Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 786 - I Simply Felt Bad For The Child

Chapter 786: I Simply Felt Bad For The Child

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Every year’s Fei Tian Awards was extremely competitive. But, this year, no one could compete with Tangning’s acting and ticket sales.

Whether it was ‘The Lost Relative’, ‘The Forensic Concubine’ or ‘Survivor’ which was currently being filmed, one thing was clear, whenever Tangning appeared in a production, it was guaranteed to be a masterpiece.

Amongst these, ‘The Forensic Concubine’ was more suprising than the rest because Mo Ting was the male lead. It allowed everyone to see a different side to Mo Ting; a Mo Ting that was capable of anything.

In fact, with Mo Ting’s motivation, Tangning’s Qing Lan became more realistic and full of emotion. As a result, ‘The Forensic Concubine’ broke all records for television dramas and was still ranked as the number one performing drama at the moment.

This was no doubt a successful year for Tangning. She performed well in the box office, became a mother, returned to work looking more youthful than before and even filmed a television drama with her husband.

“There’s no doubt that Tangning will win Best Actress this year, right?”

“I don’t think there’s any alternative. If she doesn’t win, then this world is surely unfair.”

All of a sudden, people within the industry made a clear distinction between Tangning and other actresses. They had to be fair. Everyone had witnessed Tangning’s acting and her impressive skills were an undeniable truth.

But, the day before the Fei Tian Awards, Guo Guo was once again sent to the hospital because of a fever.

This time, Tan Suling directly asked Mo Ting, “Why didn’t you notify Tangning? Although he’s only had a fever, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want his mother by his side.”

“Doctor, you are overstepping your boundaries!” Mo Ting replied straightforwardly.

Tan Suling calmed down a little before she started to work on lowering Guo Guo’s body temperature.

“Even if it’s a marriage of convenience, she shouldn’t just disregard her child after giving birth to it. Does she not care about her son at all?”

“My wife is not disregarding her child. I simply didn’t tell her about this. If Doctor Tan continues to involve personal emotions into this, I have the freedom to change doctors,” Mo Ting warned. “You have no right placing judgment on another’s family.”

Tan Suling nodded her head. After she helped Guo Guo stabilize his temperature, she said to Mo Ting, “I simply felt bad for the child.”

“You are in no position to feel bad,” Mo Ting said before he carried Guo Guo out of the hospital. As he reached the front door, he said to Bai Lihua, “Mom, get ready to change hospitals.”

At this moment, the thing that Mo Ting regretted the most was not having his own medical team.

After finding out that Guo Guo’s body was relatively weak, Mo Ting looked everywhere for an authoritative doctor in paediatrics. He simply wanted to reduce his son’s suffering.

But, it couldn’t be denied that Tan Suling was amongst the best of the best in the industry even though she was a bit too sensitive.

Even so, he didn’t want to see a doctor that was bias towards his wife again.

For Mo Ting, there were only two kinds of people in this world: Tangning and everyone else.

“Xiao Ting, it’s time you tell Xiao Ning about this,” Bai Lihua’s heart ached as she watched Guo Guo suffer. “You need to know that no matter how careful a father is, a mother’s care is still necessary.”

“I know what to do,” Mo Ting replied.

The Fei Tian Awards were on the horizon and Tangning was about to return home, but ‘Survivor’ was only two-thirds completed.

When it came to the Fei Tian Awards, the public paid close attention to it every year. After all, these awards were the most prestigious in Beijing and every winning film and actor was truly admired.

For this year’s Fei Tian Awards, Tangning was once again a favorite. So, discussions were more intense than before. Even at the hospital, doctors and nurses watched a couple episodes of ‘The Forensic Concubine’ during their breaks for some entertainment.

Seeing this, Tan Suling frowned, “Don’t let me discover you watching something so ridiculous during work hours again.”

The nurses were a little helpless. Tan Suling had never been against them watching it before…

Why was she suddenly so angry?

Tan Suling knew what the nurses were curious about, so she explained, “I don’t care how successful of an actress she is. In my eyes she is a complete failure who doesn’t take care of her own child. She shouldn’t even have the right to have children.”


The nurses smiled awkwardly. They felt that Tan Suling was overstepping her boundaries.

“Guo Guo has been seriously ill three times, but she hasn’t appeared even once. Have you guys ever seen a mother like this?”

“Doctor Tan, I’m afraid that’s none of your business.”

Tan Suling glared at the nurses before turning around and leaving.

In reality, even Tan Suling felt that her reaction was a little over the top. Why was she so angry about Tangning’s irresponsibility?

Perhaps, she felt that Tangning did not deserve the love of others. Since she was such a hopeless mother, she must be simply putting on an act in private.

“But, Doctor Tan can’t be telling the truth, right? Was Mo Ting and Tangning’s child ill three times? And did Tangning not show up even once?”

“The two of them wouldn’t be in a marriage of convenience, right? The type where they each do their own thing?”

“Stop making random guesses. The two of them have a great relationship. That can’t be possible.”

“Then, can you explain why Doctor Tan is so upset?”

The three nurses began discussing the matter in the nurse’s station, without noticing that they were talking about the secret that Mo Ting did not want others to know about.

Of course, this was all because of Tan Suling.

She may have been professional, but as a person, she had a very low EQ because she considered herself as heroic and just.

Of course, it was simply a discussion amongst a few nurses at the moment. The incident had not gone out of hand. But, just because it hadn’t today, didn’t mean it wouldn’t tomorrow…

Night hit.

Mo Ting thought to himself in the study room for quite some time. In the end, he lifted his phone and called a familiar number.


Tangning was in the middle of filming a night scene. Even so, she did not ignore Mo Ting’s call, “What’s wrong? Why are you still awake so late at night?”

“Guo Guo’s not doing well,” Mo Ting said straightforwardly. “He’s been having fevers frequently and his immune system has continued to weaken.”

After hearing this, Tangning’s mind went blank, “Is it serious? Is he still having a fever?”

“After a few episodes, he is more stable. You don’t need to worry,” Mo Ting knew that Tangning was considering rushing home immediately. So, he quickly comforted her, “After playing with Tang Tang for a while, he fell asleep. You don’t need to hurry home. You can come back in two days as originally planned.”

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