Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 752: I Want You Replaced!

Chapter 752: I Want You Replaced!



All of a sudden, Tangning made a comeback and once again had Bai Yu suppressed beneath her.

This was due to the fact that people had begun to realize they were wrong to compare Tangning and Bai Yu and think that they were similar. Tangning had such a unique personality; how could Bai Yu compare?

That's right, Tangning was unique and independent. She did not try to suck up to everyone she met.

Tangning had always been like that. She was nice to whomever was nice to her.

In comparison, even though Bai Yu was the type to smile at everyone and appeared approachable, she was actually quite frightening. Because, it was too hard to tell if she'd stab someone in the back or scheme against them at anytime. Above all, a person that tried to appease everyone was also a calculative person. They would never treat anyone sincerely because, in their hearts, everyone was the same.

Tangning had undoubtedly put up a good battle. This also had an effect on Bai Linlin and Chen Xingyan, who were on set.

Previously, when Bai Yu received praise from everyone, her sister Bai Linlin was also viewed with admiration. In fact, these admirers joined her in looking down on Chen Xingyan. But now, Tangning suddenly sweeped in and the winds changed. People in the crew that originally made things diffult for Chen Xingyan, finally knew to restrain themselves and no longer dared to give her attitude. In fact, some of them even bought things to get on her good side...

However, the best thing that Chen Xingyan did during this time was, she seriously learned to be herself. So, those people received nothing in return.

Seeing what had happened, Bai Linlin walked over to Chen Xingyan and said, " you suddenly feel that your status has been elevated because of Tangning? Let me tell you, Tangning is Tangning. You're not her."

After hearing this, Chen Xingyan did not want to waste another second on Bai Linlin, "Didn't you use your sister's achievements to act arrogantly? What's wrong now? Are you the only one allowed to leech off others?"


"Also, since Ning Jie has already made a comeback, it means that your sister will no longer have the chance to win against her. If you have the time to act jealous in front of me, you might as well spend that time on improving your acting!.

"Chen Xingyan, I bet you shamelessly seduced the director, didn't you?" Bai Linlin said in a harsh tone. "Otherwise, why would the director treat you so nicely, when he even yelled at the female lead?"

After hearing this, Chen Xingyan grabbed Bai Linlin by the arm and dragged her over to the director, "I dare you to repeat yourself in front of the director.

"What's this about?" Director Wang immediately asked.

"I..." Bai Linlin obviously never expected Chen Xingyan to place her face-to-face with the director.

"Do you have the guts to do it?"

"You're bullying me because you have Tangning backing you!" Bai Linlin suddenly sounded like the victim.

"Fine, if you won't say it, then I'll say it on your behalf," Chen Xingyan wasn't going to show any mercy. She knew, no matter how nicely she treated the Bai sisters, they would never be grateful for it. So, rather than doing that, she might as well enjoy herself. "Bai Linlin asked me a moment ago whether the director had been treating me nicely because I seduced him."

Director Wang's face immediately turned red after hearing this. With one swing of his arm, he threw a slap across Bai Linlin's face, "F*ck you! I dare you to say it again - right to my face."

After suffering a slap, Bai Linlin was shocked speechless...


"If you're wondering why I'm so nice to Xingyan, you should perhaps look at the way she's constantly studying the script. She's here as a serious actress. What are you here for? You've simply been conspiring with others and acting arrogant. How dare you complain that I've been biased towards Xingyan? Do you think a teacher would care about their worst student? Bai Linlin, let me tell you, I am going to sue you for defamation. I have a family and a wife, I won't allow you to insult me in such a way!"

It was clear to see that Director Wang was truly angered.

"By the way, Bai Linlin, I don't think you are very suited to my film. So, you should get out of here..."

" you mean by this?"

"What I mean is, get lost! The film no longer needs you. I want you replaced!" the director shooed with immense power. No one dared to make a sound. Even the staff that usually got along with Bai Linlin, simply focused on self preservation at a time like this.

"Director, I was simply joking. Don't replace me, please don't!" Bai Linlin had never been treated like this, nor had anyone attacked her self-esteem in such a way. But...

...the industry had always been heartless.

"Even your sister has been suppressed with the blink of an eye. Did you think you'd be able to escape?" After speaking, Director Wang turned and left.

Everyone witnessed the scene of Bai Linlin being replaced, so they began to reevaluate Chen Xingyan's capabilities.

Bai Linlin ran around and begged for help, but no one dared to offend the director on her behalf. Unless, of course, they had a death wish...

Although Chen Xingyan pitied Bai Linlin, she grabbed her script and returned to her seat. Bai Linlin absolutely detested Chen Xingyan. So, she pounced over to hit her, but...

...not only was Chen Xingyan skilled in martial artists, she still had an An Zihao to shield her.

So, as soon as Bai Linlin pounced over, An Zihao tackled her to the floor.

"Chen Xingyan, I hate you... I'm going to make you pay back a thousand-fold for what you've done today."

An Zihao ignored her as he turned to praise Chen Xingyan, "You did well!"

Chen Xingyan smiled confidently before she lowered her head and continued studying the script in her hands. In reality, she knew that she had leeched off Tangning's success with this incident. If Tangning had not made a comeback, it would have been difficult for her to deal with Bai Linlin like she did today...

Seeing that the situation could not be saved, Bai Linlin pulled out her phone and gave Bai Yu a call, " need to get justice for me."

But, Bai Yu was in no mood to deal with Bai Linlin's matters.

After she returned to the hotel earlier, she had looked up Tangning's commercial and ended up looking at it a few dozen times.

She never expected that Tangning was calculative to this extent.

Tangning first allowed Bai Yu to show off in front of everyone and let her gain nationwide praise. Afterwards, she took advantage of the moment to surprise everyone. She was indeed Mo Ting's wife, her tricks were definitely more sophisticated.

However, they still had plenty of chances to compete against each other in future. The final victor was yet to be decided.

Perhaps, in Bai Yu's eyes, she didn't think she was an easy opponent for Tangning.

But, in reality, even if Bai Yu didn't exist, Tangning would have still done things in the same way. It's just, with Bai Yu around, the result had more of an impact.

Meanwhile, inside one of the walk-in-wardrobes at Hyatt Regency, Tangning put on a dress she hadn't worn for a long time. It almost felt like the dress was from another lifetime...

At this time, Mo Ting wrapped his arms around her from behind and asked, "Are you planning to wear this to the event tomorrow?"

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