Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 791: Tangning And I Are Not In A Marriage Of Convenience

Chapter 791: Tangning And I Are Not In A Marriage Of Convenience

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“What? If I understand correctly, according to what your hospital has previously said, we appear to be quite well acquainted. But it seems, Chief Lin doesn’t want to see me,” Mo Ting said with a smile.

Chief Lin was filled with hesitation. In the end, he had no choice but to step into the room and sit down opposite Mo Ting.

However, after sitting down, he felt extremely uncomfortable; Mo Ting was surrounded by cameras.

Plus, one glance at Mo Ting was enough to make one jump back in fear because he was much too intimidating.

“Mr. Mo, if you wanted to see me, you didn’t have to go to such efforts…”

“If I didn’t do this, I don’t think I would have been able to see Chief Lin,” Mo Ting said with a deeper meaning. Afterwards, his expression turned cold with a slight sternness and danger, “I simply want to know what Hai Rui has done to your hospital to make you so afraid that you’d dismiss one of your staff.”


“Rumor has it that Hai Rui has been applying pressure on you, Chief Lin. Has Hai Rui actually done that? According to Doctor Tan, we made some kind of dirty underhanded agreement.”

“After I heard this, I was extremely angry. As if my almighty entertainment empire would need to make a deal over a silly doctor.”

“I personally don’t think Doctor Tan is at the level that requires that amount of attention, do you?”

Chief Lin was hard pressed. He never imagined that these rumors would be formed. Nor had he imagined that Mo Ting would personally come looking for him. This wasn’t a problem that was suppose to exist, but now that he was forced to take responsibility, what was he to say to save his pride?

“I think Doctor Tan must have a misunderstanding…”

“In that case, can Chief Lin please explain why he dismissed Doctor Tan?”

“Well…” Chief Lin froze.

“You can’t answer me, can you? That’s fine, I can answer on your behalf.” After speaking, Mo Ting pulled out his phone and played some voice recordings.

In front of all the media…

“Tan Suling, eh? Who in the hospital doesn’t know about her? Her EQ is famous for being low and she often offends patient’s family members. She’s caused problems quite a few times. So much so that the hospital chief has wanted to fire her for a long time.”

“I’m not making this up. That Tan Suling is crazy. She’s turned the hospital into a place of filth.”

“Previously, during one of our meetings, she put the hospital chief in a difficult situation. At that time, the hospital chief already wanted to get rid of her.”

“I think about 80% of the people in the hospital want Tan Suling gone.”

“All these recordings come from doctors that work at your hospital. We can tell from these recordings that no one likes Tan Suling. So, you decided to use the excuse that she angered Hai Rui to dismiss her. Isn’t that right?”

“Of course not,” Chief Lin immediately denied.

“Then what reason did you have?” Mo Ting asked.

However, Chief Lin stuttered for a while without giving an explanation.

“Tan Suling has released her negativity upon Hai Rui, but what have we done wrong?” Mo Ting asked as he put away his phone. “You’ve picked on the wrong person, Chief Lin.”

“Whether it’s Hai Rui or I, your position is the same. You can’t afford to offend either of us. So, stop dreaming about brushing the blame onto us. We will not shoulder the blame of dismissing Tan Suling…”

Chief Lin’s face suddenly alternated between red and white.

“If it wasn’t because my wife was implicated, I would never meet with a measly hospital chief like you. Now that things are clear, if you still refuse to clarify everything with the public, don’t blame me for being truly heartless. This is what you call applying pressure.”

In front of the cameras, Mo Ting appeared truly angered.

His every word was filled with danger, making those that heard it, subconsciously sweat in fear.

“I have no interest in your personal grudges, but I will not allow you to implicate Hai Rui and my wife!”

His last few words were reminiscent of a devil giving an order. As soon as Chief Lin heard it, he felt like he had to immediately clarify the situation, because he would never want to truly anger Mo Ting.

“Mr. Mo, I’m so sorry. We were also afraid of the rumors, that’s why Hai Rui became implicated. I am honestly sorry,” Chief Lin explained with sincerity before he turned to the media “This entire matter is a personal matter between Tan Suling and I. It has nothing to do with Hai Rui. I hope the public don’t misunderstand.”

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, please clarify the real reason behind Tan Suling’s dismissal.”

“This is an internal matter at our hospital. Can you let us handle it amongst ourselves?” Chief Lin tried to negotiate.

“When the public decided to criticize Hai Rui, no one tried to negotiate with us at that time,” Mo Ting said in a stern voice. “When people were insulting my wife because of Tan Suling, no one discussed it with us either. But, I want to discuss every little matter.”

Chief Lin was left helpless. He simply let out a deep sigh as he turned unwillingly towards the media and explained, “Our hospital must admit that Tan Suling is a talented doctor. But…”

“…she is also the doctor that we’ve received the most complaints about. It’s not that she treats the patients unwell, but she is always rude to the patient’s family members. At the same time, she is also the doctor that has received the most internal complaints as well. Due to her own personal emotions, she has made the workplace uncomfortable for her colleagues. It is because of this that the hospital decided to dismiss her.”

“I will hereby represent the hospital in apologizing to President Mo for making the public misunderstand Hai Rui. I hope President Mo can forgive us. We have indeed handled this matter inappropriately and have let down everyone’s trust.”

“As for Tan Suling’s issue,” Mo Ting followed on, “Guo Guo was sick so I took my son to the hospital. Doctor Tan did not see Tangning so she requested for the mother to come with the child next time.”

“But, this was not the first time that Guo Guo had a fever. Plus, his immune system was getting weaker. So, I decided not to tell Tangning because I knew she’d drop everything on set and return home. She is the female lead; the main focus of the entire cast. I couldn’t let her throw aside so much work and abandon the entire crew. So, I kept the matter a secret from her.”

“But, Doctor Tan ended up developing a bias towards my wife, simply because she never saw her.”

“During Guo Guo’s most recent fever, Tangning took leave from filming and rushed home during the night. She then took Guo Guo to the hospital the next day. However, she had to put up with Doctor Tan’s blame.”

“This is the entire story.”

“Tangning and I are not in a marriage of convenience. I love my wife more than anything.”

“There was indeed mutual benefit between us. But, the benefit was each other’s love.”

Hearing this, the reporters couldn’t help but ask, “If Tangning has really upheld her responsibilty as a mother, why is the child’s immune system getting weaker? Wasn’t it because the problems already started from when she was pregnant?”

Hearing this, Mo Ting suddenly laughed.

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