Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 762: The True Jun Yilan!

Chapter 762: The True Jun Yilan!

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Although Tangning wanted to know who the male lead was, she did not show it on her face. She knew, when they finally had scenes together, they'd eventually meet. So, it was only a matter of time.

Because Tangning had no manager and assistant by her side, the crew took extra care of her. In fact, some members of staff didn't quite understand what she was thinking.

"Look at you. You're so famous and can have everything you want, why don't you find yourself an assistant? If you look at other big shots, they always have 2 assistants and 4 bodyguards by their side; this has already become the norm. Yet, you're still doing everything on your own."

The auntie that delivered lunch to the set noticed that noone ever came to collect Tangning's lunch for her, so she personally brought it to Tangning.

As Tangning ate, she felt very warm inside.

"I think I'm fine on my own. I don't have anything that requires special care. Auntie, you're a good person."

"Haiz, it's hard to come across a steadfast person like you. Eat more."

It's not that Tangning didn't need an assistant. But, because of the incident with Song Xin, she no longer thought it was necessary to have one. Especially after giving birth to twins, she no longer felt like a person had any need for special care.

Tangning smiled and accepted the auntie's kindness. But, a moment later, a surprised shriek could be heard coming from the set, "I heard the male lead appeared on set! The male lead is here!"

"Did you see who it was?"

"I only heard about it. Won't we end up seeing him in the afternoon?"

Indeed, in the afternoon, Tangning and the male lead would be filming a scene together. Tangning refused to believe that he wouldn't be showing up.

"Oh God, I can't wait!"

After lunch, Tangning sat on set reading her script; the scene that afternoon would be quite important. Firstly she would be filming with the secondary male. Afterwards, she would film a scene with the male lead which almost results in a break in their relationship. So, she needed to have 100% focus.

This scene was also the first scene between herself and Huangfu Shuo. She was actually quite excited. Even though Huangfu Shuo defied convention, his acting ability could not be ignored.

So, not long after, Tangning and Huangfu Shuo began their first scene together.

Huangfu Shuo's character was one that stuck by the female lead's side. While everyone assumed that he was a eunuch, he was actually a prince from another kingdom who had been undercover beside the female lead for many years. This man's feelings towards the female lead were complex and everchanging. But, of course, he simply appeared like a cheery person in front of everyone.

As his character's personality was similar to how he was in real life, Huangfu Shuo was extremely relaxed and his interaction with Tangning was very entertaining. The two actors only made two mistakes before they completed the scene successfully. Afterwards, it was time for Tangning and the male lead's scene. After hearing that the male lead was already on set, Huangfu Shuo joked in a shameless way, "I refuse to believe that there is another actor on set who is better at acting and more handsome than me."

But, at this time...

...a dark figure appeared from the change room. He was tall and incomparable!

"Oh God!"

"Look, look!"

"Oh my God..."

Every single person that saw Mo Ting couldn't help but feel excited; almost losing control of their emotions.

On one side of the set, Huangfu Shuo was talking his head off, making everyone smile and laugh. But, on the other side, everyone that saw Mo Ting walk past, felt their minds explode in shock.

"I'm the most handsome. I refuse to believe that the male lead would be better looking than I am!"

At this time, Mo Ting appeared from behind him.

The two men were very different in height. As everyone looked at them, they covered their mouths in shock. Meanwhile, Tangning was so stunned that she threw her script to the side. Even though she had guessed that the male lead was Mo Ting, she had never seen him in clothes like this.

He was indeed born with a king-like presence. From the looks of it, Huangfu Shuo definitely looked like a supporting character.

"Am...Am I seeing things? Is that President Mo?"

The staff member next to Tangning shook her arm and asked, "Is he alive and real?"

"Yes," Tangning regained her composure and nodded her head at the staff member.

"I've never seen a man look so good in ancient attire. I feel so lucky. I'm about to faint."

"Oh! President Mo has arrived to work with his wife!"

"This is the true Jun Yilan. No one is more suited to this character than him."

Seeing everyone was in a craze, Huangfu Shuo turned around to leave. But, he was frightened by Mo Ting who was standing behind him. Huangfu Shuo could not deny that Mo Ting was the emperor; the emperor that hated the world - Jun Yilan.

"What a surprise, Tangning. Did you already know about this?"

"I am in the same position as you guys. I only found out now," Tangning replied to the staff.

"In that case, is mother pleased with this result?," Mo Ting said in a similar tone to his character in the script.

"I tried so hard to test you, but your lips were sealed. Did you do that to create this moment?" Tangning couldn't help but glare at him. "Even if you didn't hide, you would have still surprised me. After all, I've never imagined that you'd look so dazzling in these clothes."

"What are your thoughts guys? President Mo may look dazzling, but, what about his acting? We only know that he can create scripts, but he can't act, can he?"

"I don't care if he can act or not. As long as he joins the cast, even if he has to stand there and say nothing, I would still be satisfied."

The staff once again erupted in discussions. At the same time, Huangfu Shuo, tried to show off his identity as an elder by saying to Mo Ting, "After you put on your costume, you and I will become colleagues. I don't think you are a gangster boss, right? Nor is it likely that you've ever acted before.. Since you have no experience, do you want me to teach you?"

Mo Ting was dressed in a black robe. His appearance was imposing, unlike a normal human. But, everyone was worried about his acting.

Although he was the President of Hai Rui and the investor behind this drama... didn't mean that he could act.

If his acting turned out horrible, what would they do?

Mo Ting lowered his head and questioned Huangfu Shuo, "How do you plan to teach me?"

Tangning giggled because of this. Afterwards, she lowered her head and returned her focus to her script. After all, the scene coming up was quite important.

The eunuch played by Huangfu Shuo was discovered by Jun Yilan, so without consulting Qing Lan, he directly replaced the helpers by her side. Although Tangning knew that the eunuch had ulterior motives, she disliked Jun Yilan's methods. After all, she was his mother.

As a result, the couple got into a huge fight. At first, Jun Yilan respected Qing Lan because she was his 'mother'. But, stressed and angry, he immediately grabbed onto Qing Lan's neck and asked if she had a heart.

This scene required explosive power and strong emotions...

Even for an actor like Huangfu Shuo, it was difficult to complete the scene, let alone someone like Mo Ting.

Mo Ting was like a mystery. He didn't know anything, yet he chose to be the male lead.

But, most importantly, Director Chen Feng actually agreed with him?

Had he gone crazy from wanting to win against their competitor? If they couldn't find a male lead, they could have given it to him. Was it necessary to use someone that knew nothing?

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