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Chapter 784 - She Has Sacrificed Enough For Me

Chapter 784: She Has Sacrificed Enough For Me

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Bai Lihua examined Guo Guo’s body. Due to his weak immune system, he was a lot more fragile than Tang Tang. They didn’t know it now, but this difference would become even more apparent as the two boys grew older. And, because of this difference, the two boys were destined to walk very different paths.

Before the Fei Tian Awards was to be held, Tangning officially started filming ‘Survivor’. Previously, when Guo Guo was sick, it wasn’t that serious; it was just a normal fever and flu. But, one afternoon, Bai Lihua began to feel that something wasn’t right. So, she immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call while he was working.

“We need to send Guo Guo straight to the hospital. Something doesn’t seem right.”

Mo Ting immediately dropped everything and hurried home. He also instructed Lu Che to contact the most authoritative specialist.

After arriving at the hospital, Guo Guo immediately had a full body check up. In the end, the results confirmed that Guo Guo’s lungs did not develop properly and needed long term treatment. On top of that, he needed to be protected. Problems with the lungs were serious. If they weren’t careful, he could even die at a young age!

“Mr. Mo, feel free to contact our paediatric specialist, Doctor Tan. She specializes in the treatment of children. Unfortunately, she is currently​ overseas and will return in a few days.”

Mo Ting looked sadly at Guo Guo who had just fallen asleep after much difficulty.

Bai Lihua answered a few of the head nurse’s questions before she asked Mo Ting, “Should we tell Xiao Ning?”

“I will personally tell her after ‘Survivor’ finishes filming,” Mo Ting replied. He knew that if he was to tell Tangning right now, she would give up everything and and return home to take care of Guo Guo.

“Good,” Bai Lihua nodded. “Wait until Guo Guo stabilizes a little and we get an update on his condition.”

This time, Guo Guo ended up having a fever for 2 days. This was when the highly-qualified Doctor Tan finally returned to China. After hearing about Guo Guo’s condition, she immediately rushed to the hospital without even unpacking her clothes.

She was very young at just 28-years-old, but, she often appeared on the front cover of medical magazines and had won many awards.

She liked children, so she majored in paediatrics during her studies in the US. After returning to China, she placed her focus on the research of rare childhood disorders.

“Guo Guo’s condition isn’t as serious as it looks, but he needs to come for regular checkups at the hospital.”

“We understand, Doctor Tan,” Bai Lihua replied.

“Where’s the child’s mother?” Tan Suling turned and asked Bai Lihua.

“Xiao Ning doesn’t know about this yet…”

Although Tan Suling didn’t pay attention to entertainment news, she was still aware of Tangning’s gossip, so she nodded her head, “I know that your entire family is in the public eye. But, I suggest that the mother can bring the child here next time.”

“OK,” Bai Lihua nodded.

Afterwards, Mo Ting carried Guo Guo out of the hospital. Of course, not many people knew about this.

“I must say that half-cast girls are pretty.” Although Bai Lihua knew it wasn’t the right time to mention this, but she couldn’t help but sigh after seeing Tan Suling’s face. “She’s even a doctor. Not bad. If I had another son, I would make him pursue her.”

Mo Ting did not reply as he held onto the sleeping Guo Guo. It was unclear what the head of the family was currently thinking about.

Bai Lihua roughly guessed what he was thinking and said, “I know what you’re thinking. You’re worried that Xiao Ning will be worried and you’re afraid that she’d give up on living her own life because of Guo Guo.”

“I’m not just worried. I know she will definitely do that.”

“But, you shouldn’t keep it a secret from Xiao Ning for too long. She is Guo Guo’s mother. How could a mother be kept in the dark about her own child? Plus, Xiao Ning is a very observant person. As soon as she returns home, she will definitely realize that there is something odd about Guo Guo.”

“After she finishes filming, I will definitely tell her,” Mo Ting insisted. “She’s​ already sacrificed enough for me.”

However, a mother and her child had a natural connection. So, that night, Tangning made a phone call home to check on her babies and specifically asked if Guo Guo had another fever.

Mo Ting replied honestly that he was a little unwell, but was currently recovering.

After hearing that, Tangning fell silent for quite some time. As soon as the next morning came around, she asked for leave and returned home. Only after she saw her baby was active and full of energy, did she relax a little.

Mo Ting approached her from behind and gave her a hug. Placing his chin on her shoulder, he asked, “Why did you suddenly come home?”

“I had a dream that Guo Guo had a fever so I had to check on him to feel rest assured,” Tangning replied gently. “Plus, I don’t have that many scenes at the moment. Later, when we move the set to the mountains, it won’t be easy for me to see you guys even if I wanted to.”


Mo Ting was well aware of how much Tangning loved the babies.

“Ting, take videos of the babies every day and send them to me, in case I miss them.”

“I could always bring the two kids to monitor you at work!”

“Are you crazy? The conditions are tough on set. I don’t want you and the kids to suffer. Plus, everyone on set will laugh at me,” Tangning giggled. “Don’t worry. Filming shouldn’t take too long. As soon as I have time, I will return home.”

Mo Ting did not say a word, he simply hugged Tangning tighter.

Only God knew how much he had wanted to see her.

Because, as a father, he had his fears.

And Tangning seemed to have sensed this, so she returned home and appeared in front of him at the time when he missed her the most.

“Focus on your filming. The Fei Tian Awards is coming up, but Hai Rui will arrange everything. You don’t need to worry.”

Last year, Tangning just managed to go home with the Best Newcomer Award. And this year, she was vying for the Best Actress Award.

With so many good films and performances under her belt, Mo Ting believed that the award was already in Tangning’s hands.

“Daddy Ting, you seem a little weird today.”

Mo Ting did not say a word as he directly pressed his lips against hers.

Although Tangning appeared to trust Mo Ting’s words when he said that nothing was wrong, she still called Lu Che when she returned to the set to see if she could get any information out of him. But, of course, Mo Ting knew how to keep a secret. So, even Lu Che had no idea about Guo Guo’s medical condition.

Soon, Tangning moved to the new set in the mountains. During this time, the Fei Tian Awards also announced their nomination list for the year.

As expected, Tangning was amongst the list for Best Actress. But, at this time, Guo Guo fell sick again.

“Tangning’s not here again?” Tan Suling noticed that Mo Ting had come to the hospital on his own again, so she began to develop a bad impression towards Tangning. “No matter how important her film is, it can’t be more important than her own child.”

After hearing this, Mo Ting furrowed his brows.

On this occasion, he simply accepted it as a doctor’s concern for her patient. But, if she dared to say anything about Tangning again, he would not remain silent.

“His fever has worsened and his immune system has weakened even more. You can’t take him outdoors from now on and make sure not to let him stay in the wind for too long.” Tan Suling did not receive a response from Mo Ting, so she changed the topic.

But, after Mo Ting left, she began chatting to her assistant, “It’s rare to see a man in the entertainment industry that cares so much about his family and child. It’s too bad that Tangning is not a good mother. She spends all day trying to impress the viewers, yet she won’t spend an ounce of energy on caring for her own child.”

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