get some rest for half an hour. If there are any problems with the next scene, just call out to me," the director instructed.

Xu Xin was annoyed by the director's gentle tone of voice.

So...a frightening idea suddenly came to her mind as she watched the props assistant prepare Tangning's harness...

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