Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 795 - I Will Not Go Easy On You

Chapter 795: I Will Not Go Easy On You

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“As long as you help the Lu Family give birth to a son, I won’t interfere with your private lives again,” Mother Lu’s eyes were extremely red. It was obvious that these words did not make her feel good either. “Really Xiao Man, I beg of you.”

“No mom, a matter like this…I…”

“I know you are put in a difficult position, but can’t you do it for the sake of Lu Che?”

Before Long Jie could ask Mother Lu for an explanation, Lu Che pushed open the room door. Seeing that both women’s eyes were red, he could roughly guess what was happening. Similarly, before he could ask his mother for an explanation, he noticed her signal Long Jie with a glance. Long Jie was a sensitive person, so she understood that Mother Lu was telling her not to tell Lu Che what happened.

“Since you’re here, I’m going to get going,” Mother Lu did not give Lu Che a chance to ask her anything as she left the room. Afterwards, Lu Che looked at Long Jie and Long Jie simply shook her head.

“Mom did not get the chance to say anything.”

Lu Che sighed as he sat down beside Long Jie, “From the first day that we started dating, I already told you clearly not to care about what my parents think. After all, I am the one spending a lifetime with you. But, you’ve already given birth to our daughter, yet you haven’t changed this habit of yours. What are you keeping to yourself? Am I really that useless to you?”

Long Jie lowered her head for a moment. In the end, she looked up and told Lu Che straightforwardly, “Mom pleaded for me to help you give birth to a son.”

After hearing this, Lu Che didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “What’s her reason? Mom has never mentioned this to me before.”

“I didn’t get the chance to ask her before you arrived.” This time, Long Jie was being honest. “Although I don’t want to take it to heart, mom’s words made me sound like a baby-making machine. Plus, what’s wrong with having a daughter?”

“You’ve almost rested for a month now. We can return home soon,” Lu Che did not comfort Long Jie. Instead, he changed the subject at the right time. “Mom and dad will be coming to our place for dinner tonight.”

Long Jie didn’t know what Lu Che had planned, so she was a little worried, “What are you planning to do?”

“It’s just a simple family dinner,” Lu Che replied casually. After speaking, he handed his phone over to Long Jie, “Weren’t you in a rush to congratulate the Madam last night? You can first make a phone call and congratulate her.”

Long Jie’s attention was successfully drawn away as she received the phone from Lu Che’s hand, “I almost forgot about that.”

Thinking back on the times that she spent with Tangning, Long Jie was honestly happy for all that Tangning had achieved. After all, during the time that Tangning was suppressed by Han Yufan, Long Jie honestly never imagined that she’d end up where she was today.

As Lu Che watched Long Jie call Tangning’s number, he let out a sigh of relief. Sometimes, as a son and a husband, one was destined to have family difficulties. But, he was now a father. If he didn’t personally confront certain matters, how was his wife and daughter supposed to feel a sense of security?

The news of Tangning receiving the Best Actress Award was the hottest news online.

As a result, people began to rewatch her previous films, throwing them back onto the ranks of popularly viewed videos online. This was the effect of a classic and the symbol of a legend.

At this time, Tangning had to rush back to the set of ‘Survivor’. However, she first needed to confirm that Guo Guo was healthy and she needed to check on the woman their driver hit the previous night (to be exact, the woman that had randomly run out onto the road).

For the convenience of visiting Guo Guo, Tangning instructed her driver to admit the woman to the military hospital under Tang Yichen’s care.

Originally, she wanted to contact the woman’s family members. But, the woman had no phone on her body, nor did she have any form of contact.

So, they had no choice but to wait for her to wake up and check on her situation.

Before Tangning returned to the set, she visited the hospital to see Guo Guo. At this time, the woman had also awoken. However, she refused to speak or accept treatment. It was not until she saw Tangning that she rolled onto the floor and grabbed her leg, “I know you are currently the most famous actress in Beijing. Can I please beg you not to hand me over? Please don’t let the media know about me.”

Tangning helped the woman up and led her back over to the bed, “You require the care of your family.”

“I don’t need it,” the woman quickly shook her head in refusal. “It wasn’t easy for me to escape.”

“Why would you use the word ‘escape’ when referring to your own family?”

The woman was rendered speechless by Tangning’s question. She was filled with hesitation, but Tangning could tell that this woman viewed her as her last lifeline. “It’s because I have an extremely possessive brother. I don’t want to be under his control anymore. Tangning, I beg of you, I don’t want anyone to find me. As long as I can live my life in peace, I am willing to do anything for you. As for last night, I was hit by your car because I was running away from the awards ceremony.”

“Is your brother from the entertainment industry?” Tangning asked.

The woman remained silent for a few seconds before she nodded her head.

Tangning thought for a moment and said, “I treasure fate. Since you ran into our car, I can consider your requests. However, I have a bottom line that I hope you don’t cross. Otherwise, I will not go easy on you.”

“I am about to return to set and happen to be lacking an assistant. If you can handle miscellaneous matters, you can come with me.”

The woman looked at Tangning in surprise. In the end, she nodded her head, “Thank you. I can do anything.”

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Lin Qian,” the woman replied.

“Your surname is Lin…” Tangning said with much meaning. She then said to Lin Qian, “Go have a bath and come with me to the set afterwards.”

“I’ll do that immediately.”

Tangning knew that Lin Qian had a story to tell. In fact, the story was bound to be spectacular. But, she was in no rush to question her and dig up her suffering. Instead, she gave her hope. The reason she was willing to help Lin Qian was because she noticed the bruises on Lin Qian’s body. From the looks of it, she had been beaten.

If she had honestly escaped something, it was definitely related to these bruises.

“Although I’ve agreed for you to follow me, you still need to give me a CV. My husband will never allow a woman with an unknown past to remain by my side.”

“OK, thank you, Ning Jie,” Lin Qian was more than willing as long as Tangning gave her a place to hide.

From the look in her eyes, Tangning could tell that Lin Qian was not a calculative person. In fact, her background was possibly above average. Otherwise, how could an average person wear branded clothing from head to toe.

Her brother was someone from the industry…That’s right, the industry was not lacking in dirty secrets.

While all this was going on, Long Jie and Lu Che had just returned home…

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