Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 790: Let Mo Ting Take The Blame?

Chapter 790: Let Mo Ting Take The Blame?

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"The Fei Tian Awards are about to commence. From the looks of it, someone is deliberately slandering Tangning."

"I don't care about anything else, but they've gone too far with their slandering. This has always been Tangning's family business. Their child was sick, so the couple were in a panic, yet the doctor stabbed them in the back at this time. How heartbreaking."

"I'm going to keep paying attention to this news. Perhaps there's a chance of turning the tables."

These days, whenever news appeared in the entertainment industry, the public would have to pay close attention to it for a few days before they'd find out the truth. Because, right and wrong wasn't something that could be easily distinguished with the human eye.

However, Tang Yichen's words did indeed anger Tan Suling.

It was only right for a mother to take care of her child.

So what if a doctor criticized a mother a little? Was her heart made of glass? Couldn't she handle it?

"When a child's immune system weakens, it is unpredictable. In some cases, it could even lead to premature death. How is that not a serious illness? Especially since he fell sick multiple times?"

"When I request parents to take care of their children, I don't expect them to provide round-the-clock care. But, when a child is admitted to hospital, they are obviously sick. If a parent can't show a bit of love at this time, when are they planning to show it?"

"Plus, it is the truth that Tangning doesn't care about her son. I didn't lie. Why should I be the one to take note of my image?"

"I am an upstanding citizen. It must be because 'someone' is Tangning's sister, so she's bound to speak up for her family."


"F*cken b*tch, is she mentally ill?" even Long Jie, who had just become a mother, couldn't help but swear after seeing Tan Suling's interview. "Is this doctor's brain made of bean curd?"

"Who knows. All I know is, this battle has already spread from the entertainment industry, across the entire medical field," Lu Che replied as he sat beside Long Jie and cut some fruit.

"Will it affect Tangning's chances at the Fei Tian Awards?"

"What kind of effect would it have?"

Understanding the situation, Long Jie relaxed and nodded her head, "As long as there is no effect, then everything is good."

But, now that the situation had gotten to this point, if Mo Ting didn't teach Tan Suling a lesson, she would have no idea who she had provoked.

In reality, the hospital chief of Tan Suling's hospital had wanted to get rid of her for a long time. However, as time went by, he found it harder to find a reason to dismiss her.

Normally, when a person's character was confirmed as problematic and they made people around them uncomfortable, they were bound to become a target in everyone's eyes. Plenty of people would discuss how bad they were behind their backs and point out all their negative traits.

So, while the iron was hot, the hospital chief decided to speak to Tan Suling, "Suling, to be honest, you are a capable person. After servicing our hospital for so long, your professionalism is apparent and you are one of our best doctors.'ve offended Hai Rui this time. Our hospital can't handle this drama, so we've decided to ask you to leave."

The hospital chief was actually being very polite...

If it was someone else, they would have already erupted in anger.

Tan Suling felt her pride had been hurt and assumed that Hai Rui was behind all this, so she replied, "You will definitely regret this."

"I am a righteous doctor who saves the dying and treats the injured. I have already treated a countless number of people. Yet, you are treating me this way because of some dirty underhanded deal you made. You sure disappoint me."

However, Tan Suling didn't only say this to the hospital chief. She also repeated it to the media.

"Everything has happened too abruptly. I was dismissed by the hospital because I offended Hai Rui and the hospital didn't want to attract trouble."

Some people immediately laughed at her for being too straightforward and speaking recklessly. But, there were also some people that stuck up for her unfair treatment.

"It's not the first time that Hai Rui has done whatever they wanted. Being dismissed is already a small punishment. This doctor is so pitiful."

"Who told her to offend Mo Ting? She sure deserves sympathy."

"No, Hai Rui can't keep using methods like this to solve their problems..."

But, in reality, Hai Rui was completely unaware of all this...

"From the looks of it, this Tan Suling is so disliked that even the hospital chief can't stand her. The news was only released not long ago, yet he couldn't wait to get rid of her. If he wants Hai Rui to shoulder the blame, he has sure dealt a good hand of cards. It seems, all roads lead to Hai Rui and all blame should be directed towards us."

These were Fang Yu's words.

But, if they wanted Mo Ting to take the blame...they had picked the wrong person.

"Go speak to the doctor's at the hospital. I'm sure we will find some clues," Mo Ting instructed. If they didn't do something, this matter would simply conclude as suppression from Hai Rui.

"Don't worry, I'll have something for you very soon." Collecting information wasn't something that only Lu Che could do. Fang Yu was also good at it.

Although the matter stemmed from Guo Guo being sick, negativity like this also affected Hai Rui's reputation.

Soon, Fang Yu received news from his source that evidence had been secured. It was proof that there was something wrong with Tan Suling's personality and that the hospital had long struggled to tolerate it.

If they wanted to bully someone, how dare they bully Hai Rui?

Afterwards, Fang Yu reported this matter to Tangning over the phone and Tangning replied, "Deal with it the way that it should be dealt."

After being slandered so many times, Tangning had long become indifferent towards it. But, that didn't mean she was willing to forgive Tan Suling.

Her casual attitude meant that Mo Ting could do whatever he wanted. But, if Mo Ting made a move...both Tan Suling and the hospital were going to suffer pitifully.

"Make an appointment with the hospital chief. I will personally meet with him."

'Personally'. As soon as Fang Yu heard this word, he knew a good show was on its way.

So, without wasting a second, Fang Yu pretended to be an heir of a rich family and asked to see the hospital chief at a hotel regarding one of his sick relatives.

But, in reality, not only was Mo Ting waiting for the hospital chief, he was also accompanied by the most authoritative reporter in Beijing.

Offending Mo Ting never ended well. The most this hospital chief could hope for was to not end up too pitiful.

The Fei Tian Awards was on the horizon. Fang Yu understood that Mo Ting wanted to resolve this matter before the awards ceremony because he wanted everyone to view Tangning as the most perfect woman.

So, the next morning, Mo Ting went to see the hospital chief.

The hospital chief had no idea what was awaiting him. He thought a rich family wanted to meet with him to discuss the condition of a family member. But, as soon as he opened the door to the private room in the hotel, he was stunned. Because, apart from the media, there was also Mo Ting...

"I must have stumbled into the wrong room," the hospital chief turned around to leave. He honestly thought he had entered the wrong room. But, Mo Ting quickly stopped him.

"Chief Lin, you are in the right room," Mo Ting's voice was deep and powerful, shocking everyone in the room.

Meanwhile, Chief Lin's face did not look so good...

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