Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 760: No Other Actor Has Any Business Being Here

Chapter 760: No Other Actor Has Any Business Being Here

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Rumors continued to circulate that Huangfu Shuo was the male lead of 'The Forensic Concubine'. Of course, he was more than happy to act as a cover. After all, the production had no intention to reveal the real male lead and kept their lips firmly sealed.

Since Hai Rui owned a few filming studios, it wasn't hard to keep things under wraps. So, during the time when Hai Rui had no other promotions and events, Huangfu Shuo naturally took on the responsibilty of promoting for 'The Forensic Concubine'.

Huangfu Shuo continued to surround himself with women even after signing with 'The Forensic Concubine'. He had always kept a clear distinction between work and play. So, with the added fact that he had recently caused Bai Yu to suffer a blow, he was in an extremely good mood. As a result, whenever the reporters tried to interview him, he would briefly mention 'The Forensic Concubine'. It was his way of upholding his responsibilty as an actor and to show gratitude to Mo Ting for giving him the chance to humiliate Bai Yu.

Actually, from the moment they announced that he was joining the cast, one month had already passed. Yet, even he hadn't seen any signs of the male lead.

After all, the first few days of filming were focused on the scenes of supporting characters...

Even Tangning hadn't officially appeared on set yet. Perhaps due to the two babies at home, she had not made necessary arrangements.

But, Huangfu Shuo didn't mind. He quite liked his character and enjoyed his scenes. The silver dragon-embroidered robe and jade crown on his head made him appear powerful and domineering with an imposing presence.

Compared to the male lead, his character was a lot more relaxed. It wasn't involved in as many complicated schemes and problems. He didn't need to admire the female lead without her knowing and protect his throne at the same time. If a person like this actually existed in the real world, it would also be quite tiring.


Actually, two days before Tangning headed on set, she had tried to test Mo Ting. But, Mo Ting did not reveal anything out of the ordinary. He went to work as usual and took care of the babies after he arrived home. He really knew how to control himself...

"As it is our own production crew, we can be flexible. You can go home at night and our mothers can take care of the babies during the day," Mo Ting explained "If you get too tired and need to spend the night at the hotel, give me a phone call and I will make arrangements​."

"Are you sure you don't have anything to tell me?" Tangning asked one last time.

"Do I?" Mo Ting lowered his head and continued to help Tangning pack her luggage. "The filming this time will be completely sealed off to the public and the set will be cleared every single time. The cast and crew will also sign a confidentiality agreement. You don't need to worry about anything."

"With you here, what is there for me to be worried about?" Tangning was a little disappointed.

"Don't think too much. Hurry and check on the babies, so you can go to sleep..."

Tangning nodded her head. After taking a bath, she returned to the bedroom. As she had an early start the next day, she did not want to waste any more time in case she would be too tired. However...after she fell asleep, Mo Ting left the house and headed to the filming studio organized by Hai Rui.

"President, everything's set to go," Lu Che and the other members of staff were ready, especially the makeup artist and photographer.

"Apply the makeup," Mo Ting sat down at the makeup table.

"President Mo, your are so good looking..." This was the first time that the makeup artist had seen Mo Ting from such a close distance. After looking at his handsome face, not only was she flustered, she couldn't control herself from praising him.

"Focus on your work," Mo Ting ordered coldly.

The makeup artist nodded her head as she placed the white jade crown on Mo Ting's head. Coupled with the silver armor on his body, one glance and his king-like presence was enough to dazzle anyone. In fact, the photographer forgot he was even holding a camera as he dropped it on his foot.

"Of course, as soon as the President makes a move, no other actor has any business being here," Lu Che nodded furiously.

Mo Ting was dressed in a full set of armor because his character was heading into the battle ground for the female lead. And women were most charmed by men when they looked heroic like this, especially when they had a king-like presence like Mo Ting. If he actually existed in ancient times, his face would definitely turn the world upside down...

"He's handsome! He's so handsome!"

"His face, his lips, his nose, his sends sparks flying."

Tonight, they were simply taking promotional photos, but the photographer couldn't stop. When faced with something beautiful, people often couldn't control themselves from wanting to see more.

Afterwards, Mo Ting changed into a set of emperor's robes...

A few members of staff hid in the corner in excitement, "Oh God, how is there a man like President Mo in this world who is born with such a cold and sexy presence? As soon as he put on the emperor's robes, I immediately wanted to become one of his concubines."

"FML, I can't believe that we can't take a photo of him and share it with the world. What a shame!"

"Wait until the promotional photos get released, every man in Beijing will feel inferior."

"Exactly! Oh my God, I'm so excited. I wonder if Tangning's seen it."

Of course, Tangning hadn't seen it...

At this moment, she was sleeping soundly at home.

The next morning, Mo Ting woke up like he had forgotten the photoshoot at the studio the night before. After preparing himself for the day, he escorted Tangning to the set.

"If you miss me, give me a phone call," Mo Ting reminded with his usual thoughtfulness. He then made sure everything was fine on set before he left.

Earlier that morning, Director Chen Feng had received copies of the promotional photos. At that time, he was shocked beyond belief. But, he knew to keep it a secret without Mo Ting having to say anything. He knew that everything would eventually be revealed.

"Director Chen, where's our male lead? When will he be appearing on set?" one of the supporting actors asked. "Even Tangning's arrived, how arrogant must this actor be?"

"The male lead won't be appearing on set for the time being due to a busy schedule. We will first film the supporting scenes and not waste any time," Director Chen explained reassuringly.

"Fine. Luckily Tangning's here. By the way, we haven't seen her in ancient costume before! 'Concubine Ning' is about to finish filming and her fans have been praising her like she's one of a kind. Am I the only one that's noticed this? I feel like 'someone's' been in the US for too long and doesn't quite fit in here."

"You will get to see her very soon," Chen Feng smiled.

Actually, Tangning's appearance was well suited to ancient costume. She was tall, graceful and gave off a peaceful vibe, so the crew had faith in her. She simply had to get into costume and Bai Yu would immediately feel inferior.

On the afternoon that Tangning arrived on set, the makeup artist made a few changes to her look.

As a result, Tangning spent the entire afternoon in the waiting room.

Tangning's appearance was split into three stages. The first stage was during the time that she was the previous emperor's concubine; second was when she was a powerful empress dowager; and finally, the last stage was when she became the feminine royal consort.

Due to provocation from 'Concubine Ning', the makeup artist and stylist spent a lot of time and effort creating Tangning's look.

Of course, whether as a model or an actress, Tangning never disappointed...

Firstly, she tried on the simple but elegant look of the concubine.

As soon as the stylist finished helping Tangning put on her plain-colored dress, everyone in the waiting room were stunned. Tangning looked like something from a painting....

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