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Chapter 754: Tangning Is Well And Truly Back!

Chapter 754: Tangning Is Well And Truly Back!

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Both women had worked internationally, but they were in different fields.

When it came to being an actress, Tangning was still a rookie. All she had in her hands was one Best Newcomer Award, while Bai Yu had already made a place for herself in Hollywood.

After comparing the two women for such a long period of time, Bai Yu's fans claimed Tangning was leeching off Bai Yu!

But, Bai Yu was obviously the one that viewed Tangning as an opponent from the start and tried to make comparisons.

"I finally know what it means to throw the blame on the victim. My Ning has been at home taking care of her baby, unlike a certain actress that's been creating headlines non-stop: everyone's talking about her high EQ one day and discussing her good figure the next. How did my Ning turn into a bully just by making a comeback?"

"My Ning is just a rookie actress, she is aware that she can't compare to a certain international award-winning actress. So, please, let her go."

"I must be drunk. Up until this point, has my Ning said anything? Don't the 'Bai Fans' have a conscience?"

"The entire world owes Bai Yu an Oscar."

"Fans of a certain international actress are acting like a bunch of hooligans."

"You focus on being your 'Concubine Ning', you don't need to worry about our 'Forensic Concubine'."

Online, discussions were igniting furiously amongst netizens - especially since Tangning had agreed to an interview after the press release. The 'Bai Fans' directly scolded Tangning, claiming that she was leeching off their idol and that their award-winning actress didn't care about comparing herself to Tangning.

Even though they saw how beautiful Tangning appeared at the event, they weren't willing to admit it. Because there was a saying: 'one can never wake up someone that is pretending to sleep'.


The event lasted for a total of two hours while Tangning displayed her greatest appeal as a spokesperson. After the commercial was released, the pre-sales of the luxury cosmetic brand's new season foundation, exceeded all its previous achievements and reintroduced demand for the brand.

Tangning's endorsements never disappointed. This made the advertisers extremely happy and reaffirmed Tangning's popularity as well as her professionalism as a model.

At the end of the event, Tangning even received a set of jewelry from the brand.

Afterwards, she knew she had an interview, so she was in no rush to leave. Instead, she waited until all the other guests left before she stepped out to face the reporters.

The advertisers were aware of Tangning's situation, so they let her borrow the venue for her interview - fully expressing their love and support for her.

The reporters were pleasantly surprised to find that they didn't need to hold the interview in an open-air environment, especially since Beijing was currently in its rainy season and the outside of the venue was already wet.

The reporters quickly rushed into the venue. Seeing Tangning already standing on the stage, they immediately made their way to their seats.

As they looked at the Tangning that was usually aloof from the world, the reporters felt an inexplicable sense of awe that they had never felt before. But, apart from awe, they were more curious. In everyone's eyes, she was an artist that was always on the brink of expiration, yet she somehow came up with unlimited surprises and gave everyone one face slap after another...

It was like she would never allow herself to lose.

"OK, we don't have much time, I still have a little rascal at home to feed, I hope everyone can ask their questions as quickly as possible. Of course, I will refuse to respond to any malicious speculations. If I encounter anything like that, I will directly skip it," Tangning said as she glanced down at her diamond-encrusted watch. "Please begin..."

Raising hands and waiting for turns was an industry rule, so the reporters scrambled to raise their hands first before Tangning chose who to answer.

"I would like to ask if you honestly gave up on 'Concubine Ning' because of the script and not because your lead role had been stolen from you?"

"I would like to ask for your thoughts regarding the multiple headlines that Bai Yu has been producing over the past few days?"

"Bai Yu has 'spoken on your behalf' on multiple occasions. What do you have to say about this?"

"I would like to know the gender of your baby!"

"Boy," Tangning replied immediately after hearing one of the reporters ask about her babies.

However, did that mean, Tangning had directly skipped 3 questions?

But, the reporters had come here specifically with these questions in mind. If Tangning didn't plan to answer them, then there was no practical purpose to the interview.

"Actually Tangning, I am your fan. The question I want to ask you is a sensitive one, but I hope you can answer it because, in my heart, you are not worse than anyone." At this time, a female reporter stood up and said something sincerely to Tangning.

Every fan of Tangning's wanted to see her slap Bai Yu in the face and shut her fans up.

Tangning understood this well...

So, in the end, she lifted the microphone to her mouth and said, "Firstly, I gave up on 'Concubine Ning' because the script had been revised. Otherwise, I would have looked forward to acting alongside Bai Yu. I've always considered a script based on the script itself and not on the people I am acting with. As long as the script is good, I would be happy to accept either role of lead or secondary lead. My identity as an actress exists for the sake of acting."

"Secondly, whether Bai Yu is an ordinary actress or an international award-winning actress, she has the right to like and dislike people; I respect that. As for the so-called suppression, I did not take any of it to heart because I know for myself that I'm nothing like the rumors say I am. So, there's no point feeling unsettled over the distorted truth. More importantly, comparison allows people to clearly see the differences in people. Fans may have found 3 similarities between us, but that must also mean that we have thousands of other features that cannot be replicated."

"As for the words that Bai Yu has said, it is her personal freedom. I cannot determine another person's sincerity or falsehood; I can only focus on doing my best."

"Finally, in regards to who has the higher EQ, I think there's no point discussing this topic in detail because our views are different, so our methods are different. However, I would like to point out, from the moment that I announced my comeback, I have always said that I'm not a nice person. I will never forgive those that have bullied me from the shadows. I will respect those that respect me."

"In the end, I can only invest my sincerity and time into those that I care about. Whether you conclude that I am arrogant or cold, I refuse to waste my time on people that are completely unrelated to me. So, from now on, whether someone wants to make comparisons or create headlines, I will continue to shrug it off with a smile, because I know the path I want to take and the person I want to become..."

"Thank you to those that have given me their attention. I simply want to tell everyone that Tangning is well and truly back!"

As soon as Tangning's words landed, the reporters had mixed reactions.

Because, within the industry, it was hard to find a straightforward person like Tangning.

She may not be nice to some people, but she wouldn't play fancy tricks on them either - because she would never waste her time on them!

She was well aware of her identity and value. She never overvalued herself, but she never lowered herself for the sake of others; she would never interrupt her own progress because of another person.

This was Tangning...

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