Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 767: The Actor Playing Jun Yilan Is…

Chapter 767: The Actor Playing Jun Yilan Is…

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The majority of the public had already become passive towards 'The Forensic Concubine'.

After its closed filming and long-term refusal to reveal their male lead, as well as propaganda from 'Concubine Ning', 'The Forensic Concubine' was now seen as just a drama that had come to a premature end and was considered a waste of Tang Xiao's masterpiece.

"Now that things have reached this point, I don't think they have any chance for a comeback," Bai Yu's assistant cheered after she compared the level of anticipation between the two dramas. "Yu Jie, our drama is about to start broadcasting. I'm sure, with your level of appeal, the results are going to be amazing. Just sit back and watch the ratings go through the roof."

"This kind of thing still depends on luck. Fortunately, I have always been lucky in this regard," Bai Yu said to her assistant as she got changed in the change room.

"By the way, it's almost the new year. Can I go home early? My family is having a family reunion tonight..."

"You can go home after you drive me home," Bai Yu waved her hand generously. Unfortunately for her, Bai Linlin was overseas and her husband had returned to the US. Who would have thought that she'd spend the new year all on her own in Beijing? But, it didn't matter. Winning against Tangning was already enough to make her happy.


Before she knew it, Tangning's babies were already 6 months old. To spend the new year together, Tangning gathered both the Tang Family and Mo Family together. Even Bei Chendong and Han Xiner attended.

Everyone fought to carry the babies and the two smiley rascals ended up receiving a large pile of red pockets because the elders loved them so much that they didn't want to let go.

"Ning Jie, is 'The Forensic Concubine' really going to lose to 'Concubine Ning'? The feedback I've seen from recent entertainment news hasn't been very good. What's going on?" Han Xiner's biggest concern was the topic that everyone was currently discussing within the industry. If they were simply discussing it, she would have let it slip. But she hated the fact that people were praising 'Concubine Ning' while stepping all over 'The Forensic Concubine'.

"Don't underestimate these two. If you have spare time to care about others, why don't you use that time to think about when you'll marry me," Bei Chendong appeared from behind Han Xiner. After he was done talking to her, he turned to Tangning and offered, "If you need help, just give me a call. Since I've won Best Actor before, I do hold a bit of authority in the industry."

"No need," Mo Ting's cold voice immediately drowned out Bei Chendong's warm enthusiasm.

"Why must you be so proud?"

"At least I'm a father. What about you?"

Bei Chendong: "..."

Bei Chendong had even failed his marriage proposal. So, he had no choice but to look away to avoid the awkwardness.

Mo Ting let out a gentle laugh before he wrapped his arm around Tangning and led her over to the elders so they could celebrate the new year together. Although in his 30 plus years of life, he had never spent the new year with so many people, it didn't seem like such a bad thing.


A few days later, there was another meeting at Hai Rui. The operations executive once again brought up the issue with 'The Forensic Concubine'. He felt that Mo Ting needed to make a decision soon because they were currently in a very difficult situation. 'Concubine Ning' had already climbed up the ranks and become the most anticipated drama, while 'The Forensic Concubine' wasn't even in the top 10.

"If President Mo doesn't come up with a plan soon, 'Concubine Ning' is going to crush us. It's almost time for them to begin airing."

"Let them air then..." Mo Ting replied.


"If I can't win this battle, then you can take over the position of CEO," Mo Ting said straightforwardly. "The meeting will end here. You can wait to see the next step of my plan."

Since Mo Ting had already made a promise like this, the man had nothing else he could say.

Seeing 'Concubine Ning's' stance, Mo Ting decided to change his strategy a little. Weekend broadcast? There was no need to show mercy in that way...

Since they were currently ranked number one as the most anticipated drama, he was going to let them go ahead and air it. He was going to let Bai Yu taste a little sweetness before she experienced failure and despair.

Of course, the fact that Hai Rui had not announced their male lead made Bai Yu assume that Hai Rui had given up fighting. This was good news for her. It meant she no longer had to waste any more energy.


['Concubine Ning' premiere receives a viewership rating of 2! Receives rave reviews from audience]

['Concubine Ning' premiere on fire! Bai Yu deserves the name of Viewership Queen!]

['Concubine Ning' continues to perform well on its second day. At its highest point, reaches a viewership rating of 2.6]

Soon, the opening of 'Concubine Ning' broke all previous viewership ratings. After just two days, everyone was filled with praise. While happily watching the broadcast of 'Concubine Ning', many people were reminded of a drama called 'The Forensic Concubine' which tried to pose as a competitor. Unfortunately, life was filled with ups and downs...So they assumed, by now, 'The Forensic Concubine' had already fallen to the depths of the abyss.

"'Concubine Ning' is so good, it's honestly a good drama to watch."

"The drama is of a high quality. I guess they have a conscience."

"Tangning previously claimed that the script had been changed. But, from the looks of it, it seems more like she was angry because her role had been stolen.

"It's karma. Look at how the 'Forensic Concubine' has come to a standstill."

"Pfft, I don't care. I like watching 'Concubine Ning' and I like Bai Yu."

After seeing the comments online, Bai Yu was prepared to pop a champagne to celebrate. As long as the viewership ratings remained at the current level, the Fei Tian Best Actress Award in February would definitely be hers.

"I never thought Mo Ting would become such a weakling."

But, Bai Yu would have never imagined that after this snowy night, everything would change.

The next morning...

An explosive piece of news appeared in Beijing. Mo Ting had announced that he was going to act!

That's right, Mo Ting was acting!

All of a sudden, the Big Boss of Entertainment stirred up a storm in the industry. Some were doubtful, some were shocked, some just wanted to follow the crowd and others were waiting to be pleasantly surprised. When everyone heard this news, their reactions were different.

When Bai Yu heard this news, she simply sneered, "What game is he trying to play this time?"

But, just as she was waiting to see how her viewership ratings would surpass her previous record, an interesting video began circulating in Beijing...

It was a collaboration between Hai Rui and a famous browser. As soon as the netizens opened the browser, the video would automatically pop-up. As the video was of a high quality, it quickly attracted the attention of youngsters...

As for the content of the video, it was none other than a climactic scene from 'The Forensic Concubine': the scene where Jun Yilan was forced to abdicate his thrown on his wedding night with Qing Lan...

"Hey, I saw a video today...I think it was related to 'The Forensic Concubine'!"

"Me too!"


"F*ck, to see this video, I repeatedly opened the browser. I tried so hard to see it. Did you guys notice who the actor playing Jun Yilan was...?"

"My God! It's Mo Ting! I'm going to explode. Quick, let's tell everyone. It's f*cken so good that I want to cry!"

"Oh dear God, it's Mo Ting; it really is Mo Ting; it's actually Mo Ting! I can't believe it! Have you guys seen it yet? If you haven't, you should hurry over and check it out..."

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