Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 787 - Who Do You Think You Are?

Chapter 787: Who Do You Think You Are?

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Tangning couldn’t possibly wait two days, so she immediately asked for leave. After hearing about her situation, the director agreed to her request, but as she left, he shared his opinion, “Tangning, it’s normal for children to be sick. Plus, he has President Mo to take care of him anyway. On the other hand, you are the female lead of this film. Every day that filming is delayed, the production suffers a huge loss. I can agree to your request this time, but this will be the only time.”

Tangning understood the director’s difficulties, so she nodded her head apologetically, “I’ll be responsible for all the consequences.”

“Fine, go ahead then. After all, the Fei Tian Awards is coming up, so I’ll just pretend I let you take your leave early.” As long as Tangning was willing to take responsibility, the director was willing to do this favor for her. After all, she did indeed have an understandable reason.

Tangning rushed home overnight. The first thing she did as soon as she walked through the door was check that Guo Guo was OK. Seeing that he was sleeping peacefully in his crib, she let out a sigh of relief.

Mo Ting heard some noises, so he came out of the bedroom. As soon as he saw Tangning standing beside the crib covered in sweat, he immediately grabbed a towel and wrapped her up in it, “I told you not to worry. What if you catch the cold by rushing home like this?”

“It’s not that easy to not worry,” Tangning covered her face with the towel. At this time, she realized her hands were icy cold.

“Go have a hot bath,” Mo Ting carried her into the bathroom and began to fill the bath with warm water. After she stepped into the bathtub, he stepped outside and gave the director of ‘Survivor’ a phone call.

“President Mo…Tangning already explained everything to me before she left. It’s not a problem.”

“After the Fei Tian Awards, she will return to work as scheduled. I’ll compensate for any losses during this time,” Mo Ting said to the man.

“As long as Hai Rui is willing to do that, two days leave for Tangning is nothing. Don’t worry.” The director knew how to weigh the pros and cons. Tangning was away for two days, but it didn’t mean that they’d run out of scenes to film for the supporting actors. Even though he knew this, he still needed to act like he was put in a difficult position. Otherwise, Tangning would assume that the rules did not exist.

Soon, Tangning finished her bath and stepped out into the bedroom. Seeing that Mo Ting wasn’t around, she assumed he was in the study room. Tangning remained silent for a few minutes. She knew that she shouldn’t become more of a burden for Mo Ting at this time, so she walked over to the bed, lay down and relaxed…

It didn’t take long before Mo Ting returned to the bedroom. Knowing that Tangning wasn’t truly asleep, he lay down and hugged her from behind. He then said quietly, “I’ve already booked a more detailed checkup for Guo Guo tomorrow. You don’t need to worry.”

“The medical team I’ve assembled is already on the plane. They will be in Beijing very soon.”

“Exactly how weak is Guo Guo’s immune system?” Tangning flipped her body and asked as she hooked her arms around Mo Ting’s neck.

“The doctor previously determined that he’d get sick often because his immunity fluctuates unpredictably.”

After hearing this, Tangning remained silent for a while. Obviously, she did not feel good about this news, but she accepted that it was reality. After a few moments, she calmed down and said, “Hurry and get some rest. Guo Guo is already sick. You can’t tire yourself out as well.”

Mo Ting knew that Tangning had a strong heart. Even though she was worried, she would not be flustered.

So, the next morning, Tangning and Mo Ting brought Guo Guo to the hospital. Although it was the same hospital where Tan Suling worked, it was still the best children’s hospital in Beijing.

Soon, Guo Guo was once again taken in for an examination. Apart from having a weak immune system, he was also diagnosed with a lung infection.

As per Mo Ting’s request, the doctor testing him this time, was not Tan Suling.

Even so, one of the nurse’s suggested, “Mr. Mo, Doctor Tan is indeed our best doctor. Plenty of people come to look for her everyday. So, I think it’s still best for you to speak to Doctor Tan about treating Guo Guo.”

After hearing this, Tangning looked at Mo Ting curiously, “Why don’t you want to see Doctor Tan?”

Mo Ting remained silent and did not say a word.

Seeing this, the nurse explained, “Doctor Tan is quite a character and is passionate about her work. She doesn’t like it when parents mistreat their children. So, she developed a bias towards you after not seeing you the past few times that Guo Guo came to the hospital…”

“Is that it?” Tangning did not care as she immediately instructed the nurse to call Doctor Tan. “Ting…”

“I know…” Mo Ting knew what Tangning wanted to say. But, if worse came to worst, he was going to pretend that Tan Suling was invisible.

Soon, Tan Suling arrived at the emergency ward. This time, she finally got to see Tangning.

At first, she did not say a thing. Only after she saw Guo Guo’s results did she say, “Your child is seriously ill. As his mother, you weren’t by his side, so you are partly to blame. You need to know that you are now a mother. Since you decided to have a baby, you should take responsibility for it. Is acting and becoming famous really that important to you?”

Tangning did not argue back, she simply accepted Tan Suling’s blame and said patiently, “Doctor Tan, can you please treat Guo Guo…”

“With an irresponsible mother like you, he can’t be saved.”

Tangning did not try to explain, nor did she say anything else. Seeing that Mo Ting was about release his anger, Tangning immediately held him back and comforted him for a few seconds.

“I think, at a time like this, Doctor Tan should put aside all personal emotions. After all, my son is waiting for you to save him.”

“So, you finally acknowledge your son?”

After hearing this, Tangning no longer pleaded for her help. Instead, she gave Xia Yuling a phone call, because at this time, Tang Yichen came to mind, “Mom, Guo Guo is sick. Help me contact Sister Two. I will arrange for Guo Guo to be transferred to her hospital.”

Xia Yuling had no idea how sick Guo Guo was. As soon as she heard what Tangning said, she immediately gave Tang Yichen a phone call.

“Are you crazy? Guo Guo is in a dangerous state, yet you want to transfer him to another hospital?” Tan Suling immediately criticized Tangning’s decision. “You’re indeed not a suitable mother.”

This time, no one could stop Mo Ting as he waved at the nurse in the room, “Go call your hospital chief.”

The nurse received a fright, especially after seeing the dark expression in Mo Ting’s face. So, she immediately turned around and ran off towards the hospital chief’s office.

“Even if you call the hospital chief, you can’t change the fact that Tangning is a bad mother.”

“You’re meddling too much with other’s business!” Mo Ting said. “If you like to cast your subjective judgment on others so much, you should stop being a doctor and go get your brain checked first.”

“Mr. Mo, please watch what you’re saying!”

Mo Ting did not say a word, nor could he be bothered to respond to her. To be honest, the couple had never met a doctor that was so meddlesome.

Soon, Tang Yichen arrived at the hospital. Although Tangning barely contacted her, they were still sisters. So, Tang Yichen grabbed Guo Guo’s results out of Tan Suling’s hands and ran her eyes across it. She then said calmly, “You can transfer Guo Guo to my hospital. Brother-in-law, I’ll leave it to you to organize.”

After Mo Ting heard this, he immediately turned around and left.

At this time, Tan Suling questioned Tang Yichen, “Who do you think you are?”

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