Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 771: Bai Yu Is Eliminated!

Chapter 771: Bai Yu Is Eliminated!

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Bai Yu thought someone would come out and comfort her - even if it was just a couple of sentences. But, the other 4 people were on the same page; they simply blocked their ears and pretended to hear nothing. They treated Bai Yu like a crazy person and had no intention of giving her any attention.

So, Bai Yu's act went to waste. However, she woke up early the next morning before everyone else to prepare breakfast.

That's right, she used everyone's precious ingredients to prepare a big sumptuous breakfast.

After Huangfu Shuo saw it, he simply sneered and did not say a word. Afterwards the old singer woke up. The first thing he did was take his pet, which he had brought along, for a walk nearby.

Lastly, the young couple woke up and had a quick shower.

As soon as they saw the breakfast that Bai Yu had prepared, they simply looked at each other. Although they didn't say a word, they knew what the other was thinking...

"Everyone's awake. That's great! I've prepared breakfast," Bai Yu said as she smiled at everyone. "Hurry over and eat. After we finish eating, we can continue moving forward."

Bai Yu was waiting for praise from everyone, but no one was willing to do that. The young woman even sat beside her and asked, "I see we have breakfast, but what about lunch? You've used up all our ingredients."

Bai Yu froze and pointed to one of the cameramen, "Isn't our food going to be restocked?"

"Miss Bai, before you came on this show, did you properly read through the rules? Who told you that you'd get outside assistance when you're trying to survive in the wild?"

Bai Yu was rendered speechless as her eyes began to turn red, "I saw that everyone had put in so much work, so I tried to give everyone a reward. I even woke up extra early..."

"Then you've sure worked hard. You can eat the breakfast on your own, we need to hurry ahead. Since your foot is injured, you can stay in this safe spot and we'll come back to find you."

"My foot is fine already," Bai Yu immediately stood up after hearing her teammates wanted to leave her behind again. She then took a few steps to show that she was OK.

"Great, since that's the case, let's all eat a little and hurry out to find more hints," the young man acted like nothing had happened as he reminded everyone to refuel their bodies.

In the end, Bai Yu got what she wished for and was allowed to move forward with the team. However, she still needed to carry her own luggage.

In reality, without the food and the tents, the weight that everyone had to carry was a lot less. But, Bai Yu was still easily tired and had to take a rest every few steps.

Everyone else went in search for hints, but Bai Yu ran around like a headless chicken. As she followed behind her teammates, she felt her existence was easily dispensable.

"We finally found one number, we still have three to find. If we can't find it before night hits, then we fail."

"But I'm hungry and there's no food left in our backpacks. Everything was used for breakfast," the young woman said as she gazed at Bai Yu.

"I really didn't do it on purpose," Bai Yu immediately apologized.

"Forget it. It's normal to come across accidents when trying to survive in the wild. We can't blame Yu Jie. Let's go. We need to continue moving forward," the young man immediately tried to relieve the situation.

"But, we need to climb up the mountain to find hints..." In other words, the young woman didn't want to take Bai Yu with them. Taking her was worse than taking the old singer. Although the old singer didn't have as much energy as those younger than him, he was at least witty and often came in handy. Whereas, Bai Yu was simply here as a joke.

"I can keep going..." Bai Yu immediately said. "I won't hold you guys back."

The young woman looked at the young man and the young man looked into the distance.

Meanwhile, Huangfu Shuo had been following behind the old singer from beginning to end. So, they continued forward with mutual understanding.

In the end, the young woman helplessly said to Bai Yu, "Hurry up then."

The road up to the mountain was difficult to begin with. But, in order to wait for Bai Yu, everyone's progress was slowed down. In the end, the young woman couldn't take it anymore and suggested that she'd go ahead. To protect his partner, the young man also sped up.

Noticing that the couple wanted to win so badly, Bai Yu offered, "You guys can run ahead, I'll hold everything so you can save some time."

The young woman rolled her eyes. Couldn't Bai Yu stop with her act? Even at a time like this she was trying to display her fake thoughtfulness.

At this time, the helicopter arranged by the programme lowered before them. It was finally time to eliminate a member. The young woman had been looking forward to this moment. She must have been extremely unlucky to have ended up on this show with Bai Yu.

The staff handed each of the guests a pen and a paper and explained, "Write down the piece of baggage or person that you want to get rid of. Otherwise, if you want to continue as a team, this is the time to make your decision."

Bai Yu looked at everyone. She understood how this show worked, the team would definitely advance together without abandoning anyone. So, she gave up her vote and didn't write any name down.

Soon, the staff gathered everyone's papers and announced, "It is now time to reveal the results. You must all prepare yourselves to be eliminated at any time..."

Bai Yu did not worry at all, but everyone else knew exactly what was going to happen.

Afterwards, the staff randomly picked a paper and began revealing the results.

"Bai Yu to be eliminated, one vote."

Bai Yu was a little stunned as she smiled at everyone awkwardly and shook her hands, "It's fine, it's fine."

Following on, the staff opened the second piece of paper and revealed a smile with deep meaning, "Bai Yu to be eliminated, two votes."

"I never thought that you guys were so displeased by me."

"Bai Yu to be eliminated, three votes! I don't think it's necessary to reveal the last vote. Bai Yu's elimination is already a certainty. Are you all sure that this is the result you want to see?" the staff asked.

Everyone looked at each other and nodded in sync.

As a result, Bai Yu was officially eliminated!

Bai Yu never expected, after so many years of broadcasting the show, she was the first celebrity to be voted out by her teammates. That's right, she was eliminated. In other words, everything going forward had nothing to do with her.

"I know I've caused a lot of trouble, that's why you guys dislike me. But, am I really as bad as you think I am?"

The young woman didn't say anything, while Huangfu Shuo knelt down to play with the old singer's dog and the old singer studied the hints. Finally, the young man replied, "You're suited to being an actress and suited to the glitz and glamor, but you aren't suitable for any reality TV shows, because from beginning to end, you've simply been putting on an act."

"Bai Yu, please board the helicopter."

"Bai Yu, you have been eliminated."

In response, everyone that watched the programme let out a sigh, "Why is Bai Yu so fake?""

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