Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 775: She Deserved To Have A Miscarriage

Chapter 775: She Deserved To Have A Miscarriage

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"Bai Yu, may we ask if Bai Linlin actually had a miscarriage? Did she fall pregnant out of wedlock? Can you tell us who the father is?"

Under normal circumstances, whenever reporters asked such sharp questions, no artist ever responded because it was too bad mannered.

So, the reporters never expected Bai Yu to actually answer. Most of their questions were simply used to create an effect.

However, while facing the black sea of cameras, Bai Yu broke her initial silence, "That's right, Bai Linlin was pregnant."

After hearing her answer, the reporters looked at each other and continued asking, "In that case, who is the father?"

"How did Bai Linlin have a miscarriage?"

"Why did she have a miscarriage?" After hearing these questions, Bai Yu felt quite amused, "She's a homewrecker, so she deserves to have a miscarriage."

The reporters had never seen Bai Yu like this before. She always maintained a kind image in front of the cameras and displayed a high EQ. But for some reason, this time, Bai Yu spoke with no restraint like she had turned into another person.

Bai Linlin was a homewrecker that deserved to have a miscarriage!

Even if that was true, Bai Linlin was still her sister...

Didn't Bai Yu's heart ache at all?

"Miss Bai, could you explain it in more detail? Who's family did Bai Linlin step her foot into?"

After hearing this question, Bai Yu gestured for the cameras to point towards Bai Linlin, "Please point your cameras towards that person and remember the consequences of ruining another person's family. She didn't ruin an outsiders family, she ruined her own sister's family."

"While I wasn't around, she seduced my husband and had an affair with him..."

"After I return home, I will officially announce my divorce. I know this announcement will turn me into a laughing stock in the industry, so I won't be sticking around. I will be returning to the US. But, before I leave, I hope to see these two adulterers get their deserved scolding and punishment."

"Although Bai Linlin is my sister, I have no intention to forgive her for what she's done. In fact, from now onwards, she will no longer be my sister."

"As for the details of how she cheated, I think it's best if you ask her yourself. From now on, I hope you can leave me alone. I don't want anything, except for peace. I hope you can fulfill this simple request." After speaking, Bai Yu pushed away the reporters in front of her and left the hospital with her chest held high.

She had wanted to cause trouble like this for a long time. For a very long time...

After putting on an act for so long and after so many years, she had had enough. So, the current situation came at exactly the right time.

Plus, she was actually convinced by Tangning. Not only did Tangning know how to be a proper person and have good acting skills, she never did anything wrong to anyone. So, her life was honest and forthright. In comparison, Bai Yu had done so many incorrect things that discovering her husband cheating, felt a little like she deserved it.

Perhaps, she had really done too many wrong things...

After being honest this time, she actually felt a lot more relaxed.

Soon, Bai Yu returned home to pack her bags. But, Jeff suddenly appeared in the living room and tried to stop her, "Honey, what are you trying to do?"

"Bai Linlin is at the hospital. You should go visit her."

"Wifey, I was wrong..." Jeff took a couple steps back and plopped down on his knees.

"Unfortunately, it's too late," Bai Yu replied coldly. "You and Bai Linlin - the sl*t - can huddle up together and die. I've already signed our divorce papers." After saying what she needed to say, Bai Yu dragged her luggage behind her and left. Meanwhile, the man behind her flipped a chair in regret.

It had ended. Everything had come to an end.

After preparing all her luggage, Bai Yu returned to the US. But, before she left, she wrote Tangning a note.

After receiving the note at Hai Rui, Mo Ting took it home to show Tangning.

It was odd to receive something from one's enemy, but nevertheless, Tangning opened the envelope to see the contents of the note.

It actually wasn't much. The note simply read, "You've won. You've won fair and square."

"It's seems, Bai Yu has truly suffered a huge blow."

"She was betrayed twice, so the pain is definitely deep," Mo Ting explained seriously. He remembered how Tangning had changed into a different person in the past because of Han Yufan's betrayal and started afresh. So, the power of hatred could not be underestimated.

"Bai Yu is smart, she'll pull through this obstacle quickly," Tangning put down the envelope. Of course, she continued to pay close attention to Bai Linlin's fate.

At this moment, the hospital was already completely surrounded. Bai Linlin was all on her own, so after waking up, all she could do was stare at the mirror in a daze. Everything had been exposed. For a girl in her early 20's, being scolded by the entire nation for being a mistress, was not something that an average person could handle.

Worst of all was the jerk that had hurt the two sisters...

"The industry is such a mess. Bai Yu was only on a TV programme a few days ago and now she's about to retreat from the industry. The feeling of being betrayed by her own sister must be difficult to handle."

"Bai Linlin is such a b*tch. How could she seduce her brother-in-law behind her sister's back? If I was in Bai Yu's position, I would make her life a living hell."

"But, wasn't Bai Yu trying to keep up her kind girl-next-door image? It seems, as soon as she caught her sister and husband cheating, she couldn't be bothered putting on an act anymore."

"The two sisters aren't anything good. But, Bai Linlin is even worse than Bai Yu."

According to Long Jie, after Bai Yu left Beijing, her jerk husband also flew back to the US and Bai Linlin became known as a tramp. Without staying in the hospital for long, Bai Linlin ended up disappearing without a trace. It seemed, she couldn't handle the pressure and decided to hide. A few days later, it was rumored that Bai Linlin had gone crazy. Of course, whether it was true or she was putting on an act, she only had herself to blame.

In comparison, Chen Xingyan's career was advancing a lot more steadily. However, no one's path was ever smooth sailing.

Chen Xingyan was lucky thanks to An Zihao's impressive efforts. Recently, she had been receiving roles that were more and more important and her screentime had increased. However, in comparison to Tangning, she still had a long way to go.

"Turn down any jobs that you have tonight. Let's go on a secret date."

An Zihao noticed that Chen Xingyan had been working really hard recently and didn't whine about getting compensation, so he decided to agree.

Chen Xingyan was filled with joy as she rushed off to make preparations. But, just as she opened her front door, she was shocked by the man standing in the doorway.

The man that had disappeared from her life since she was 6 years old, was suddenly alive and well in front of her, holding onto the hand of a 10 or so year old boy.


Chen Xingyan didn't understand what was happening in front of her. She simply stood frozen in place until An Zihao finally approached her from behind and held onto her.

"How did you find this place?"


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