Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 796 - Tangning Is The Best Example

Chapter 796: Tangning Is The Best Example

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Mother Lu and Father Lu prepared the best crib and baby products, but Long Jie could tell that Mother Lu did not do it wilfully. She simply did it because she wanted Long Jie to give her a grandson.

The atmosphere was a little oppressive, but Lu Che quickly saw through it and said to Long Jie, “You stayed up really late to feed the baby last night. You should go inside and get some rest.”

Long Jie nodded her head. The good thing about Lu Che was the fact that he always understood her difficulties in situations like this.

“What about our daughter?”

“I’ll coax her to sleep and call you when she’s hungry.”

With nothing else to worry about, Long Jie headed into the bedroom.

Lu Che held onto his daughter in front of Mother Lu to test her, but she completely pretended like the incident in the morning didn’t happen and hid her feelings well. However, Lu Che did not expose her. He simply waited patiently for lunchtime to arrive.

Meanwhile, with Lu Che’s protection, Long Jie was relatively relaxed. But, as soon as lunchtime came around, the atmosphere around the dining table changed.

At that time, the baby was sleeping. The family of four sat around the dining table not saying a word. Long Jie looked left and right and felt a little uncomfortable. At this time, Lu Che suddenly put down his bowl and chopsticks and said to Mother Lu, “Mom, I know you spoke to Xiao Man about having a son this morning. I thought about it and decided that one daughter is enough.”

All of a sudden, Mother Lu’s expression did not look so good.

“I don’t know why you want Xiao Man to give birth to a son so badly, but that is a matter between the two of us. You may be my mother, but you can’t keep interfering with my life. I’ve said this many times, if you have a problem then speak to me, you don’t need to make things difficult for Xiao Man all the time. You obviously know how much effort she’s put in to make you like her.”

Mother Lu looked down at her bowl and did not say a word.

“Plus, she just gave birth to a baby. As an elder, have you not considered if your words are suitable at this time?”

“She is my wife, I got married to her because I love her. You are also a woman. Why must you make things difficult for your daughter-in-law like this?”

Mother Lu did not say a word as she put down her bowl and chopsticks and left.

Father Lu was confused, but Lu Che was extremely calm.

Long Jie tugged at Lu Che’s sleeve uncomfortably, “You were too harsh with your words.”

“Don’t worry, leave it with me.”

“Why? What other reason could there be?” Mother Lu suddenly said angrily as she returned to the dining table. “The Lu Family didn’t look down on her upbringing and accepted her with open arms. All I’m asking is for her to have a son. What’s so difficult about that? I only spoke to her this morning, yet she already ratted me out to you. Long Man, you sure have your ways.”

“I discovered this myself. She did not intend to tell me. Plus, we are a married couple, if she wants to have a child, doesn’t she need to consult with me first?” Lu Che’s volume increased. “I can’t understand you. What year is it? Why must you have so many restrictions and requests when it comes to your own family members? It’s not like our lives are a mess.”

“Xiao Man has supported herself with her own job. How is she any worse off than the two of you? Where did you develop your bias from? How good do you think you are?”

“That’s enough, there’s no point discussing this further. If I don’t get a grandson, we have nothing to talk about.”

Seeing that Mother Lu did not want to continue talking, Lu Che replied, “Since you are so disrespectful to my wife, even if I have a son in the future, I will be honest and tell him how his grandmother has treated his mother.”


“Mom, a person needs to have a bottom line.”

“It seems, you’ve been free for too long, to the point that you’ve forgotten about your parents,” Mother Lu burst into tears.

“Don’t try to threaten me with that. You know that I hate threats like that and aren’t convinced by them,” Lu Che held onto Long Jie tightly. He knew that apart from one family member, Long Jie only had him to rely on.

There were some things that a man had to do.

“Fine, I’ll just pretend that I never gave birth to you.” After speaking, Mother Lu stormed out of the house and Father Lu quickly followed behind.

The dining room suddenly fell into silence. At this time, Long Jie leaned against Lu Che’s shoulder and said, “Why did you do that?”

“I need to protect you and our family.”

This wasn’t the result that anyone wanted to see, but he had to make a decision.

Long Jie was extremely moved as she sighed, “Thank you for giving me a sense of security during the time when I felt the most vulnerable.”

“This is something that a husband and father should do.”

No matter what reason Mother Lu had for wanting a grandson, it was not reasonable. She had the right to voice her opinion, but she couldn’t treat Long Jie like a baby-making machine. She couldn’t forget the fact that she was also a woman.

“Does mom not like me because I’m from the entertainment industry? Does she think that I am dirty?”

“There’s no point thinking too much into it,” Lu Che replied.

“Or perhaps, does she think that I’m incapable…”

“I know better than anyone whether you are capable. Xiao Man, no matter what you want to do, go ahead and do it,” Lu Che couldn’t deny that Mo Ting had set a good example for him when it came to relationships.

He never felt that women were any weaker than men and Tangning was the perfect example.

It was also from this moment onwards that Long Jie made a promise to herself. She couldn’t let Lu Che be the only one to give her a sense of security. She should also build up her self confidence and give herself a sense of security.

As for Mother Lu, Long Jie was prepared.

As long as Mother Lu was willing, she was happy to act like a daughter towards her. But, if she insisted on causing trouble, Long Jie wasn’t going to hide. She wasn’t going to let Lu Che face problems like this on his own anymore.

So, in her heart, she had a plan.

However, she wouldn’t be able to initiate it until her daughter was a little older.

After receiving Lin Qian’s CV, Mo Ting instructed Fang Yu to investigate the woman’s background. In the end, he discovered that her history was clean and she simply had a complex fate.

“President, Lin Qian graduated from a famous school overseas. Being an assistant is actually quite degrading for her.”

“Anything else?” Mo Ting did not care where she graduated from.

“The interesting thing is, Lin Qian is the younger sister of the famous Quan Ziye who returned to China specifically for the Fei Tian Awards. Of course, she is just an adopted daughter, but she does not appear to have an average relationship with Quan Ziye,” Fang Yu said as he raised an eyebrow. “This woman will be difficult to handle, yet Tangning decided to take her in.”

“After all, we’re talking about Quan Ziye…”

“So?” Mo Ting asked without lifting his head.

“He’s known as the evily charming young master. Although I’m not sure why he gradually retreated from the industry, he is actually on the same level as you when it comes to be charming…”

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