Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 770: Are You Interested In Exposing Her?

Chapter 770: Are You Interested In Exposing Her?

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To Mo Ting, participating in 'The Forensic Concubine' was as easy as buying a bunch of vegetables. It wasn't as complicated as the public thought and didn't require any careful thinking. It was simply something he could do.

During this time, it was normal that Mo Ting kept a low profile, but even Tangning kept an unusually low profile.

As the drama was produced by their own agency, apart from necessary promotions, Mo Ting did not organize any other events. After all, the viewership ratings were already high and Tangning had already fulfilled her responsibility as an actress. Now, Mo Ting only had one path for Tangning: to film when there was something to film and to keep a low profile when there was nothing to film.

It seemed like he wanted to tell everyone that only a good script had the ability to keep Tangning within the industry and that she lived to act. This further established Tangning's status as a top grade actress that only acted in good productions.

At this time, all Bai Yu was thinking about was how to make a comeback.


The '1 day, 1 night' reality show was a programme where 5 guests were placed on a deserted island and underwent activities for survival. They would be left with a code to call for help, but they would only be given 24 hours to figure it out. As long as the 5 guests successfully found all the hints on the island, they would receive keys to use on a car for escape and their mission would be considered a success. However, if they failed, they would have to undergo a challenge.

This programme had always had a decent viewership rating in Beijing.

As the islands they visited were different every time, the audience got to see a variety of unique scenery. But, on top of this, they also got to witness different thrills and excitement.

Soon, it was time to start filming the programme. Apart from Bai Yu and Huangfu Shuo, there was also an old singer and a young couple he doted on.

They weren't all from the entertainment industry. For example, the young couple were famous travelers that had traversed many foreign countries and had extensive experience in survival.

The five people were placed on an unknown island with their bulky luggage.

As the young couple were used to it, they did not struggle. Even though, the man couldn't help but carry his wife's luggage as well. As for Huangfu Shuo, he ended up offering his help to the old singer, leaving Bai Yu to fend for herself.

But, amongst these people, only Huangfu Shuo knew that Bai Yu was a fake.

So, to relieve her load, he knew she was going to put on an act.

As expected, not long after they arrived on the island and everyone was having a rest, Bai Yu expressed that she wasn't tired and offered to scope out the place for them.

No one requested for her to do such a thing, but a few moments later a shrill scream could be heard coming from the forest. Everyone looked towards the noise and found Bai Yu sitting on the floor holding onto her ankle...

"Sorry, I don't want to drag you guys down. You can leave me here and continue without me."

The old singer immediately turned to Huangfu Shuo and said, "Carry her."

Huangfu Shuo shook his head, "My responsibilty is to take care of you. Look, your body isn't well. If something happens to you, it will be a bigger burden on us."

After the other young man heard what Huangfu Shuo said, he immediately nodded his head, "He's right, why don't you let me carry you instead..."

"How about this, before the sky turns dark, we should get accustomed to everything on the island. So, why don't we let Bai Yu rest here for now and we'll go scope out the island. We can return at a set time to pick her up. That way, we won't waste any time and energy," Huangfu Shuo suggested.

"I also think this is the best option," the young woman immediately said.

"Bai Yu, if we leave you here to rest, you won't be scared, will you?" Huangfu Shuo asked.

He knew, according to Bai Yu's personality, she would never cause a scene in front of everyone. So, she simply acted like she was really understanding and said to everyone, "OK, l'll wait for you here. Who told me to be such a clutz?"

"Cool, let's hurry and get moving then..."

After their discussion, the group of four advanced forward.

Meanwhile, behind them, Bai Yu's face burned red in anger. However, there was nothing she could do.

After taking a few steps, the young married woman immediately approached Huangfu Shuo and queried, "Do you dislike Bai Yu? I can sense that she's good at putting on an act. I don't understand what an 'international best actress' like her is doing here. I already can't stand her, yet she even tried to make my husband carry her. I bet she didn't want to walk, that's why she deliberately hurt her foot."

A woman's intuition was especially accurate.

Huangfu Shuo smiled, suggestively admitting to the woman's guess.

"So it's true? What a b*tch. I hate people that are fake."

"In that case, are you interested in exposing her?"

The young woman did not say a word, but the two people understood each other.

The good thing about this programme was, after 12 hours, the guests had a chance to eliminate anyone that was a burden.

Of course, up until this point, no team had ever given up on one of their team mates. They all chose to take on the challenge. However, this time was going to be different.

Before coming on the show, Bai Yu deliberately watched a large number of the previous episodes and knew that no team had ever abandoned a team mate. That's why she agreed to join.

But this time, she was wrong...

Bai Yu wasn't scared at the beginning​ because she was angry. But, after night hit and her vision became blurry, she finally felt her palms get sweaty. She couldn't believe that her team mates had left her there for a few hours without checking on her.

Of course, Huangfu Shuo and the others weren't going to go too far. So, before Bai Yu broke down, they returned and led her to the camp they had set up. They then started examining the hints they had found during the time when Bai Yu wasn't around.

Although Bai Yu was present, she did not understand a thing they were saying and felt completely like an outsider.

"Am I especially useless? All I've caused is trouble."

"It's fine," the young woman smiled and replied. "You have no experience in this type of stuff, so we understand."

"But, my foot..."

"You can continue resting tomorrow. Leave the hints for us to find. That way you won't have to worry about being a burden."

After hearing this, Bai Yu's expression lightened. Since her screentime was low today, she wasn't going to let go of the opportunity again.

On the surface, it didn't seem like she had given a reply. But, after night hit, she began to put on her sympathy act. While everyone was sleeping, she pretended to practice walking outside, like she wanted to be a useful person that could help out.

She was so fake...

"F*ck, for the sake of herself she's quite ruthless!" the young woman couldn't help but say to her husband. "I must give her full points for being able to act to this extent."

"If she doesn't want to sleep, it's her problem. How dare she keep everyone up. What were the producers thinking when they invited this weirdo!"

The other guests were complaining because Bai Yu was cheering for herself loudly outside the tents...

That's right, she was giving herself words of encouragement!

She thought she was a great person...

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