Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 774: If They Want To Keep The Child, They Must Be Dreaming!

Chapter 774: If They Want To Keep The Child, They Must Be Dreaming!



At this time, Bai Linlin sauntered out of the bedroom and said to Bai Yu, "Sis, is it necessary for you to be like this?"

"Shut your mouth! You have no right to speak!" Bai Yu growled.

"Jeff has wanted to be a father for a long time. But, for the sake of your career, you've never had a child for him. Well, it doesn't matter now because he has me. You can continue focusing on your career while I take good care of him," Bai Linlin said as she leaned into Jeff's arms and flaunted her prowess.

Bai Yu glared at Bai Linlin for some time. Finally, through her gritted teeth, she yelled, "Slut!"

"Sign the papers!" Jeff once again shoved the divorce papers in front of Bai Yu and forcefully pulled her hand towards the section that needed to be signed.

"Get lost you adulterers; you couple of cheating dogs; you're practically not human!" Bai Yu screamed loudly as she tore the divorce papers apart and threw the pen in her hand to the side.

"You'll need to sign it sooner or later," Jeff glared at Bai Yu patiently before he headed back into the bedroom with Bai Linlin in his arms - right in front of Bai Yu's eyes.

Bai Yu threw things at the door in anger. The hatred in her heart was already through the roof.

She never imagined that a lame novel plot would happen to her in real life. When the story was about someone else, it was easy to laugh, but when it happened to her, she wanted so badly to kill the cheap couple inside the room.

They were so cheap!

If they wanted to keep the child, they were dreaming!

She knew Bai Linlin better than anyone. She was young, vain and enjoyed being sought after. As a result, making Bai Linlin lose her baby didn't seem like such a hard task. With this thought, Bai Yu pulled out her phone and gave a familiar person a phone call.


Soon, Bai Linlin received a phone call inviting her to an audition.

An audition!

Bai Linlin never expected that someone would still remember her.

So, she happily told Jeff, "Honey, I will be attending a banquet tomorrow night because a director invited me to take part in his film."

As soon as Jeff heard this, he immediately scolded, "You're currently pregnant. How can you go film anything?"

"Tangning also acted while she was pregnant, why can't I? Don't worry, I will take good care of our baby. Just let me meet with the director. Even if it's just a quick meeting, it would at least satisfy my dream," Bai Linlin pressed her palms together sincerely. "I promise I won't accept the job. I'm just going to have dinner. Simply knowing that someone remembers me is enough."

"After we move to the US, all you have to do is give birth to the baby. Afterwards, I can also find something for you to act in and make you famous. Why must you be so impatient?"

Although Jeff liked Bai Linlin's youthful body, her thoughts often made him pull his hair out in frustration.

"Hubby...just let me go..."

"As you wish," Jeff was helpless as he opened the door and left. However, Bai Linlin had no idea that she had fallen into Bai Yu's trap.

So, the next day in the afternoon, just as she left the house, she deliberately flaunted in front of Bai Yu, "I don't think anyone would want to work with my sis at the moment, would they? After all, her perfect image has been destroyed."

"But, what should I do, sis? Director Qin invited me to an audition. Although it's just a small role, doesn't that mean I at least have half a chance and you have none?" Bai Linlin circled around in front of Bai Yu as she scanned her from top to bottom. "Sorry, sis, I didn't mean to steal everything from you. But, I like brother-in-law too much. So, I think you should just let go."

" will be even more pitiful than you are now. I can guarantee that."

After speaking, Bai Linlin left the house. Meanwhile, Bai Yu's gaze followed her with deep meaning...

Jeff had no way of stopping Bai Linlin, because if he did, they would end up in an argument. This was one aspect which he would never understand about women. Bai Linlin was obviously pregnant, yet she still wanted to attend a banquet.

Director Qin liked Bai Yu, so he did this favor for her and invited Bai Linlin. Accompanying him were a few other members of staff.

Bai Linlin felt like she was being valued and actually thought that someone wanted her in their film, so even when they forced her to drink, she accepted every glass that came her way. This was because she didn't want to reveal that she was pregnant. If they found out, not only would she lose her chance at an audition, they would likely turn around and leave straight away.

So, that night, Bai Linlin drank a decent amount of spirits and arrived home stinking of alcohol.

Jeff immediately erupted in anger as he grabbed Bai Linlin's wrist and asked, "Did you drink alcohol?"

"I only drank a little bit..." Bai Linlin mumbled in an annoyed tone. However, before she knew it, Jeff threw a slap across her face.

"F*ck you, you crazy woman. You're pregnant, yet you drank alcohol? Do you have no common sense?"

"So what if I drank alcohol? Isn't the baby fine in the end?"

Jeff let out a cold laugh. He suddenly realized that both the Bai sisters, whether big or small, were not normal.

So, he decided to ignore Bai Linlin. But, a little while later, Bai Linlin suddenly clutched her stomach and began to cry, "Jeff, stomach hurts..."

Jeff looked down at Bai Linlin and realized she was already sitting in a pool of blood...

From the looks of it, the baby was gone.

The baby hadn't even formed yet and this b*tch went out drinking...

Didn't she deserve this pain?

"Jeff, save me...It hurts."

However, Jeff did not do a thing as he shook off her hand and said, "Save you? Who could you blame for drinking while you're pregnant? B*tch, you are the same as your sister. You are both sl*ts. Since you didn't listen to me, I'm not going to save you. You can fend for yourself!"

After speaking, Jeff left the room, leaving Bai Linlin lying on the floor, crying in pain.

Soon, Bai Yu appeared in the doorway. As soon as she saw the scene in front of her, a smile appeared on her face.

" me, save me."

"Of course I'll save you. But first, I want you to have a good taste of this pain..." Bai Yu crossed her arms and stood quietly in the doorway until Bai Linlin fainted from the pain. Only then did she call the ambulance.

Afterwards, Bai Linlin was sent to the hospital. Of course, the child could not be saved. But, more importantly, she ended up attracting a whole heap of reporters.

This time, Bai Yu did not avoid the questions as she answered the reporters honestly.

She did not take everything into consideration and tread carefully like she did in the past. This time, she decided to be herself!

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