Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 785 - Does Mom And Dad Not Like Daughters?

Chapter 785: Does Mom And Dad Not Like Daughters?

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“I know, right? Her child is currently sick, yet she’s still focused on filming. Won’t her child hate her in the future?”

In the eyes of a doctor, nothing mattered more than a life. Whether someone ruled the world or was a mere beggar on the streets, they could not avoid taking medicine, getting injections and going to the hospital.

So, even if Tangning had an extremely important reason, they still felt that she was disrespecting her identity as a mother by not being by her child’s side when it was so sick.

Tan Suling did not say a word. Instead, she pulled out her phone and did a search on Tangning’s name. The outside world was covered in news about Tangning’s possibility of winning the Fei Tian Best Actress Award.

“Well, look at this. She’s about to win an award.”

After seeing the news, Tan Suling put away her phone and smirked before she returned to treating her patients.

She had already heard about the relationship between Mo Ting and Tangning in the past. They seemed to be doing well. But, why did the father turn up alone when their child was sick?

Also, why didn’t Mo Ting mention a word about Tangning this entire time? Could they possibly be putting on an act in front of everyone?

Tan Suling was familiar with marriages of convenience. Each party got what they wanted, so it wasn’t anything to be surprised about. But, the child was the most pitiful. It seemed, a man like Mo Ting simply wanted to find a suitable person to give birth to his child. He couldn’t possibly just have one woman.

But, in reality, after Tangning moved to the set in the mountains, Mo Ting took the kids to visit her, simply because he thought she’d miss them.

That day, Tangning had just finished filming and not a single patch on her body was clean. As she watched Mo Ting approach from the distance carrying the two kids, she revealed a slight smile.

The extras on set immediately pointed out, “Tangning, from the moment that you joined the cast, I’ve never seen you smile like this. Only President Mo gets to enjoy this special treatment!”

“Ning Jie, President Mo is carrying your baby, but who does the other baby belong to? Why is he carrying two?”

“Hmmm, I think the other one is mine as well…because I gave birth to twins,” Tangning smiled.

The little extras covered their mouths before they gave her a thumbs up, “You’re amazing! You never revealed this to the public.”

“I hope you can keep it a secret for me…”

After speaking, Tangning didn’t even change her clothes before she walked towards the father and sons.

No one on set had ever expected that the intimidating Mo Ting would end up appearing on set with his babies. The scene in front of them was hard to imagine.

It was originally against the rules of convention, but when they witnessed it in person, it somehow looked so natural and warm.

“Why did you suddenly come?”

“Go have a bath and get changed. We will wait for you in your room,” Mo Ting responded.

“OK,” Tangning nodded. Soon, the couple disappeared from everyone’s sight with the two babies. However, the scene that the crew had just witnessed, filled them with admiration.

“President Mo and Ning Jie are so loving. Did you guys see the warmth and love in President Mo’s eyes as he looked at Ning Jie? Can they be any more perfect?”

“Everyone saw it. I’m so envious of Ning Jie…She even has such an adorable pair of babies. She is practically a winner in life.”

Because of the status that Tangning had slowly established, as soon as she stepped onto the set of ‘Survivor’, everyone took really good care of her. Everyone subconsciously treated her with respect, like a ‘Big Sister’ of the industry. But, of course, this was also because Tangning was deserving of the love and respect.

After entering her room, Tangning quickly washed herself down. Without even worrying about covering the scratches and injuries she received, she quickly rushed over to Mo Ting and her babies.

Mo Ting had already spotted the blood on her waist. Seeing that she ignored it, he put down the babies and pulled Tangning into his embrace, “Did you get hurt?”

“This film is quite dangerous,” Tangning replied honestly. “I already tried my best to protect myself. What happened today was an accident.”

Mo Ting did not respond. He simply gestured for her to fetch the medicine chest and began to help her sterilize the wound, “No matter how small the injury is, you need to treat it. Otherwise, it will leave a scar.”

Tangning looked at the two rascals that were crawling around randomly on the bed and couldn’t help but pull them into her embrace; kissing one and hugging the other. As for her injury, she simply left it in Mo Ting’s hands…

“We will be moving into the jungle tomorrow. I may not be able to return home for two months…”

“I’ve already arranged for you to get a day off for the Fei Tian Awards.” After treating Tangning’s wound, he covered it with her shirt. “You don’t need to worry about the babies.”

“OK,” Tangning nodded. However, her gaze never once left the babies.

“I will come pick you up on the day that you complete filming. I have something I want to tell you,” Mo Ting did not plan to keep Tangning in the dark for much longer.

“OK…” Tangning nodded. “Don’t worry, I will take good care of myself…”

After the couple reunited for a little while, Mo Ting left with the two babies. Of course, Lu Che was waiting in the car. Otherwise, Mo Ting alone wouldn’t have been able to bring the two rascals all the way out to such a distant location.

That night, Tangning moved to the new location with the rest of the cast and crew. However, on the way there, her mind was completely filled with images of Mo Ting and her two sons. In fact, she couldn’t even focus on the script in front of her.

“Ning Jie, you’re amazing! It’s not easy for an actress to do what you have done. Trust me, ‘Survivor’ will definitely help you to become the Best Actress,” an accompanying actress comforted. “But, even though actors receive the best resources, I must say that we also sacrifice a lot. For example, we have to keep our personal lives a secret and sacrifice time with our families…”

“Endure it for a little longer. Two months will pass quickly…”

During the time that Tangning was relocating, Long Jie delivered some good news. She had given birth to a little girl and it had inherited its mother’s looks: chubby, round and, not to mention, cute!

Tangning was happy for Long Jie. After all, she had wanted a baby for a long time. Now that her wish had come true, she was definitely bouncing off the walls in joy.

However, Lu Che’s parent only flew over to take one glance at Long Jie and the baby before they rushed back home. That night, Long Jie noticed that Lu Che’s eyes were red.

Lu Che did not say a word, but Long Jie could tell that something wasn’t right because she understood Lu Che.

“Does mom and dad not like daughters?” this was the only thought that came to Long Jie’s mind as she asked him carefully.

“Don’t overthink it. I’m happy with whatever you give birth to,” Lu Che replied as he held their precious little daughter in his arms.

“I guessed right, didn’t I?”

Long Jie never imagined, even though her mother-in-law had never applied pressure to her, the hatred on her face was obvious.

“You’re focusing on the unnecessary again. The person you are spending a lifetime with is me. I already told you before you fell pregnant that you don’t need to worry about pleasing them.”

Actually, Long Jie didn’t understand why she cared so much either.

Perhaps it was because of her lack of self confidence.

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