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Chapter 779: Her Father Killed Someone, So Shouldn't She Make Up For It?

Chapter 779: Her Father Killed Someone, So Shouldn't She Make Up For It?

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After returning to China, Tangning originally wanted to sit down and have a good chat with Chen Xingyan. But, the mother and daughter didn't want to implicate Mo Ting and Tangning, so they hid themselves away.

But, why were they hiding? They didn't do anything wrong.

Because of this matter, Tangning personally visited An Zihao's apartment. As soon as she stepped into the home that had obviously been shared by the couple, Tangning couldn't help but chuckle, "It doesn't feel good to be dumped, does it?"

"Uh huh!" An Zihao sat down on the sofa and began drinking some wine. He was dressed in a set of gray home clothes; a casual style that was rarely seen on his body. "But, I understand her. I honestly do. I know she doesn't want to implicate me. But, the truth is, I didn't handle this matter properly."

"What do you plan to do then?" Tangning asked as she sat down opposite him.

"I can't let her lose her identity as an actress. Even if she is to withdraw from the industry, I want it to be her decision and not because of pressures from the public," An Zihao replied as he took a sip of wine.

"We watched Xingyan get to where she is today. She went from an ignorant young girl to the person she is now. You're to thank for that," Tangning stood up, walked over to An Zihao's side and patted him on the shoulder. "I originally thought that you'd give up on Chen Xingyan. But, from the looks of it, I don't need to worry about that."

"Tangning, I actually need Mo Ting to say something. He's never officially acknowledged Chen Xingyan's identity. However, if he doesn't want to do it, I won't force him," An Zihao said to Tangning. "Although Xingyan has never wanted it, she currently requires some strength."

"Don't worry. I will make arrangements," Tangning said before she left An Zihao's apartment.

At times, the world was unfair. Some people were kind, pure-hearted and never did anything bad, but because of implication from family, they would be forced to shoulder problems that they couldn't handle. How many people in this world quietly endured the pain caused by their own family?

Tangning did not want Chen Xingyan to endure this kind of pain.

Even though Chen Xingyan had an undeniable blood relation with the man, what did she do wrong?

After returning home, Tangning negotiated with Mo Ting, "We should find Xingyan as soon as possible. She shouldn't be the one to lower her voice and act submissive."

Most importantly, the incident this time implicated Mo Ting's mother. How could Mo Ting let Bai Lihua suffer the repercussions of the jerk's actions?

So, Mo Ting gave Lu Che a phone call, "Immediately locate my mother and Chen Xingyan. After you find them, immediately bring them back."


Chen Tianhao ended up killing two people: a middle-aged man and a young man. Amongst the remaining injured people, one of them had a particularly special identity. He was the son of a Beijing government official. He was simply on a day out with friends and never expected to experience such a tragedy.

This time, it was definitely impossible for Chen Tianhao to escape punishment, but the implicated Bai Lihua and Chen Xingyan were about to suffer the torments of reality.

Although Chen Xingyan had appeared in films and attended many programmes, she hadn't actually saved much money. If she wanted to compensate one family, she had more than enough. But, when it came to a few families, she couldn't compensate them even if she went bankrupt.

Chen Xingyan and Bai Lihua discussed amongst themselves and decided to first ask for forgiveness from the families of the two victims that had lost their lives. So, early in the morning, they bought everything they needed and appeared at the first home. However, they were immediately kicked out by the family members.

"Get lost. Did you think this is a place that the two of you can enter? Don't make my husband turn in his grave."

This was the wife of the middle-aged man. She was extremely emotional. So, as soon as she saw Chen Xingyan, she reacted in the same way as she did in the police station: she grabbed onto Chen Xingyan's shirt and began hitting her. And Chen Xingyan did not strike back.

"Madam, if you want to hit someone, please hit me, don't hit my daughter."

"Stop shedding crocodile tears, what's the point of putting on an act? Hurry and get lost..."

"Shoo," the family members pushed the mother and daughter out. From the looks of it, getting forgiveness was impossible.

Of course, Chen Xingyan understood how they felt. But, what could she do? If she could bring the dead back to life, she would be willing to sacrifice her own life for it.

Afterwards, Chen Xingyan and Bai Lihua went to the second household. But, of course, they were treated in the same way. There was no difference.

However, they still insisted on visiting the hospital to visit the seriously injured victims. Amongst them was the son of the government official.

"Did you think, by buying a few gifts and showing up to apologize, you can make up for my friend's life? Let me tell you that it's impossible. I want you to live the rest of your life in guilt."

"We aren't begging for forgiveness on behalf of that man. We simply want to do what we can," Bai Lihua said patiently.

"No need. Unless you kneel down, don't expect me to forgive you."

The man was sitting on one of the hospital beds. Parts of his body were either wrapped in bandages or plastered in a cast.

Meanwhile, his family members were even more exaggerated as they called the media to witness the scene, "Hurry over to have a look. This is your so-called idol; the daughter of a murderer...People like this should be dealt with in a strict manner. Her entire family should pay the consequences."

"If we kneel, will you forgive us?"

"Kneel first!" the family members ordered in a fierce tone.

Although the mother and daughter had already prepared themselves for humiliation, when the moment was actually upon them, they felt extremely wronged and overwhelmed by a thousand complex emotions.

Even so, Bai Lihua still decided to kneel. However, at this time, a man appeared from behind her and pulled her up, "Auntie, stand up straight."

Chen Xingyan and Bai Lihua looked at An Zihao in shock. They never expected him to appear at this time to help them.

"The two of you did nothing wrong. You don't need to apologize."

"What do you mean they did nothing wrong? Her father killed someone!" the family member behind them yelled sharply. However, An Zihao turned around and replied, "She's well aware that her father killed someone."

"Her father killed someone, so shouldn't she make up for it?"

"No, she doesn't need to make up for it. No part of the law states that a child should pay for what their parents have done. The perpetrator will naturally be punished, but she is not at fault at all. I won't allow her to stand here and be insulted by you," An Zihao declared firmly.

"We feel sorry for the shock and pain that you have suffered, so we give you our sincerest apologies and compensation. But, we won't accept personal attacks and scolding because these two women are also victims in this entire incident."

"Her father went missing when she was 6-years-old and as soon as he returned, he killed someone. Who will relieve her of the pain that she has experienced?"

The family members glared at An Zihao but did not say a word.

At this time, Lu Che finally found the mother and daughter, as instructed by Mo Ting, and was prepared to take them back to Hyatt Regency...

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