Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 780: No Matter How Young You Are, You Are Mine!

Chapter 780: No Matter How Young You Are, You Are Mine!



"Who told the two of you to take everything upon yourselves?" Tangning's heart ached for the two. "In your hearts, are we the type of people that would step back and watch our loved ones suffer, just to save our own pride?"

Chen Xingyan glanced to the side at the man who was sitting quietly with the presence of a king. She didn't want to drag Mo Ting down because of her problems.

She didn't want Tangning and Mo Ting to be criticized because of what the jerk had done.

Tangning knew what Chen Xingyan was thinking, so she glanced at Mo Ting. After receiving a glance from his wife, Mo Ting finally spoke up, "Even if you sincerely want to apologize, you need to make sure that the recipient accepts it. From now on, if you want to do something stupid like this, you need to first get past me. Otherwise, I'm feeding so many lawyers for nothing."

Chen Xingyan did not say a word.

"If you don't want to implicate Tangning and I, the best thing for you to do is to call Lu Che or your manager. You may be young and inexperienced, but they have been around for long enough."

If someone else was currently teaching her a lesson, Chen Xingyan may have rebutted with her own opinion or perhaps argued with An Zihao. But, when being lectured by Mo Ting, she was overwhelmed by fear. The fear came naturally because she had utmost respect for Mo Ting.

"I...I understand."

"Did you think that casual gossip like this would be able to affect us? You've completely underestimated us," Tangning said after Mo Ting was done. "You've certainly put Zihao through an episode of torment. When I went to look for him earlier, he was drowning his sorrows with wine."

"From now on, you need to handle things in a calm and relaxed manner. You need to have confidence in yourself because you are Ting's sister..."

Ever since knowing her true identity, Chen Xingyan had been avoiding the fact that she was Mo Ting's sister. Because, she didn't want people to think that she was nothing but Mo Ting's sister. But, hearing Tangning referring to her as Mo Ting's sister, she suddenly realized that she may have worried too much about what other people thought.

After all, this was already the undeniable truth. If Tangning managed to ignore others opinions knowing that it wasn't the truth, why couldn't she do it too?

"Also, if you need something, go ahead and ask him for it. See if he will give it to you."

Chen Xingyan glanced at Mo Ting again, without a word.

"I have nothing for you because you interrupted mine and Tangning's vacation. I'm annoyed right now."

The fact that Mo Ting spoke in this way showed that he treated her like a part of the family. Because, even though he was complaining, his words somehow sounded warm.

At this time, the quiet An Zihao finally spoke up, "Originally, I was going to get the lawyers to handle this matter in a low profile way and to comfort each family, one at a time. But, after seeing the way that Xingyan and auntie were insulted, I don't feel like doing that anymore."

"You can leave the big issues for Hai Rui to handle. From now on, simply focus on managing your artist well. If you let a situation like this happen again, then please return her to the Mo Family and Hai Rui."

At this time, if someone was to call Mo Ting a powerful head of the family, no one would say otherwise.

But, of course, if not for Tangning, he would not be bothered to deal with matters like this.

"Of course," An Zihao replied confidently.

"The place you are living in isn't safe anymore. Move somewhere else. Everything else, leave it for Ting to handle. As for Xingyan, get back on track and stop thinking nonsense." After giving her instructions, Tangning said to Bai Lihua, "Mom, we still need your help with Tang Tang and Guo Guo."

In reality, Tangning wanted Xia Yuling to keep Bai Lihua company and to chat to her because the two women understood each other.

Other people never seemed to relate to the pain she felt.

"OK. What about Xingyan...?"

"Don't worry, she has someone to take care of her."

Since Mo Ting had already offered to help, there was no reason for her to continue worrying. As for Chen Xingyan, she believed that after this experience, her daughter had learned to think for herself. So, it was time for her to let go and let her grow on her own.

Afterwards, An Zihao dragged Chen Xingyan away. On this cold winter night, the couple did not return to their apartment. Instead, they went to the resort where they used to have their dates.

As soon as they entered the room, An Zihao grabbed onto Chen Xingyan's wrist and pressed her against the wall, "Break up, huh?"


"You were actually willing to do that?" An Zihao stared into Chen Xingyan's eyes. "You've always been the one that's clung to me. For me, you were willing to give up on your acting career? Were you truly willing to do that?"

"Yes," Chen Xingyan replied. "You've already done too much for me, I don't want you to shoulder guilt for the rest of your life."

After hearing this, An Zihao suddenly laughed, "Should I be laughing at you for being naive? Just because you're nice, doesn't mean everyone else in the world is nice. Why should I feel any guilt? The jerk swindled the money away from me. I can't control what he does with the money. So, why should I feel guilty?"

"You're the only one that's so silly as to shoulder the responsibility on my behalf. I'm not going to avoid this matter, but don't you try to throw it all upon yourself."

"But, he's my father..."

"That doesn't mean you are at fault. What century are we in? Do you still believe that a child should pay for their father's debt?" An Zihao lifted Chen Xingyan's chin, not letting her avoid his gaze. "You should be grateful that you have so many people willing to protect you. Since you are so fortunate, you should enjoy it."

"So, tell me, do you still want to breakup?"

"Can I still take it back?"

"I can pretend that I never heard a thing," An Zihao replied.

Chen Xingyan suddenly remembered what Tangning had said earlier about An Zihao drowning his sorrows in wine. This thought made her heart break.

"From now on, don't take anything I say to heart and don't drink because of it."

"I feel like you are always unpredictable. No, to prevent you from suggesting to breakup again, I've decided to change a decision I previously made." After speaking, An Zihao carried Chen Xingyan in his arms, placed her on the bed and pressed his body on top of her.

"You're heavy..."

"Endure it well. Isn't this what you always wanted?" An Zihao's voice deepened. "Are you allowed to hurt me, but I'm not allowed to hurt you? What kind of reasoning is that?"

Chen Xingyan's face suddenly turned red as she began to feel An Zihao's hand lifting her clothes, "Didn't you say that I was still young?"

"No matter how young you are, you are mine!" An Zihao lifted Chen Xingyan's arms, preventing her from retaliating. Afterwards, he lifted her shirt up to her chest as his kisses fell upon her body...

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