Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 778: The Most Stupid Idiot

Chapter 778: The Most Stupid Idiot 

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"Chen Xingyan's father is a monster. A person like him should be sentenced to death."

"After this, I don't think Chen Xingyan can continue to survive in the entertainment industry. A father like this is a complete embarrassment. He will be a black mark for the rest of her life."

"He took drugs and drove under the influence of alcohol. A person like that should be torn to shreds."

"If her father is like that, I don't think Chen Xingyan would be much better."

"Chen Xingyan is sure unlucky. I heard that her father went missing when she was 6-years-old. After so long, he finally returned, but he ended up ruining his daughter's future prospects."


That's right, Chen Xingyan was well aware that after this incident, she would not be able to continue in the entertainment industry. In fact, she knew she couldn't stay around and implicate An Zihao and Mo Ting.

So, after the police were done with their interrogation, she stepped out of the room and bowed apologetically to the victims' family members, "Regarding what my father has done, I give you my sincerest apology. I hope for your forgiveness. I will try my best to compensate for the pain that your loved one has suffered, even though I know that no material possession can make up for a precious life."

"You must be dreaming if you think I will forgive the two of you."

"No..." Chen Xingyan responded, "I am not asking for you to forgive my father. Everything is in the hands of the law. I am simply apologizing for my own actions."

The family members remained emotional. One of them even rushed forward to grab onto Chen Xingyan's shirt and throw a slap across her face. At this time, An Zihao had just arrived. As soon as he saw the scene in front of him, he rushed ove, pulled Chen Xingyan away and shielded her behind his back, "Chen Xingyan is also a victim. She lost her father when she was 6-years-old. Now that he finally reappeared, the first thing he did was ask her for money! If you guys want to cause trouble, you should target the perpetrator."

The family members quietened down as Chen Xingyan left the police station under An Zihao's protection, "I will look for a lawyer."

"No need," Chen Xingyan replied. "Escort me to Hyatt Regency. I want some time to myself."


"From now on, I won't be able to appear in the entertainment industry again. At the same time, I can't possibly become the superstar that you want me to be. With this black mark, I will forever be known as a murderer's daughter," Chen Xingyan said in seriousness. "That's why, we should cancel our contract."

"What do you mean by this?" An Zihao's expression became tense.

"I want to break up with you," Chen Xingyan said as she held back her tears.

"Chen Xingyan..."

"I'm being serious. I don't want to stay in this industry. I'm tired. I want to go overseas with my mother and live my life in a place with no people," Chen Xingyan continued to hold back her tears. "I know you can't give up everything to leave with me. So, we should break up."

An Zihao looked at Chen Xingyan with a heavy heart. He never expected that she would suggest breaking up at a time like this.

"You're just tired..."

"I'm more serious than ever," Chen Xingyan said firmly to An Zihao. "I want to break up. There's no chance of recovery."

At this moment, even Little Seven stepped on the brakes in shock, let alone An Zihao.

"Chen Xingyan, let me remind you, we once promised to each other that we wouldn't give up easily. Are you breaking that promise...?"

"Yes," Chen Xingyan said with a shaky voice.

"Little Seven, stop the car!" An Zihao did not persist as he maintained the calmness in his voice. But, after Little Seven stopped the car, he immediately got out and walked away without turning back.

"Xingyan, why did you do this?" Little Seven was a little helpless.

Chen Xingyan couldn't hold back her tears anymore as she cried, "You won't understand."

An Zihao had already sacrificed a lot for her. This time, he had given away $1 million just to clean up after her.

But, if he was to find out that the money he had given Father Chen was used to commit a crime, his conscience would not be at peace for the rest of his life. Since someone was destined to be hurt, Chen Xingyan was going to shoulder it herself.

An Zihao had a dream and the capability to achieve it. Whereas, she simply wanted to be a stunt double. Their values were completely different.

Either way, the public had no idea that the $1 million was from An Zihao. If they knew, An Zihao would suffer a huge blow.

Chen Xingyan understood that she was still young. But, that didn't mean that she couldn't bear the responsibility.

After returning home and seeing Bai Lihua, the first thing that Chen Xinyan did was pounce into her arms and cry, "Mom..."

"It's fine, my daughter is grown up now. Everything is honestly fine. It's no big deal. We will go to every single household to apologize and ask for their forgiveness. It's not like it was your fault. Xingyan, you have honestly made mom proud."

"We can't let President Mo and Ning Jie get implicated by this matter!" Chen Xingyan sobbed.

"Yes, we won't implicate anyone. We will handle it on our own."

Bai Lihua never imagined that Chen Xingyan would be so brave. So, seeing Chen Xingyan's bravery, gave her strength. In the end, the mother and daughter promised to shoulder the responsibility together. And, as a result, they became each other's strongest source of support.


After leaving the car, An Zihao returned to the police station. He wanted to know what exactly happened and what caused Chen Xingyan's attitude to experience such a drastic change.

After coming face to face with An Zihao, the police shared everything that Chen Xingyan had told them.

So, finally, An Zihao discovered the reason why Chen Xingyan had suggested to break up.

This young girl had suddenly grown up and taken everything upon herself.

In the end, An Zihao said to the police, "If I lend a fruit knife to you so you can cut up fruit, but you end up using that knife to kill someone, should I be held liable?"

"I did indeed transfer $1 million to Chen Tianhao, but I don't think I did anything immoral. We are merely victims to his lies!"

"Chen Tianhao used the $1 million and ended up killing people, so the police decided to seek us for responsibilty. What if he used the money to make a huge contribution to society? Would you have rewarded us?"

"When Chen Tianhao tricked us into giving him this money, he presented us with his son's medical records. As police, I know you specialize in moral extortion, but I'm sorry, Chen Qingyan and I will not take the blame for this incident. The most important factor in this case is drugs and alcohol, but I'm sorry, the money came from legal means. We do not need to hold any legal or moral responsibilty for any of the above."

After speaking, An Zihao left the police station.

He understood, at this moment, Chen Xingyan was simply focused on protecting him and would not listen to anything he had to say.

She was the most stupid idiot in the world...

But, she did this because she knew that An Zihao would be willing to face bankruptcy and much more for her.

So, An Zihao was in no rush to contact Chen Xingyan. Instead, he went to look for information regarding the victims. In order to prevent the mother and daughter from getting hurt, it seemed, his upcoming days were going to be quite busy.

Meanwhile, Tangning and Mo Ting received news of what had happened from overseas. They originally had a few more days of vacation, but they immediately gave it up and rushed back to Beijing...

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