Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 782 - A Powerful Entrance!

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“Chen Xingyan has already returned to work, though. According to my friend, she was about to film a commercial, but discovered she had been replaced.”

“With the size of the current situation, Chen Xingyan’s certainly brave.”

“If I was her, I would be too afraid to show my face in public. It’s too frightening.”

“From what I see, I don’t think this incident will be easy to settle. Just wait for it. When Chen Xingyan can’t handle the pressures anymore, she will definitely step out and give an apology.”

These were discussions that Chen Xingyan heard while in the bathroom before an audition. It was a conversation between a couple of women in the industry.

At that time, Chen Xingyan was inside a cubicle. However, she did not hide. Instead, she pretended not to see the two women as she walked right past them and touched up her makeup at the sink.

The women were a little embarrassed about being caught. After noticing the calmness on Chen Xingyan’s face, they realized she wasn’t easy to deal with, so they quickly avoided her by leaving the bathroom.

The film that Chen Xingyan was auditioning for was recommended by Tangning.

Although, a lot of people present gossiped about her, Chen Xingyan was no longer the same as before. If they wanted to talk, they were free to talk as much as they wanted; it was no big deal. After all, it wasn’t like she’d lose a piece of herself.

“Look, it’s Chen Xingyan. She actually had the guts to come to an audition.”

“One of you should give the victims’ family members a phone call and notify them that Chen Xingyan is here. It could be considered as doing a good deed.”

“Yes, she should be taught a lesson.”

In the end, someone secretly contacted the media and the media quickly contacted the victims’ family members…

Chen Xingyan had actually prepared herself for something like this to happen. Even so, when one of the family members actually stormed into the audition hall, she still felt extremely uncomfortable.

The emotions she felt were too complex: it was a mixture of guilt and an unwillingness to be wronged. It was indescribable.

“My husband is still lying in the hospital, unsure of whether he will survive, yet you are shameless enough to attend an audition and expect to appear in a film? Did you think that a b*tch like you are worthy?”

Plenty of people stood around to observe the scene with no intention of stopping the woman from attacking Chen Xingyan.

Someone was causing trouble, so this was going to be a good show.

However, while everyone expected Chen Xingyan to be put in a difficult position, she ended up remaining extremely calm.

“Madam, if your husband’s life is an uncertainty, you should be talking to the doctor or the perpetrator. Why are you talking to me?”

“Stop playing tricks! Your father is Chen Tianhao. Are you trying to avoid responsibilty now that he’s done something wrong?”

“I’m sorry, but my father went missing when I was 6-years-old…I can’t possibly hold responsibilty for a father that has never done anything for me. If you were in my position, would you be able to do it?”

“But, you can’t change the fact that you are related by blood,” the woman clung to Chen Xingyan, seemingly waiting for her to give the response that she wanted to hear: money.

“There are plenty of people that are blood-related to my father. I’m not the only one. You’re simply clinging to me because I’m a celebrity and you think I make a lot of money,” Chen Xingyan said in a cold voice. “I previously contacted you with a solution. But, how did you react at that time? You slapped me and told me to get lost…”

“I’m sorry but I still have other matters to attend to. If you don’t have anything else, I’m going to leave first.” After speaking, Chen Xingyan turned to leave, but the woman stopped her.

“Don’t you dare leave. You better sort everything out with me today.”

In the end, the biggest question was whether Chen Xingyan should shoulder the responsibility.

There were plenty of people present that wanted to make a joke out of Chen Xingyan, including the bloodsucking reporters.

Chen Xingyan was surrounded by people. Even when Little Seven used all her strength, she couldn’t tear Chen Xingyan away from the crowd.

However, at this time, An Zihao and Lu Che appeared with some bodyguards and a lawyer. The first thing they did was complain about the security, “What a bunch of trash! How could you just let anyone in and leave the matter for Hai Rui to handle.”

Everyone looked at Lu Che and An Zihao, including the reporters who quickly cleared a path to allow An Zihao to reach Chen Xingyan.

However, Lu Che and An Zihao were in no rush. Instead, they brought the lawyer to the woman and said to her, “From now on, if you have any matters related to Chen Xingyan, please find a lawyer.”

“Initially, due to sympathy, Hai Rui had originally planned to give you compensation based on moral grounds. But, after all the trouble you’ve caused, Hai Rui has decided to withdraw this decision.”

“So, I only have bad news for you: you won’t be receiving a cent.”

“Hai Rui has arrived!”

“Oh God! Hai Rui’s people are actually here. We have nowhere to hide. Let’s stop watching and disperse.”

Someone tried to escape while the scene was in a mess. But, Lu Che did not give them the chance to leave.

“Who leaked information about the Second Miss’ whereabouts? Hai Rui will find the culprit as soon as possible. Our Second Miss has never treated herself as a part of Hai Rui, but don’t you dare forget that President Mo hates it when people bully his family members!”

“Hai Rui will soon release a statement regarding Chen Tianhao’s matter. As for our Second Miss, she is of no concern to any of you…”

“If anyone else wants to cause trouble for our Second Miss, President Mo will be responding with a letter from his lawyers. Our lawyers have never lost a court battle and are always ready for a challenge.”

After speaking, Lu Che and An Zihao were about to escort Chen Xingyan out, when the family member yelled, “You are protecting a criminal.”

“This madam, let me make things clear for you. The criminal is being apprehended. For the sake of justice, Hai Rui has even told their friends in the legal field not to defend Chen Tianhao because we believe that Chen Tianhao deserves to be punished. Is that not enough?”

“Let me put it this way for you, our Second Miss has not had a father from a very young age. If you were in her position and was thrown into the same situation, would any of you shoulder the responsibility for your father? If you can’t do it, then don’t judge others with different standards. It will only make you seem fake.”

“So, Madam, in what way do you think we are protecting a criminal?”

The woman had nothing to say, but wasn’t willing to admit defeat.

She simply stared helplessly at the trio as they left.

As for Chen Xingyan, this was the first time she had been acknowledged as the Second Miss of the Mo Family in public and as Mo Ting’s sister. Mo Ting’s methods had always been powerful and effective, so Chen Xingyan realized that there was definitely a reason why everyone was convinced by Mo Ting.

“Second Miss, this is what we will call you from now on. Don’t look down on yourself ever again. If you come across people like that woman again, treat them ruthlessly. Only if they manage to stay standing to the end will I admit defeat. Because, that would mean that they can’t be reasoned with.”

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