Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 757: Meet With His Manager

Chapter 757: Meet With His Manager

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Lu Che compiled a new list of male candidates and placed them on Mo Ting's desk. He also placed the one's that he personally thought were the most suitable on top.

"While selecting these actors, I came across one that is slightly arrogant, but has decent acting. His name is Huang Fushuo. He looks like a typical rich heir type and is similar to the type of actor we are after. Although he is quite reckless, he has never made any major mistakes. Perhaps, we can train him a little. Most importantly, he is quite an interesting character..."

Mo Ting flipped open Huang Fushuo's portfolio and asked Lu Che, "Have you contacted him?"

"Yes I have. His manager said he is currently having a break, but he is ready to commence work at anytime," Lu Che nodded.

"Let me see his previous works and help me find more information on him. It's best if you be as comprehensive as possible," Mo Ting instructed in a deep voice as he threw aside the portfolio.

"I've already made preparations. His information is on your left. You can take a look at it when you have time. Most importantly, this actor isn't easy to invite. If the President acts on it personally, I'm sure you will be able to succeed."

In some respects, Lu Che quite liked Huang Fushuo's unrestrained character.

This male artist simply relied on his talent to survive and didn't have much of an ambition. But, whenever​ he was working, he was extremely dedicated to his work. The only problem was, he was quite flirtatious and often tried to gain cheap verbal pleasure from actresses.

Lu Che had seen a few of Huang Fushuo's interviews. They were generally good and did not humiliate his identity as an actor.

But, most importantly, he had a complex relationship with Bai Yu...

"He is indeed interesting..."

"Huang Fushuo has no faults, everything he does depends on his mood. He hates it when people try to flatter him and prefers the excitement of a challenge," Lu Che explained seriously.

"Meet with his manager and discuss our cooperation. Most importantly, arrange an audition for Huang Fushuo."

Mo Ting had heard of this actor. He was often involved with scandalous gossip, but it never scared him. He simply continued minding his own business in the industry. But, he did have one notable feature: his approach to acting. His professionalism was no less than any of the big name actors.

Of course, if Hai Rui wanted to use an actor like this, it was quite a big risk.

One wrong move and the entire production would fall apart.

But, who were they dealing with?

He was Mo Ting.

As long as he was in the industry, there was nothing he couldn't control.


"Have you guys heard that 'The Forensic Concubine' still hasn't found a male lead yet?"

The crew of 'Concubine Ning' gossiped during their spare time. But, their tone obviously showed that they were taking pleasure in others misfortune. After all, they were competitors and Tangning had rejected them in front of everyone. So, due to their childish nature, they couldn't help but laugh as soon as they heard that the progress of 'The Forensic Concubine' was at a standstill.

"After insulting someone, she deserves retribution. This is what you call karma."

"Tangning is so arrogant, let's see what she'll do this time. I heard both male lead candidates rejected the role. How satisfying!"

"How could a rubbish production like that be compared to us?"

As Bai Yu finished filming, she overheard the staff gossiping and couldn't help but smile. This was exactly her intent.

Afterwards, Bai Yu and her assistant left the studio and returned to the hotel organized by the crew. But, when she thought about how she previously yelled at her sister, she decided to give her a phone call to apologize.

But, unexpectedly, the person to pick up the phone was a man.

"Who are you?"

On the other side of the phone, as soon as the man heard Bai Yu's voice, he immediately hung up. Bai Yu thought it was a man that Bai Linlin had met while fooling around, so she called again, "She's absolutely hopeless!"

"Yu Jie, don't be angry, Linlin is still small."

"Small...?" Bai Yu returned disappointedly to her hotel room without having any suspicions towards the male voice that was on Bai Linlin's phone.

After having a shower, Bai Yu gave her husband a phone call. The couple said good night to each other as usual and Bai Yu quickly fell asleep afterwards. But, she had no idea that the man she trusted with all her heart, was currently heading to a hotel with his arms around her drunk sister.

"Brother-in-law, you're so handsome...Brother-in-law."

Bai Linlin wasn't in her right mind, but her subconscious still knew who she was with.

The man leaned Bai Linlin against his shoulder. After pulling out the room card, he helped Bai Linlin into the room and placed her on the bed...

" you like me?"

Bai Linlin wrapped her arm around the man's neck and laughed out loud, "Yes, I like you. But, I don't like it when you are nice to my sister..."

"How about I treat you nice from now on?"

The man asked seductively.

"OK..." Bai Linlin nodded. But, after realizing the man's true intent, she lay frozen in bed, unable to move.

As they looked into each other's eyes, the man suddenly stopped and asked patiently, "Why don't you give yourself to brother-in-law? From now on, I'll only be nice to you. But, if you're not willing, we can pretend nothing happened and I'll immediately send you home."

Bai Linlin's mind turned blank... Her heart raced thinking about the words that the brother-in-law she admired had suddenly said. How was she to still consider whether he was her sister's husband or not? So she threw herself directly into his arms. As a result, the couple crossed the line. They ended up spending an intimate night in the hotel, completely disregarding Bai Yu's existence.


The next morning, Tangning found out through Lu Che that Mo Ting had arranged for Huang Fushuo to attend an audition. Although she felt it was quite a shame, she respected Mo Ting's decision and decided to go check out Huang Fushuo's acting.

Mo Ting looked at Tangning, who remained quiet throughout breakfast and knew what she was hoping for. But, he had to first get rid of all obstacles in their way.

"You didn't eat much for breakfast. How is that nutritious enough?"

Tangning shook her head and refused to eat, "The weather is too hot. I don't have much of an appetite."

"Are you wondering why I decided to choose Huang Fushuo and not myself?"

"No," Tangning denied.

"You will know the reason later on," Mo Ting did not explain things clearly, but he had a plan.

"I'm going to go feed the babies breakfast," Tangning nodded; she had complete trust in Mo Ting. Even though Mo Ting didn't say it, Tangning had a rough idea. After all, Mo Ting never did things ambiguously. This husband of hers, never kept secrets from her.

Moreover, Mo Ting was an outstanding decision-maker.

Mo Ting patted Tangning gently on the head and stood up to look at the babies. Afterwards, he left for work. Huang Fushuo was to visit Hai Rui today...

He did indeed have the intention to sign a contract with Huang Fushuo, but...he did not intend for him to be male lead...

To prevent the same situation that happened with Long Xing and Lu Yiling from happening again, it was necessary to create an illusion.

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