Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 792 - My Wife Gave Birth To Twins

Chapter 792: My Wife Gave Birth To Twins

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“Guo Guo did indeed have issues with development when he was still in the womb, that’s why after he was born, he has been often sick,” Mo Ting replied honestly.

The reporters did not expect Mo Ting to answer in this way as their eyes grew wide in surprise.

Was it true that Tangning did not consider her child’s health as far back as when she was still pregnant?

“But, that’s because…”

“…my wife gave birth to twins.”


The reporters froze in shock. Were they hearing things? What did Mo Ting just say? Tangning gave birth to twins?

“Guo Guo was discovered late and had developed slowly, so he did not absorb as much nutrients as his older brother. Hence, his immune system is a little weak.”

With these words, everyone finally understood the situation. Those that had given birth to twins were well aware that it was common for twins to develop very differently and it was extremely normal for the younger brother to be weaker than the older brother.

“So that’s what happened…”

“Tangning actually gave birth to twins without anyone knowing…”

“It must be tough to take care of two kids. No wonder President Mo’s​ heart ached for Tangning to the point where he didn’t want her to know that her son was ill.”

The reporters at the scene began to discuss the issue.

“Does everyone still have questions?”

Everything was already clear: Tan Suling was skilled, but she didn’t know how to behave as a person, as a result, she was dismissed by the hospital. The entire incident had absolutely nothing to do with pressures from Hai Rui as rumored by the public.

With so many people complaining about Tan Suling, it was obvious that she was not a very likeable person.

So, to prevent Tan Suling from causing trouble for them, they threw the blame onto Hai Rui and let everyone think that Hai Rui had done something dirty to forcefully oppress their innocent and pure white-cloaked angel. Unfortunately, Mo Ting wasn’t a normal person and he would never let others throw the blame on him.

Who was Mo Ting and who was Tangning? The two of them never provoked anyone, but when others provoked them, they would not hide in fear. They would find the truth and get justice for themselves.

“President Mo, will you reveal a photo of the twins?”

“President Mo, will the two babies end up in the entertainment industry?”

Seeing that the reporters were no longer asking questions related to the scandal, Mo Ting neatened his shirt and stood up from the sofa.

The issue had been clarified, but the punishment was not enough.

Of course, Chief Lin was already prepared for the hospital to be attacked. But because Tan Suling was indeed immoral, the hospital did not need to shoulder much responsibilty. Tan Suling, on the other hand, wasn’t going to be well off.

However, the most unexpected thing for Chief Lin was yet to come…

Mo Ting personally clarified all of Tangning’s scandals and expressed that he and Tangning were a normal couple. On top of that, he also revealed that they had a pair of twin boys.

After this incident, the truth was finally restored. However, the public’s attention was redirected towards Tan Suling.

They were curious what she had done to make everyone turn against her and hate her so much.

So, a lot of people began to dig into her past and discovered she had indeed been reported by the family members of patients because she acted a little crazy.

“Although a doctor’s responsibilty is to put in their best efforts for their patient, they are also expected to reassure the patient’s family members. Don’t you think a doctor that blames the family for no reason is a bit strange?”

“It’s a shame to see such a beautiful woman act like this. I feel like she may have a serious case of paranoia.”

“I am a student of psychology. Let me leave Doctor Tan my contact details. I truly think she is mentally unstable.”

“When a small portion of people dislike one person, it could be due to jealousy. But, when a huge amount of people dislike them, there’s definitely something wrong with this person’s character. No wonder Tangning transferred her child to another hospital. It’s totally understandable!”

Tan Suling never expected that the situation would change so dramatically in such a short period of time and that so many people would attack her.

So, Father Tan and Mother Tan had no choice but to comfort their daughter, “Honey, I’ve made an appointment for you to see one of the best psychologists. Why don’t I go there with you tomorrow?”

“Mom, do you also think that I am sick?”

“You are indeed sick,” Father Tan replied straightforwardly, “You have a serious case of paranoia.”

Tan Suling never expected that even her parents would misunderstand her. So, with a burst of anger, she stormed out of the house. However, as she wandered out onto the streets, she discovered everyone was pointing at her and judging her. Worst of all, she realized at this moment that she didn’t even have a single friend.

“This woman is crazy. Let’s not get too close to her.”

“She calls herself a doctor when she doesn’t even know she is sick herself. What a joke!”

Tang Suling felt extremely wronged. After all, she only had one intention as a doctor: she simply hoped for the best for the children she treated.

She thought she was a righteous person that had been misunderstood by the world.

But, after this incident, Tangning was the one that seemed to have run out of things for people to slander about. After all, everything that appeared worthy of slander, had been cast aside.

The Fei Tian Awards Ceremony was to held that night and Mo Ting had stepped out that very afternoon to clarify for his wife.

Tangning felt, apart from acting, she was just a normal person. So, after having children, she hoped to be treated like a normal person.

But…one had no choice within the entertainment industry…

That evening, Mo Ting returned home to find Tangning in a daze on the sofa, “Why aren’t you ready yet? We are heading out soon.”

Tangning laughed and walked towards the wardrobe. However, she suddenly turned around halfway and said to Mo Ting, “I’m thinking whether I should treat everyone openly from now on and greet every reporter I meet.”

Mo Ting immediately understood what Tangning was thinking, but he felt that she should do whatever she felt like doing.

To keep his wife company at the awards ceremony, Mo Ting also changed into a set of formal wear. Dressed in a dark blue vintage double-breasted suit, with his hair slicked back and an air of nobility, he was the perfect support for Tangning.

No matter how old he was, Mo Ting was still Mo Ting.

On his face, there were no signs of aging.

Soon, Tangning also completed her look and stepped out wearing a starry ocean-blue gown, looking refined with her star themed accessories. The Tangning at this moment was like the world’s most beautiful scenery for Mo Ting.

“Let’s go…”

Today was an important day for Tangning.

Although she didn’t show it, Mo Ting could sense her nervousness.

After all, who didn’t want to win Best Actress?

It had been one year.

The bloody scene that lead to winning The Best Newcomer Award was still clear in their minds. Yet, in the blink of an eye, one year had passed and all her previous competitors had disappeared.

“Why are you trembling?” Mo Ting noticed there was something abnormal about Tangning while they drove towards the venue.

“I feel like something will go wrong. Nothing ever seems to run smoothly for me,” Tangning laughed bitterly.

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