Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 783: Even If Someone Was Upset By It, Sorry, They Had To Endure It!

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Now, with a strong power like Hai Rui protecting her, Chen Xingyan slowly gained confidence. She now understood that Chen Tianhao was the one that did something wrong and not her, so there was no reason for her to feel guilty.

After Hai Rui protected Chen Xingyan in front of everyone, gossip within the industry decreased. Even if someone wanted to be nosy, they no longer dared to discuss this topic in the open.

To suit her new identity, Chen Xingyan ended up making a few changes to herself. She learned to toughen up because she realized that having a strong background helped her protect the people around her.

A little while later, Hai Rui ended up releasing a statement to clarify the entire incident. They explained that Chen Xingyan had lost her father when she was 6-years-old, but upon reappearing, her father ended up asking her for money. No, to be exact, he came back to swindle her for her money!

Chen Tianhao did actually have a son and he was indeed seriously ill. So, after An Zihao and Hai Rui worked together to reveal all the evidence, people began to sympathize with Chen Xingyan.

Meanwhile, people within the industry couldn’t help but imagine themselves in her situation. If not for Hai Rui, Chen Xingyan would have been destroyed because of her jerk of a father. Being an artist certainly wasn’t as glamorous as it appeared to the outside world. There were many instances when an artist’s own family became their biggest enemy on their pathway to stardom.

So, plenty of her peers couldn’t help but show their support, “To be honest, if someone is to blame for this incident, Chen Xingyan can’t possibly be blamed.”

“It’s definitely not a glamorous thing to have a murderer as a father, but having a Big Boss as her older brother must make her life a lot more complete.”

“With protection from Hai Rui, Chen Xingyan will definitely pull through this hurdle. I think everyone should move away from this topic now.”

In the end, Hai Rui did provide moral compensation for the victims’ family members. However, this did not include the family that forced Chen Xingyan to kneel and demanded for money.

Hai Rui wanted to warn everyone not to play any tricks in front of the King of Entertainment, because Mo Ting did not pay his lawyers for nothing.

Most important of all was Mo Ting’s standpoint.

A reporter stopped Mo Ting in his track and asked him to share his views. In response, he simply replied, “I think my views are apparent in the actions that Hai Rui has taken. Although Chen Xingyan’s surname is Chen, she is still a part of the Mo Family. I hope you all remember this and never forget it.”

As soon as Mo Ting spoke, his words meant more than a thousand words put together.

Even if someone was upset by it. Sorry, they simply had to endure it.

A brother like this was cool and powerful and his words made Chen Xingyan’s path a lot smoother.

“There are quite a lot of awards ceremonies in the new year and a lot of organizers have sent you invites. Are there any that you want to attend in particular?” An Zihao and Chen Xingyan had just relocated and moved into an estate near Hyatt Regency. Although it didn’t compare to the symbolic estate for the rich and powerful, it was still owned by the Hyatt brand, so it was safer than most estates.

“I want to see Chen Tianhao,” Chen Xingyan suddenly said to An Zihao with a slight plea.

An Zihao understood that Chen Xingyan still had things that were bugging her. Where had Chen Tianhao been all these years and why did he leave? These were some of the questions that she wanted answers to.

So, after a few moments of silence, An Zihao ended up nodding his head, “I will make arrangements for you.”

“Thank you, Zihao.”

It wasn’t easy, but Chen Xingyan managed to separate herself from the problems that Chen Tianhao had caused thanks to assistance from Hai Rui. So the media no longer dared to drag her back into the mix. Instead, they placed their focus elsewhere. But, of course, Chen Tianhao’s incident still attracted a lot of attention in Beijing.

After all, it was a huge accident and Chen Tianhao couldn’t possibly escape the death sentence.

On the night that Chen Xingyan was to visit the prison, she had a job to attend to. Initially, she felt wronged and angered, but after seeing Chen Tianhao, all these feelings disappeared.

Separated by a layer of glass, Chen Xingyan simply sat there without picking up the phone. However, Chen Tianhao trembled as he pleaded, “Xingyan, save me.”

At that moment, Chen Xingyan felt that no matter what secret he had, it no longer mattered.

“My brother has helped to settle the people that you injured. As for your seriously ill son, he is also getting medical help. But, he will be sent to the orphanage after his treatment is done. As for you, you deserve to die, don’t you think?”

“I’m your father, how could you be so heartless?”

“Just wait for your death, Chen Tianhao. Originally, I wanted to ask you why you abandoned my mother and I, but after seeing your face, I feel thankful that you left us. Because, by doing that, you have set us free.”

“Xingyan, listen to me, don’t leave…”

However, Chen Xingyan did not feel like she had anything else to say to the man.

So, she slammed down the phone.

People often said that family should always be forgiven, because after they die, they are left with nothing.

But, Chen Xingyan still chose to not forgive him.

Chen Tianhao looked at Chen Xingyan in despair. She was his only hope. He thought she wouldn’t be able to watch him being sentenced to death by firing squad, but…

…Chen Xingyan actually stood up and left…

“My daughter…Xingyan…you can’t just leave me like this.”


“I was wrong. I was really wrong. I shouldn’t have taken drugs and drunk alcohol. Xingyan, save me.”

On the way home, An Zihao held onto Chen Xingyan’s hand, afraid that she’d be cold, “Are you still upset?”

“It’s definitely upsetting to think that he is about to die. But…he deserves it,” Chen Xingyan replied seriously. She then took a deep breath and regained her composure, “What’s done is done. I need to get back in the right mindset. I don’t want an incident like this to continue to hurt my mother and I.”

“You are now the beloved princess of Hai Rui,” An Zihao nudged Chen Xingyan’s head, “Don’t act childishly anymore. Focus on acting well and walk your own path.”

To her surprise, Chen Xingyan ended up going home with a small award that year. Although, it wasn’t a big award, what actor didn’t start from something small and work their way up?

Of course, Tangning was an exception.

Seeing Chen Xingyan happy, An Zihao also began to feel happy. She was happy even though she never thought much about big awards.

“In the future, I will win lots and lots of awards.”

“Since we’re on this topic, The Fei Tian Awards has begun it’s voting for the ‘Viewers’ favorite drama award’. If you have time, you should gather your fans and tell them to vote for Tangning’s drama: ‘The Forensic Concubine’.

“Ning Jie doesn’t need my fans.” Chen Xingyan was observant. Even though the Best Actress Award was still an uncertainty, Tangning wasn’t going to give up on ‘The Most Popular Award’.

Even though it didn’t hold much weight in her heart.

‘Survivor’ was about to begin filming and Tangning placed all her focus on this film. However, during this time, Guo Guo began to get sick more often…

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