Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 758: President Mo's Revenge

Chapter 758: President Mo's Revenge

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"President Mo, are you asking me to play the secondary character?" Huangfu Shuo asked in disbelief as he pointed to himself while sitting in Hai Rui's meeting room. "Me? Secondary?"

"I've seen your previous works. Giving you this role is a decision I came to after analyzing your acting ability," Mo Ting said with an attitude befitting of the King of Entertainment as he negotiated with Huangfu Shuo. "You may have played a male lead before, but do you honestly think you were up to standard?"

"President Mo, everyone in the industry knows that, I, Young Master Huangfu, will only act based on my mood. I'm not used to the way you're talking to me." Huangfu Shuo was a handsome man. He had the type of look that drew people in with one glance. But, a quick change in his appearance and he'd give off a completely different vibe. It was evident how flexible he was. However, his attitude..."I don't want to play this rubbish."

"You debuted at 17-years-old. At that time, you were still a good little boy. But, because of underhanded schemes, you suffered a lot of setbacks. At that time, there was a woman that gave you a lot of encouragement. However, she ended up abandoning you in the end. So, from that moment on, you created an image of a player for yourself..."

"Aren't you curious why she abandoned you?"

After Huangfu Shuo heard this, he immediately put away his casual attitude and became slightly angered, "I see that Hai Rui likes to dig up other people's private matters."

"She ended up in a relationship with a singer. But, that singer only had a small moment of fame and was quickly unheard of again. So, she had an abortion, flew overseas and ended up marrying a slightly famous actor in Hollywood."

"How ruthless!" Huangfu Shuo scoffed.

"I've looked at your audition. It's really good. So, are you going to sign with us or not?" Mo Ting changed the subject calmly. "I know you actually want to question her and attract her attention, that's why you act so seriously. But, unfortunately, her status is too high and you can't reach her. Hai Rui is giving you a chance; if we announce that you have newly joined the cast of 'The Forensic Concubine', I can guarantee that Bai Yu will look at you in a different light."

"Do you think that I would want that?" Huangfu Shuo sneered.

"You may not want that. But, you can always transform in front of her and make her feel regret."

"Can we really achieve what you've said?"

"I'm sure you must know that Bai Yu has been openly trying to go against my wife," Mo Ting said straightforwardly. "How do you think she would feel if she found out that the lover she once abandoned, ended up acting with her enemy?"

That would be super satisfying!

Huangfu Shuo was tempted.

Although he had already matured a lot, there was nothing wrong with being childish every once in a while.

"What else can I say? Of course I'll sign with you...I wish for an enjoyable cooperation, President Mo," Huangfu Shuo returned to his usual casual attitude. Tangning had encountered a lot in the past, but the best way to describe Huangfu Shuo would be to say that everyone had secrets that they couldn't talk about. And these secrets were like thorns, embedded deep within their hearts.

One may disregard these thorns as being small and insignificant; unable to cause much damage. But, as soon as someone touched them, the pain would be unbearable.

Some people, for example, Tangning, would end up being cured by others.

But, the majority would continue to carry this burden with them...


"I heard you already signed a contract with Huangfu Shuo, is that right?" Tangning asked during dinner, "Have you already confirmed it?"

"Uh huh," Mo Ting nodded.

Tangning lowered her head. This was perhaps the first time that Mo Ting made a decision without first consulting her.

"But, I don't think Huangfu Shuo can handle the male lead. It's not his scandals that I'm worried about, I'm concerned about his acting..." Although Tangning tried to control herself, she couldn't help but speak her mind. "Don't you think you've made this decision too recklessly?"

As soon as Mo Ting heard this, he stopped eating and pulled Tangning towards him, placing her on his lap, "Did you think you're the only one that knows that and I'm oblivious to it all? It's because I know that he's not up to standard, that's why I merely signed him for the secondary character, silly."

"The secondary character?" Tangning finally responded after being shocked for a while.

"I chose him because he was Bai Yu's first love and was abandoned by her. Since Bai Yu is so arrogant, let's see if she is shameless enough to approach Huangfu Shuo," Mo Ting said in an extremely vengeful tone. This was Mo Ting, the black-bellied Mo Ting. As long as someone tried to bully Tangning, he would find a way to strike back at them. Even though, this time, Lu Che was the actual one that deserved credit.

In an instant, Tangning understood Mo Ting's intention and pinched him on the thigh, "I really don't know what to do about you. In that case, what's happening with the male lead?"

"For an important character like that, the mystery will be revealed at the end."

"Fine. You are killing me with anticipation." After she was done talking, Tangning wanted to stand up, but Mo Ting hugged her tightly around the waist and pleaded in a low voice, "Don't go..."

"Huh?" Tangning was puzzled.

"I don't think I've made love to you on the dining table before, have I?" Mo Ting said as he lifted his handsome face.

This time, Tangning was truly shocked...

"I've already paid you back for all that I owed."

"No. It's my turn to pay you back..." Mo Ting said before he placed Tangning on top of the dining table, ignoring everything else. At this moment, all he wanted to do was connect with Tangning to the depths of her soul. He wondered how such a mysterious woman existed in this world? A woman that made him love her more by the day; a woman that he wanted to possess more and more...


The next day, 'The Forensic Concubine' officially had a new member and Huangfu Shuo was confirmed as this strong addition to the cast. However, Hai Rui did not announce which character he'd be playing.

So, the public couldn't help but speculate that he'd be playing the role of male lead.

The fans of the novel didn't know whether to agree or disagree. They couldn't completely disagree because Huangfu Shuo was extremely handsome, he looked good in ancient costume and, most importantly, his acting was decent. But, they also couldn't agree because he had too many scandals. However, even though he had a lot of relationships, he wasn't the promiscuous type.

As soon as the news was released, the most shocked, of course, weren't the fans. After all, Mo Ting's aim was not to attack the fans, but to attack Bai Yu.

So, as expected, Bai Yu's face turned pale as soon as she read about it.

If she hadn't seen his name with her own eyes, she probably would have forgotten that she had a history with this man.

Did Hai Rui actually get Huangfu Shuo to play their male lead?

Huangfu Shuo?

Was he worthy?

Bai Yu wondered if Hai Rui knew something? If not, why would they pick Huangfu Shuo out of all people?

She had never admitted to her relationship with Huangfu Shuo. She was confident that if Huangfu Shuo remained relatively unknown, things would be easy to control. But, if he became famous and revealed that she had abandoned him for the sake of moving up in her career...then...

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