Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 776: The Sick Mo Ting

Chapter 776: The Sick Mo Ting

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The filming conditions of 'Survivor' were tough as expected. In order to film it well, apart from taking care of her babies, Tangning's remaining time was spent on training her body. As a result, she began to look more and more healthy and the abs on her stomach became more and more apparent.

After the incident with Bai Yu, peace was slowly restored to the entertainment industry in Beijing.

While preparing for her role, Tangning updated her fans, every now and then, on her status.

However, one month before the filming of 'Survivor', Mo Ting experienced a few episodes of tinnitus due to stress.

Mo Ting wanted to keep it a secret, so of course, Tangning was unaware of this. At the same time, Lu Che had taken some time off to accompany Long Jie during her labor, so Mo Ting was the only one that knew of his own condition.

That night, after feeding the babies, Tangning stood behind Mo Ting and mentioned that Chen Xingyan's father had suddenly returned. However, to her surprise, Mo Ting did not respond. So, Tangning yelled a couple of times questioningly. But, not only did Mo Ting not hear a thing, as he leaned against one of the cribs, he slowly fell asleep.

Seeing this, Tangning's heart ached.

To the outside world, Mo Ting was the decision-maker at Hai Rui. From morning to night, there were a countless number of decisions waiting for him to make. Yet, when he returned home, he was the father of two children and needed to provide help at any time. Tangning had to feed the baby's every few hours and he accompanied by her side every single time.

Wasn't he tired?

Tangning put down the baby in her hands and approached Mo Ting's side. But, just as she reached out her hand to touch the man, she realized he hadn't simply fallen asleep. His entire body was heating up!

It was winter and the temperature was cold even though they had the heater on. So, Tangning felt bad when she thought about the way that Mo Ting had woke up multiple times throughout the night to take care of Guo Guo...

Therefore, she immediately gave Xia Yuling a phone call and asked her to come over to help with the kids. After Xia Yuling arrived, the two women worked together to carry Mo Ting up to the bedroom.

"Stop focusing on yourself all the time. You should take care of Mo Ting too. The kids are important, but does that mean the father isn't important?" Xia Yuling nagged. "From the moment you guys got married, Xiao Ting has not lacked in any aspect. You should take good care of his body. He works all day, yet he still has to worry about you when he gets home."

"I understand, mom. I'll leave the babies with you then."

"Take good care of him." After nagging, Xia Yuling headed downstairs to take care of her two grandsons.

Tangning immediately started changing Mo Ting's clothes and wiped him down. She then tried all different methods to help him lower his body temperature. But, he did not wake up and continued sleeping soundly.

As she watched Mo Ting sleep, Tangning began to reflect on herself.

All along, Mo Ting had endured too much for her. Yet, she was beginning to take it for granted. They were a married couple, so she never believed a man was born to protect a woman or to dote on a woman because no relationship ever lasted based on one-sided doting.

Other women dreamed of finding a rich and handsome guy to dote on them for the rest of their lives, but...

Love was based on reciprocation. If one side kept giving and enduring for a long period of time, the relationship was bound to come to an end. Men easily got tired too...

So, the reason why Tangning received so much love from Mo Ting was closely related to the fact that she was endlessly striving to improve and equally doted on him.

After all, Mo Ting was well aware that Tangning was also willing to sacrifice anything for him - even her life! Only when two people took each other into consideration would their relationship endure the test of time. Love was unforgiving towards selfishness.

Originally, with Mo Ting's level of tiredness, Tangning did not expect him to wake up. But, suddenly at 2am, he jolted awake and shocked Tangning who was sitting beside the bed.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing that Tangning was awake, Mo Ting sat up and looked around. After a few seconds, he finally asked, "Why are you still awake?"

"Did you know that you had a fever?" Tangning stood up from the sofa and leaned into Mo Ting's arms, "Did you know that you scared me?"

"I'm fine. I've just been a little busy lately."

"Why did you suddenly wake up?" Tangning did not believe him. It was obviously because he had stayed awake the precious night that he caught a cold and had a fever.

"We normally feed the rascals at this time," Mo Ting sighed. "It's probably become a part of my body clock, so my body naturally woke up at this time."

After hearing this, tears began to flow from Tangning's eyes, "How could you have so much love to give to our sons and I? Did you know that I am already drowning in your love?"

"So, the kids..."

"Mom is taking care of them," Tangning replied. "Tomorrow, I'm going to get Lu Che to book us tickets to the Maldives. Let's go and relax for a few days."

"I'm fine."

"You need some rest," Tangning said in a serious tone. "I'm not discussing this with you. I'm telling you to listen to me...OK?"

Mo Ting looked deeply into Tangning's eyes. In the end, he pulled her into his arms and replied, "Give me some time to distribute my work, OK?"

"OK," Tangning nodded.

Sometimes, Tangning wondered if Mo Ting was so tired because she was too unrestrained. If she hadn't chosen to return to filming and remained at home to take care of him and the kids, would things be a lot easier for him? So, after 'Survivor', Tangning had other plans.

Mo Ting looked down at Tangning and noticed there was something odd about the look in her eyes. Even in his current state, he was able to see through her with one look.

"Don't think that I don't know what you're thinking. Don't even think about returning to life at home," Mo Ting warned as he wrapped his arm around Tangning's neck.

Of course, Mo Ting would always be Mo Ting. Even though he was sick, he was still the domineering black-bellied king...

Tangning looked at Mo Ting in surprise. She then rubbed her cheek against his neck to confirm that his fever was gone before she let out a sigh of relief.

"You were born to be an actress. I won't let you have any alternative ideas."

"In that case, you need to guarantee that you will never get sick again," Tangning threatened. "You must know how much my heart aches because of you."

After hearing this, Mo Ting hugged Tangning tightly in his arms.

In this long and slow lifetime, he had once felt that time was difficult to endure. But, ever since being in love with Tangning, he felt that even if he was given another 100 years, he would not find it hard to endure at all.

So, Tangning wanted to go to the Maldives, right?

When he thought about it, the two of them hadn't gone on a vacation for a long time...

But, of course, if the couple knew that a big incident would happen to those close to them while they were gone, then Tangning wouldn't have been in such a rush to go overseas.


Meanwhile, Chen Xingyan's father had returned...

However, Chen Xingyan did not feel an ounce of joy. Not only had her father remarried, he even had a 10-year-old son.

In fact, she was too scared to reveal this to Bai Lihua because...

"Xingyan, I'm sorry, but I need money!"

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