Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 95: No Longer Owe Each Other

Chapter 95: No Longer Owe Each Other

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Of course, she wasn't afraid of a little competition. Compared to models whose career was smooth sailing, she had experienced her fair share of ups and downs and seen through the darkness of the world. So, what could she be afraid of? Nothing was more painful than being betrayed by a lover, being trampled by a mistress and being cornered by one of the top modeling agencies. Instead, the people that were currently stabbing her in the back should be the ones to be afraid.

Thinking of this, Tangning calmed down; the anxiety in her heart also started to fade.

"Honey, you need to know, although Hai Rui belongs to me...I belong to you. So, as long as you are willing, no one in this industry can be your opponent. It's just that you don't want to handle things that way."

Tangning buried herself deeper in Mo Ting's embrace, trying her best to absorb the warmth from his body - he was like a drug that she couldn't quit. "Yes, I have you," Tangning murmured. After she spoke, she sat up and kissed Mo Ting between the hollows of his neck, "I want you."

"Huh?" Mo Ting did not hear clearly so gave her a questioning sound as he looked at her curiously.

Tangning grabbed Mo Ting's neck and repeated into his ear, "I want you."

As soon as her words left her mouth, Mo Ting lifted her up in his arms and headed into the bedroom. Tangning's face swept over with a satisfied smile, she wanted to be intimate with him. She wanted the feeling of having him in her; being able to get closer to his heart and hearing his stable heartbeat.


7pm. The press conference for The Annual Model Awards organizing committee was being held under the spotlight. The person-in-charge was sitting on stage waiting to be interviewed; he was specifically here to answer all questions regarding the judge violating the rules at this year's awards selection.

"Is the agreement between Tianyi and the artist, Li Yu, real? Which female artists were involved in the bed-climbing scandal?"

"Yes, it is real. According to our current investigations, the only artist involved with this scandal was Mo Yurou from Tianyi. Although Tangning was mentioned, she did not break any rules," the organizer emphasized the truth.

"How can you guarantee Tangning's innocence?"

"Even if Li Yu did not take part in the voting process of the Special Contribution Award, how do we know he didn't bribe any of the other judges?"

"Tianyi Entertainment is a cheap company. For Tangning to get to where she is today, she must have climbed into someone's bed, right?"

Dressed in a suit and leather shoes, the organizer realized what was going on after hearing the reporters' questions: they weren't here to chase the truth or to find out about the judge violating the rules, they were here to make things difficult for Tangning...

He was already used to seeing scenes like this; within the industry, it was normal for people to talk badly about each other behind their backs. But, if they wanted to use The Annual Model Awards as a platform to challenge Tangning, they were being too sinister and confident.

The organizer smiled slightly before questioning the reporters, "Our website has already released the voting process for the Special Contribution Award. The most important thing to note is, the model's contribution makes up 70% of the selection points - I think it's clear what Tangning has achieved - only the remaining 30% is made up of the judges' votes. Did you really think that either Tangning or Li Yu have the power to bribe all the judges?"

"The reason I am sitting here today is because I believe in telling the truth. If the media is here to be selfish; disregarding the truth and manipulating the public, then I'd suggest you use another platform to defame Tangning."

The few media companies whose true intentions had been revealed quickly avoided eye contact and stopped talking.

"Tianyi Entertainment is indeed cheap, but not everyone from there is bad. For example, if your parents were criminals or gamblers, does that mean you are the same? I have no right to evaluate what type of person Tanging is, but words mean nothing anyway. The fact that you guys have been spreading the word of Tangning climbing into other's beds without evidence, shows that for the sake of getting the public's attention, you've abandoned your conscience. I think you guys are the root of all evil, yet here you are, humiliating Tangning for being a bed-climber; you are merely the pot calling the kettle black..."

"Regarding any negative effects on the public that happened because of the Annual Model Awards, I want to give my sincere apology on behalf of the organizing committee..."

Tangning was sitting on her sofa at home watching the live broadcast of the press conference in silence. The organizer had actually been so upright and bold to snap at the reporters in front of everyone; in such a difficult situation, they stood up for her innocence.

"It's rare to see someone in this world that is still brave enough to speak the truth."

As soon as Tangning finished speaking, she received a phone call from Long Jie. The reporter that held evidence against Li Yu refused to cooperate; he was asking for a huge sum of money. It seemed people picked on her because she was kind; even this mere reporter wanted to take advantage of her.

"Long Jie, come back then, I hate being blackmailed," Tangning's voice remained calm.


"We will think of something else, trust me..."

Long Jie had no choice but to return empty handed after arguing with the reporter, "Tangning, reporters like this only want money. Since he can help us - if we don't give him money - he can also turn on us."

"If you start him off, he will continue to extort us. If you don't believe me, you can give it a try," she was experienced with things like this. Since she was innocent, she had no reason to give away money.

"I understand," Long Jie nodded her head; she shouldn't have been so impatient, she almost created trouble for Tangning.

If she had really used money, instead of clearing her name, she could have made people suspect there really was something wrong with her...

In reality, with the organizing committee's words, Tangning's situation was already changing. After all, she had many loyal fans who continuously pointed out flaws in the incident. At the same time, she also improved her impression amongst the public.

Afterwards, Tangning once again released a statement. This time she announced that she had already asked her lawyer to send a letter to Tianyi, suing them for defamation.

With the release of this statement, it was obvious Tangning was determined to mend her reputation. During the time her popularity was rising, she had never considered leaving Tianyi, however, Tianyi returned her kindness with ingratitude making her suffer multiple misunderstandings and damaging her reputation.

Even so, she did not sue Han Yufan personally, nor did she list all the unfairness Tianyi had given her. All she wanted was to target the negative response she had received from the bed-climbing incident. She was determined to prove she did not violate any rules or climb any beds.

Towards Tianyi and Han Yufan, she only had one simple sentence, "We no longer owe each other."

Meanwhile, news had gotten out that Tangning was definitely going to leave Tianyi!

If that's the case, which agency would she go to now?

Sitting in his office, Mo Ting was continuously paying attention to all the predictions from the media. In reality, he wanted so badly to sign Tangning with Hai Rui...

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