Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 765: Doesn't It Make You More Attracted To Me?

Chapter 765: Doesn't It Make You More Attracted To Me?

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Over the next few days, 'The Best Ex-girlfriend' ended up holding a celebration for the completion of their filming. Throughout the entire filming process, Chen Xingyan's change left the deepest impression on the director. After an entire film's worth of training, she was now a lot more natural in front of the cameras; she did not disappoint as Mo Ting's sister. It was as if her fate was destined to be tied to the entertainment industry because her ability to adapt to different situations was not something the average person could compare to.

"Xingyan, keep up the good work. Continue with your current attitude. Since your whole family is involved with the entertainment industry and you are working in it, you should make a name for yourself. That way you won't humiliate your brother. Plus, you have a great manager that you should appreciate..."

During the celebration, Director Wang drank a little too much, so he spoke a lot more than usual. However, his words were extremely sincere and moved Chen Xingyan.

After the celebration, An Zihao leaned over and whispered in Chen Xingyan's ear, "Let's go. We should go home to get some rest."

Chen Xingyan quickly bid farewell to the crew and left the hotel with An Zihao. However, as soon as she stepped off the lift, she noticed a familiar figure at the reception desk. Even though the woman had a face mask on, Chen Xingyan had clashed with her so many times that it was impossible for her not to recognize her. It was Bai Linlin, and next to her was a man.

"I was wondering why Bai Linlin hasn't been causing trouble lately. It turns out, she's in a relationship."

"Is that Bai Linlin?" An Zihao looked at the couple in detail.

"I'm certain."

"But, if I'm correct, that man is Bai Yu's husband," An Zihao raised his eyebrows at Chen Xingyan.

"Are you saying...?" Chen Xingyan covered her mouth, "Are you saying that Bai Linlin is having an affair with Bai Yu's husband?"

"Looking at their sneaky expressions and how intimate they are, I'm afraid that may be the case."

"Isn't that too ridiculous? Why don't we follow them and take some photos? Hasn't Bai Yu been bothering Ning Jie a lot lately? If news of this gets out..." Chen Xingyan immediately tried to follow the couple, but An Zihao stopped her.

"Silly, there are security cameras...Go home and get some rest. I'll handle this matter."

"Awww...but, it's so exciting," Chen Xingyan couldn't hide her excitement.

An Zihao looked at her in a helplessly doting way. After escorting her to the car, he made her wait half an hour before they returned home. As soon as they walked in through the front door, Chen Xingyan immediately pounced upon An Zihao and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Did you get the evidence?"

"What do you think?" An Zihao asked as he pinched her on the bottom.

"Why don't we do something exciting too?"

An Zihao knew what she was thinking, so he immediately rejected her, "You're still young..."

"I'm already 20-years-old..."

"Go get some rest. I'm going to speak to Tangning about what to do with the security footage of Bai Linlin cheating with her brother-in-law."

"Fine, you have serious matters to tend to. Bai Yu is going to suffer..." After speaking, Chen Xingyan slid off An Zihao's body.

An Zihao patted her on the head as a bitter smile appeared on his face. This woman didn't seem to understand the dangers of rubbing against his body. Worst of all, he was finding it more and more difficult to control himself. If he could no longer endure one day and actually slept with her, what would he do?

An Zihao sighed and turned around to return to his study room. He then gave Tangning a phone call. But, the person to pick up was Mo Ting.

"Errr...I didn't mean to call Tangning so late at night, but there's something that I really want to share with her."

"Uh huh, I guess you're​ a qualified girlfriend of hers," Mo Ting said as he raised an eyebrow.

An Zihao held his head helplessly. Although he didn't want to admit that he was like a woman in Mo Ting's mind, in front of Mo Ting, he had to admit defeat.

"Keke, well...Xingyan and I attended a celebration dinner today. But, we ran into Bai Linlin and Bai Yu's husband having an affair at the hotel. Due to the fact that Bai Yu has been clinging to Tangning, I thought this information would be of use to you guys. So, I went to the security office and secured a copy of the surveillance footage."

"You don't need to make a phone call about something like this," Mo Ting said coldly.

An Zihao could have said that he had things to tell Tangning that he didn't want Mo Ting to know about. But he didn't.

Above all, it wasn't his responsibilty to catch the adulterous couple. Couldn't Mo Ting at least be thankful?

If this was in the past, he would have questioned Mo Ting. But now, due to guilt, he could only stare at Mo Ting and let him be right.

"What did Zihao say?" Tangning was actually standing by Mo Ting's​ side feeding the babies.

"He discovered Bai Linlin having an affair with Bai Yu's husband," Mo Ting said as he put down his phone.

Tangning was a little stunned but quickly accepted it, "It doesn't really come as a surprise. Bai Linlin is young and beautiful, whereas Bai Yu is ambitious and ruthless. Any man would go for the first option."

"I wouldn't," Mo Ting looked at Tangning seriously. "My every choice is you."

Recently, Tangning discovered that she had turned into Mo Ting's fangirl. She had become a lot more obsessed with this man. Everytime she discovered something new about him, she would wonder if there was anything that he couldn't do.

After putting down her babies, Tangning tugged on Mo Ting's shirt and pulled him closer to her, "I still have a debt to collect."

Mo Ting smiled as he followed Tangning into their bedroom.

"How many other things have you not told me?" Tangning asked as she pressed Mo Ting against the wall. "After marrying you for so long, I've realized that there is still so much to discover about you. Mr. Mo, you sure know how to surprise and delight me."

"Doesn't it make you more attracted to me?" Mo Ting asked with a smile. "But that can't be right Mrs Mo, I feel like the thing that attracts you the most about me is something else..."

"You..." Before Tangning could finish talking, Mo Ting lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed.

"Mrs Mo, I can't hear a word you're saying at the moment. All I can think having you."

Throughout their day of filming, especially when they acted alongside each other, the majority of their scenes were heartbreaking. It was a combination of love and hate; of being in love, but not being able to be together. Everytime she experienced scenes like this, Tangning would reflect on herself and be even more grateful for the man before her and their family.


'The Forensic Concubine' ended up filming for a good few months and remained under wraps the entire time. At this point, there were still a few big scenes that had not been filmed yet.

Perhaps to speed up the progress, after causing trouble between Hai Rui and fans of the novel, Bai Yu went under the radar for a while and placed her focus on 'Concubine Ning'. Actually, when it came to acting, she really wasn't bad. However, she acted kind while playing vicious tricks, which was much too disgusting.

After An Zihao handed the evidence of Bai Linlin cheating with Bai Yu's husband to Mo Ting, Mo Ting was in no rush to put it to use. After all, President Mo had always been black-bellied​. He knew that good things should be used where they made the biggest impact because that was the most effective way to utilize a resource.

Before anyone knew it, the time of year with the most award ceremonies came around again.

As 'Concubine Ning' reached its completion, Bai Yu began to attend many promotional events. Of course, she continued to appear in front of everyone with her fake smile and spoke words of fake kindness. But, everytime she went out at night, 'someone' would help her 'take good care' of her husband.

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