Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 763: President Mo, Is Everything Alright?

Chapter 763: President Mo, Is Everything Alright?

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"Even if someone is to teach him, that someone would be Tangning. Did you think that Tangning's acting isn't as good as yours?" the staff whispered into Huangfu Shuo's ear.

Huangfu Shuo froze for a moment and cleared his throat to get rid of the awkwardness.

"President Mo, is everything alright?" Director Chen Feng approached Mo Ting personally to check on him.

Mo Ting gently shook his head and reassured the director with this small gesture.

As mentioned previously, Mo Ting had suffered a lot when he first took over Hai Rui. But, to prevent himself from being used by others, he personally experienced everything within the industry himself. Whether it was singing or acting, he forced himself to learn about it and to get used to it. Because he understood, as long as he had things under control, he wouldn't need to ask others for help.

"OK, get ready. It's time to start filming!" Chen Feng returned to the camera and reminded Tangning, "Tangning, take notice of any changes in your emotions."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting before she nodded at the director. The first scene was of the moment that Jun Yilan noticed Tangning's character getting excited over some interesting knick knacks that the eunuch had brought from the outside world. However, she had never smiled like that in front of Jun Yilan. So, he was angry.

The camera first showed Qing Lan facing Jun Yilan side ways. After zooming in for a close-up of Qing Lan, it would then focus on Jun Yilan.

"Can President Mo really do it?"

"I'm nervous...I think I'm more nervous than President Mo."

"President Mo's not an actor. When he's quiet, he is like an ethereal being. I hope he doesn't destroy himself with his actions."

Before the set was cleared, the remaining members of staff placed their gaze upon Mo Ting. They were afraid that he wouldn't be able to act and would be a disappointment.

In reality, they didn't have high expectations. Some of them even covered their eyes, afraid that the scene awaiting them would be terrible.

As soon as the clapperboard clapped down, Tangning could be seen sitting on a carved wooden bench and giggling as she flipped through a picture album. At this time, Jun Yilan stepped in and saw the joy on her face, so he said, "I've never seen you laugh like this. This is the first time."

Qing Lan lifted her head. As soon as she saw Jun Yilan, she quickly hid the album behind her back in surprise.

Jun Yilan flicked back his robe and sat down on the wooden bench. His gaze and tone of voice contained a sense of disappointment​. That's right, it was disappointment. He then lowered his head and tried to suppress his emotions before he transformed back into the Jun Yilan that Qing Lan knew. However, as he spoke, his voice sounded a little dull.

"I thought, over the years, after depending on each other for so long, you would not feel like you had to hide anything around me. But, in the end, I was simply faced with disappointment. Do I make you so unhappy?"

Qing Lan looked a little sad, but she held back her emotions and replied, "If you don't have anything else, please leave. I am tired."

After speaking, Qing Lan stood up from the bench. However, just as she took one step, Jun Yilan grabbed onto her wrist, pulled her back and pressed her against the carved wooden door. The two looked at each other. The fire in Jun Yilan's eyes looked ready to explode; he looked cold and in pain, yet angry and helpless. The complicated emotions made him confused as to what to do.

So, his hands trembled.

"I told you to be careful of the eunuch."

"You're​ my son. You should be calling me mother!"

"You don't believe me?" Jun Yilan asked as he gripped onto Qing Lan's neck.

"Jun Yilan, don't forget our identities. I am your mother. I can use whomever I want. It is my business. You have no right telling me what to do."

"But, what to do? I've already replaced the eunuch. From today onwards, he will no longer appear in Tai Chen Palace!"

Qing Lan's face turned red as veins began to show in her eyes. Soon, tears began to flow down her cheek, past her jaw, eventually landing on Jun Yilan's right hand.

But, she had a stubbornness in her eyes, "Bring him back!"

Hearing this, Jun Yilan loosened his grip on Qing Lan's neck and looked at her with ridicule, "I forgot, mother has no intention to hurt me over an outsider." After speaking, he retreated a few steps and left without looking back.

Qing Lan leaned against the door as her soft sobs turned into a painful cry.

"Cut!" Director Chen Feng yelled, before he stood up and exclaimed, "That was great! I never knew President Mo had such a hidden talent. Most importantly, I can't believe the two of you completed the scene in one take."

Everyone on set were stunned...

What just happened?

When did the scene end?

Everyone held their breaths. The way that Mo Ting strangled Tangning made them feel like they had been strangled. It was much too realistic.

"Jun Yilan is deeply in love..."

"Oh...Qing Lan has it really tough. She has to control her emotions while dealing with Jun Yilan's tenderness. It's so heartbreaking..."

"Wait a minute, what did I just see? Mo Ting is amazing! No one has ever said that President Mo can act."

"He can do everything. Does he still want the rest of us to live?"

Chen Feng looked at the confused expression on everyone's faces and explained to them, "President Mo wasn't born with this talent. He had gone through training when he first took over Hai Rui."

"How come no one knew about it?"

"I think even Tangning wasn't aware of this."

Mo Ting actually knew how to act. In fact, his acting was unfathomable!

As soon as everyone found out about this, they were filled with excitement. This world was too amazing. How could a man be this perfect?

After stepping off the set, Mo Ting returned to his usual cold self, dressed in a tidy suit with a serious expression on his face. But, when he was in his costume, he immediately became Jun Yilan.

"Did you still want to teach President Mo how to act? With President Mo's smooth acting, your skills are just like child's play!"

Huangfu Shuo scoffed and turned around with his arms crossed, "When a man is too perfect, they become boring!'

A capable actor was capable of leading the other actors they worked with, especially those that participated in the same scene.

Tangning had already gotten used to controlling her emotions. But, just a moment ago, when she was filming with Mo Ting, she truly forgot she was Tangning. Her every response was a reaction to Mo Ting's response.

So, she couldn't imagine the level of Mo Ting's acting.

This man deserved a beating. How could he say that he couldn't act when they were at home?

"So, President Mo, can you explain what this is all about? Didn't you say that you couldn't act?" Tangning asked as she lifted an eyebrow.

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