Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 769: The Leader Of The Wife-doting Club

Chapter 769: The Leader Of The Wife-doting Club

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Of course, after watching the first two episodes, everyone had the same questions. How did Mo Ting know how to act when he had never stepped foot into this part of the industry?

He was like a hidden expert, capable of doing anything that an average person did not dare to do.

Some people were completely puzzled, whereas some easily found the answer. There was no other reason than to say that Mo Ting was a genius.

All of a sudden, the entire Beijing were talking about 'The Forensic Concubine' and the plot as they searched for resources and began buying things related to it.

On the other hand, 'Concubine Ning' finished airing without anyone paying much attention to it. This was the result of the so-called 'international best actress'...

It was rare to see a drama being crushed to this extent. Originally, Bai Yu wouldn't have ended up with this fate. Unfortunately, she offended Mo Ting and tried to scheme against Tangning. So, it was reasonable for Mo Ting to make things difficult for her.


Of course, even though Bai Yu's drama became a flop, it didn't mean that she had reached a dead end. After all, her kind image still existed. As long as she maintained this image, she still had a chance to make a comeback.

"Yu Jie, all the best jobs have been recently taken by other big names. It seems, when selecting celebrities from the same price range, organizers are no longer taking us into consideration...Should we..."

"Are you expecting me to lower my expectations? If I do that, would I still be the international best actress, Bai Yu?" Bai Yu yelled angrily.

"In that case...Have a look at this job," the assistant nervously handed Bai Yu some information. They had already reached this point, yet she still had to put up a front. Her drama failed beyond belief and had turned into a complete joke. How could she still be so proud?

Bai Yu received the information from her assistant's hands and glared at her as she threw it on the ground, "Are you asking me to join a reality show like a rookie?"

"Sorry Yu Jie, I'll immediately take it away."

As she watched her assistant pick up the information from the floor, she quickly stopped her, "Wait. It might be worth a try."

Selling her EQ was her speciality!

The assistant handed her the information once again. After Bai Yu looked at it, she agreed to attend a reality programme called '1 day, 1 night'. Most of the reality shows these days were copyrights purchased from South Korea. Not many of them came from original ideas, but, it couldn't be denied that it was a quick and easy way to gain popularity.

After all, a high EQ was always popular.

But, to Bai Yu's surprise...Huangfu Shuo also ended up joining this television programme. In fact, he was appearing on the same episode as her.

Didn't Huangfu Shuo never attend variety shows?

"Yu Jie, why don't we find an excuse not to go?"

After hearing her assistant's suggestion, she glared at her. She was currently at a slump in her career. If she recklessly rejected this job, would any variety show invite her again?

"I'm going on it."

But, she wanted to know why Huangfu Shuo had decided to do this.

So, before the programme began filming, Bai Yu went to look for Huangfu Shuo in private, "Did you go on this show because of me?"

Huangfu Shuo stood in his doorway without inviting Bai Yu in as he replied in a calm, leisurely tone, "Miss Bai, did you know that you are thinking too highly of yourself? I am just a B-list actor. Attending programmes like this are natural for me. What about you? An 'international best actress' is actually devaluing herself like this. Did you know that the difference between you and Tangning is becoming more and more apparent?"

Bai Yu was rendered speechless...

Because Huangfu Shuo's every word struck her where it hurt.

"Ah Shuo, can you not side with Tangning?"

"I'm not siding with anyone," Huangfu Shuo crossed his arms. "I'm waiting for you to turn the tables. Don't disappoint me, Miss Bai."

"You must be happy to see me heading down this steep slope."

"Why wouldn't I be?" Huangfu Shuo replied naturally. "I'm sorry, Miss Bai, I think it's best if we see each other on the programme. I'm afraid that if the reporters capture a photo of us, I won't be able to clarify myself. After all, my popularity has been on the rise because of 'The Forensic Concubine'."

Bai Yu held back her tears as she turned around and​ left. But, even so, Huangfu Shuo did not feel an ounce of sympathy for her. He understood her too well. She had no sincerity whatsoever, because her speciality was lying to herself.

So...they were attending a programme together...

Huangfu Shuo sneered. It was true that he was attending the programme because of Bai Yu. He had previously said that he was going to tear off Bai Yu's mask before 'The Forensic Concubine' did anything. And the time was now right."

It was time to watch a good show!


"I heard that Bai Yu is attending a variety show," Tangning said to Mo Ting while she fed Guo Guo after dinner. "Why is she doing something so devaluing?"

"The only reason she has survived in this industry is because of her petty tricks. How smart at decision-making did you expect her to be?" Mo Ting asked. "Either way, there are a few encounters on the way..."

Mo Ting did not continue, but Tangning already understood the extra layer of meaning to his words.

Whether it was Huangfu Shuo's revenge or Bai Linlin and her husband's affair, both these instances were about to tear Bai Yu apart.

The couple did not converse any more. They simply placed their energy upon their two babies. As she looked at her two cute sons, Tangning couldn't help but pinch Tang Tang's cheek; Guo Guo always cried, so she couldn't provoke him.

But, the most hilarious thing was, as Tang Tang lay in his father's embrace, he ended up peeing all over Daddy Ting's pants.

"Ah ah ba..." Now that the two rascals were 7 months old, they were beginning to mumble random words and Tang Tang was especially talkative when he was happy. After drawing a map on his father's body (with pee), he was so happy that he was yelling loudly.

Tangning couldn't help but laugh at this scene.

"Hurry and have a bath..."

Mo Ting placed a gentle kiss on his son's head before returning him to his crib. He actually enjoyed it when the two rascals did something cheeky in his arms. As a father, there was nothing more heartwarming than this.

The next day, Mo Ting went to work as usual. However, just as he stepped out of his car, he was immediately surrounded by reporters. It seemed, it was time to replace the security for the underground parking lot.

"President Mo, are you planning to pursue a career in acting?"

"President Mo, will you be changing the focus of your work?"

"President Mo, after 'The Forensic Concubine', will you have any other projects?"

"President Mo, everyone is curious about your acting. Can you share with us the training you undertook?"

"I don't think it's necessary to share the details of my work. However, I must say that, the thing I enjoy the most is staying at home and being a father..." Mo Ting shut the reporters up effortlessly.

As a result, a new rumor started to circulate: Mo Ting only participated in 'The Forensic Concubine' because of Tangning...

After all, he was 'the leader of the wife-doting club'.

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