Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 788: You Certainly Live Up To Your Reputation As A Complete Moron!

Chapter 788: You Certainly Live Up To Your Reputation As A Complete Moron!

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“I’ve long heard of the infamous Doctor Tan… After seeing you today, you certainly live up to your reputation as a complete moron!” Tang Yichen said as she squinted her eyes to look at Tan Suling in detail. “You are indeed professional, but your EQ is non-existant. Before you treat another child, I suggest you go home and learn how to improve your EQ.”

Tang Yichen had previously read the medical research papers that Tan Suling had written and understood that she was a perfectionist. However, she had an idealized view of the world and wasn’t considerate of others difficulties. She expected everything was a given.

She felt that children were the most important things in a person’s life, so parents were expected to stay by their sides and take care of them 24/7. She also felt that children were the most precious things on earth, so adults should treat these hopeful souls unconditionally.

“What right do you have to teach me what to do?” Tan Suling analysed Tang Yichen from head to toe as she spoke with doubt and arrogance.

“Based on the fact that I am currently the associate professor of paediatrics and you are just a specialist.” After speaking, Tang Yichen presented her ID as proof.

From a professional viewpoint, Tan Suling was indeed capable; this was something that Tang Yichen had to admit. But, Tan Suling lived with too much bias. As a result, she had quite a reputation, but her status and capability were not on the same level.

After seeing Tang Yichen’s identity, Tan Suling shut up unhappily.

Afterwards, the family left the hospital together. During their transfer, Tang Yichen said to the couple, “The two of you haven’t paid enough attention to the medical field. That’s why you were so flustered when Guo Guo got sick. Why didn’t you contact me earlier? Although the hospital that Tan Suling works at is the best children’s hospital in Beijing, even if the child gets cured, the parents would end up getting sick from anger.”

“I’ve already assembled the best medical team…”

“Guo Guo doesn’t need that just yet. Let’s first take him to the military hospital. My mentor can definitely cure Guo Guo. Of course, a medical team is still necessary afterwards, but don’t forget to do regular checkups,” Tang Yichen was completely in professional mode. Even though the man in front of her was Mo Ting, she couldn’t help but voice her opinion.

Actually, if someone was to ask about the relationship between Tangning and Tang Yichen, Tangning felt that her relationship with Tang Yichen was the most distant amongst everyone in the Tang Family.

Previously, when Tang Xuan was still in the family, Tang Yichen didn’t have a good relationship with her either and had always been considered as a neutral party. Either way, she always felt that the Tang Family had too many secrets, so she preferred to spend most of her time at medical school.

As a result, Tangning had no idea that Tang Yichen had accomplished so much within her own field.

“Are you surprised?” Tang Yichen asked after noticing the shock on Tangning’s face.

“Uh huh.”

“I also only recently started watching your television drama: ‘The Forensic Concubine’,” Tang Yichen expressed that she had been taking notice of Tangning. “But, of course, it was during a time when I was extremely bored.”

“In the past, when you were sick, you never turned to me. From now on, you should contact me more often!”

“I didn’t know…” Tangning replied helplessly.

Soon, the family arrived at the military hospital. Tang Yichen was currently a military doctor at the hospital. So, she carried Guo Guo straight into the surgery. Every now and then, a man’s voice could be heard coming from behind the door, “Do you need my assistance with such a simple matter? Tang Yichen, I’ve wasted my efforts on teaching you…”

“So what if he’s your nephew. You should treat him yourself.”

Soon, a tall and built man stepped out of the surgery. As soon as Tangning saw him, she was a little taken aback.

It was rare to see such a handsome face in the hospital. It was a shame he wasn’t a celebrity.

He was obviously Tang Yichen’s mentor. Originally, everyone assumed that he would be a middle-aged man. But, who would have thought that he was merely in his early 30’s.

Dressed in a white cloak, it was obvious that this man was trying to suppress his emotions. At the same time, his cool expression and look of disdain made Tangning let out a laugh.

Compared to Bei Chendong, this man looked even more like he was related to Mo Ting.

“What are you laughing at?” Mo Ting asked as he furrowed his eyebrows.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I suddenly realized why Tang Yichen doesn’t like to return home. With such a handsome mentor, if I was in her position, I wouldn’t want to go home either,” Tangning replied.

“You like his type?”

“I’m just joking, Mr. Mo,” Tangning immediately comforted her jealous husband. Either way, based on her womanly instincts, the conversation between Tang Yichen and the man obviously showed that their relationship was very close. Even if they were mentor and student, they definitely felt deeply about each other.

So, she didn’t believe for a minute that the man would disregard Guo Guo and not treat him.

As expected, a moment later, Tang Yichen asked Mo Ting and Tangning into the surgery. At this time, the man said to the couple with a cool expression, “There’s no need to be in a panic. Leave the child here for a couple of days and go do what you need to do…”

“Lu Guangli!” Tang Yichen tugged on his sleeve awkwardly.

Tang Yichen was meant to be closer to Tangning, but judging by the current situation, Tangning seemed to have understood something.

“You should call me mentor…” Lu Guangli instructed professionally.

Tang Yichen glared at him as he turned and looked at Tangning and Mo Ting.

With no choice, Tang Yichen simply said to the couple, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of Guo Guo while he is here. You can both go home for now.”

Seeing no sign of movement from the couple, Tang Yichen reassured, “It is honestly a small matter.”

“In that case, I’ll come back in the afternoon to take care of Guo Guo…”

“There’s no need,” Lu Guangli directly replied. “After the child has fully recovered, I’ll call you to pick him up. Family members will simply get in the way and will be a disturbance to the nurse’s care.” After speaking, Lu Guangli once again left the surgery.

“He’s like that, but he is very capable,” Tang Yichen explained on behalf of Lu Guangli. “Although he’s a bit mean with his words, his abilities are better than the entire medical team that you have assembled.”

“When did he start being your mentor?” Tangning couldn’t help but be curious.

“Errr…since university.”

“You started uni when you were 19. That must mean that you’ve known each other for 8-9 years.”

Tang Yichen did not respond, but Tangning already knew what was going on, so she didn’t ask any further. “We can’t possibly leave Guo Guo here all on his own without worrying about him. But, if Doctor Lu insists, then we will first go home and wait for your update. If anything happens, contact me immediately.”

“Don’t worry. It’s President Mo’s first time at being a father, so he doesn’t have much experience. Children aren’t that easy to take care of. You’ve already done all that you can, so you don’t need to take it to heart.”

Tangning nodded before returning home with Mo Ting. However, as soon as they left the hospital, Mo Ting instructed Lu Che to do a background check on Lu Guangli.

As soon as Lu Che retrieved the information, his eyes opened wide in shock…

After all, Lu Guangli had already done so many great things within the medical field at such a young age. He was indeed surprising.

However, no one imagined that the argument that took place between Tangning and Tan Suling at the hospital, would result in the release of a huge piece of entertainment news…

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