Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 793 - Daddy Ting, Hold Onto Our Ning Tightly

Chapter 793: Daddy Ting, Hold Onto Our Ning Tightly

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“Nothing will go wrong,” Mo Ting held onto Tangning’s hand tightly. The couple had been married for two years now and their love was deeply embedded in their bones. Tangning was indeed nervous, but with Mo Ting’s reassurance, she suddenly calmed down. With this man by her side, did it matter whether she won an award or not?

Soon, the black Rolls Royce pulled up at the scene of the Fei Tian Awards Ceremony. At the head of the red carpet, Tangning stepped out holding Mo Ting’s hand. With the appearance of the couple, the reporters were so excited that they almost pushed over the barriers. However, with Mo Ting around, even if they wanted to, they would never have the courage to do it.

“Tangning…Mo Ting…”

“Tangning…Look over here…”

“Daddy Ting, hold onto our Ning tightly. Protect her well,” a few fans holding LED light-up signs cried. Tangning couldn’t help but look over and smile. In response, Mo Ting pulled Tangning into his arms. The affection shown by the couple made the fans scream in excitement.

Tangning enjoyed living in seclusion and after becoming an actress, she barely appeared on variety programmes, let alone accept any interviews. She had only made an appearance because of a few personal matters. So, it was rare for fans to see her, not to mention seeing her together with Mo Ting.

The host of the awards ceremony was standing in front of the signing wall. As soon as he saw the couple, he naturally greeted them. Because of Mo Ting’s presence, he did not dare to make a single joke with Tangning. Especially since the vibe she gave off felt like she wasn’t here to receive an award, but here to simply observe.

“Our President Mo sure knows how to be considerate towards his wife, protecting her at all times. However, as the host of this event, I would like to ask a question. Could you please tell us the current condition of your baby?”

“He is fine at the moment. Thank you everyone for your concern,” Tangning replied seriously. “I know that my son’s illness has caused a huge commotion in Beijing. I’m sorry if it has upset anyone.”

Tangning’s words sounded honestly apologetic and especially sincere. In fact, she even sounded slightly wronged.

This made the host respond, “I believe, as a mother, you’ve already done all that you can. I know that you always try your best, no matter what identity you take on, so being a mother would be no different.”

“We also believe you,” Tangning’s fans squealed in support from behind. “You are the undisputed ‘Queen’ tonight!”

Actually tonight, apart from the hot presence of Tangning and Mo Ting, there was also another king-like figure who had just returned from overseas. A man that was once very famous in Beijing.

Soon, the one-hour red carpet time ended and Tangning and Mo Ting found their way to their seats. There were plenty of familiar faces, including Lin Sheng and other actors that Tangning had previously worked with. Bei Chendong was also amongst the invited guests, but he had always been quite childish. So, events like this depended on his mood.

Big names in the hosting world made witty remarks on stage and the opening song and dance was performed by the hottest musical group.

Tangning heard people around her gossiping about the big shot that was returning today, so she shook Mo Ting’s hand, “It seems, there are still some things in this industry that I’m not aware of.”

“Are you referring to the man that’s returning today?” Mo Ting asked.

“Uh huh.”

“I’ll tell you about him after we return home,” Mo Ting said gently beside Tangning’s ear. “Let’s first watch the awards ceremony.”

The awards ceremony this year was relatively spectacular due to the great productions released in the past year. Amongst these were productions that involved people that Tangning knew. Even Chen Xingyan went home with The Most Potential Newcomer Award. It was at this time that Tangning noticed An Zihao and Chen Xingyan were sitting two rows behind them.

As Chen Xingyan held onto her trophy, she looked towards Tangning and waved her right hand.

“Following on, we will be presenting the most important Fei Tian Awards. It is once again time for our annual Best Actor and Best Actress awards. To pick out the most outstanding actors, our judges almost get into fights in the backstage every year.”

“Please give a round of applause as we welcome our special guests to the stage to present the awards.”

The first guest presenter was an old school scriptwriter who had previously won many big international awards. Accompanying him was the second guest, an internationally renowned professional film critic.

One was old, the other was young; one was fat, the other was skinny. The two men supported each other and headed onto the stage, before the old scriptwriter began speaking first.

“When the organizers first invited me to present this award, I was quite surprised. As everyone is aware, I am an extremely honest person. If the person I’m presenting to is not someone that meets my standards, I will have my opinions and even refuse to present the award.”

“So, I watched the films produced by all the nominees before I came here.”

“I am a person that’s very critical when it comes to storylines, so my expectations for actors are also very high. I mean, which scriptwriter would let their creation go to waste in the hands of an actor?”

“Fortunately, The Fei Tian Awards maintained its fairness and the nominees this year were indisputable. So, I can understand why the judges put on quite a battle in the backstage.”

At this time, the film critic began to speak, “You’ve said it perfectly. A good production is something that the entire industry aims for. And good actors are needed for a script to be portrayed to its full potential.”

“The films that I acknowledge are the ones that deserve love from everyone around the world because it displays good values and expresses the most sincere emotions, allowing people around the world to relate to it. A production like this is hard to fault, and I happen to know one such production which has been well received around the world.”

“Hurry and tell us which production you’re talking about!”

The film critic looked towards Mo Ting and Tangning and replied, “‘Stupid’. As I’m aware, this film performed so well in the United States that it got better results than films produced in the American domestic market. It has even been added to the latest study material for scriptwriters, setting an example for scriptwriting. This is the first time something like this has happened.”

“While we’re on this topic, I must say that I deeply admire President Mo from Hai Rui.”

After hearing this, Mo Ting gently nodded thankfully towards the man.

“OK, enough with straying off-topic. Let’s see which outstanding actors will receive this year’s most prestigious awards. Please turn your attention to the big screen.” After speaking, the film critic turned everyone’s focus towards the big screen behind them.

Soon, a clear voice resonated from the screen.

“The recipient of this year’s Fei Tian Best Actress Award is…”

At this moment, the spotlights alternated between the nominees of the award and the atmosphere was filled with suspense…

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