Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 751: Great. This Was So Tangning

Chapter 751: Great. This Was So Tangning.

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For the next few days, the public's favorite thing to do was to compare Bai Yu with Tangning.

Everyone laughed at the fact that Tangning wasn't likely to ever meet another female artist with a higher EQ. However, not many of them saw the truth behind the facade. Bai Yu's high EQ was merely another method to show off herself.

"Bai Yu's so perfect; she's all we need. Tangning can stay at home and take care of her baby."

"No she's not. For the sake of acting, Bai Yu was even willing to give up on her baby. She's completely obsessed with acting."

"The two women are so similar that we only need one of them. Since Tangning has already retreated from the industry, there's no point making a comeback."

"She should leave 'The Forensic Concubine' for someone else."

Faced with a sea of opinions, Bai Yu was on the positive end. Since Tangning didn't like to explain herself in public, people began to see her as a duplicate of Bai Yu.

With the release of behind-the-scenes footage from 'Concubine Ning', fans placed a lot of attention on Bai Yu and preferred the way she handled her work.

In this world, fans always preferred good looks and perfect figures, regardless of whether they were male or female. This was the reality of the industry. Whether one became fat or had plastic surgery, if their looks downgraded, their career would have no choice but to come crashing down.

And it seemed, in front of everyone, Tangning was one of these people. Yet, she kept hanging on stubbornly.

Regarding matters like this, Tangning never tried to explain herself. Fortunately, there were still people that supported her and trusted in her.

So, in regards to siding with Tangning or Bai Yu, plenty of friends ended up getting into fights over the matter.


"President, the commercial shot by the Madam for the luxury cosmetic brand will be released internationally tomorrow. The advertising agency has already confirmed it with us." Inside the CEO's office of Hai Rui, Lu Che was holding a thick stack of documents and was waiting to report them to Mo Ting. However, Tangning's commercial was big news, so he placed it as the top priority.

"When the time comes, all the biggest shopping centers and office buildings will be broadcasting this season's new commercial. You don't need to worry about exposure."

Mo Ting was currently standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. After hearing what Lu Che had to say, he turned around in a refined manner and said, "News of the male lead for 'The Forensic Concubine' will make the headlines in a few days."

After bullying Tangning for so long, it was time for Bai Yu to experience what it felt like to be overwhelmingly crushed!

How dare she compete with Tangning in terms of EQ?

Who gave her the courage?


The next day, Bai Yu participated in a programme called "Visiting Big Shots". As the most talked about actress, she obviously didn't give up on any chance to show off her EQ. Especially when the reporters asked her how she felt about being compared to Tangning, she acted extra modest, "To be honest, if we consider the date that we debuted, Tangning is actually my senior. I honestly think she's done really well already."

"No way, you've done much better."

"Really? Thank you!" Bai Yu smiled as she thanked the reporter.

By saying Tangning debuted earlier, she was merely hinting that Tangning was old!

"Plus, you're currently more beautiful than Tangning..."

"Thank you. Honestly...thank you. But, Tangning has a precious little baby," Bai Yu continued to speak on Tangning's behalf as she displayed her kindness and high EQ.

But, the more she did this, the more people disliked Tangning.

Because everyone felt that Bai Yu's existence was more pleasing than Tangning's.

However, that same morning at 10am, on the big screen in Beijing's biggest downtown square, the newest commercial for a famous luxury brand, began playing.

As soon as the commercial was released, the internet erupted with discussions.

Because, in the short 30-second clip, the spokesperson turned out to be Tangning!

That's right, the Tangning that everyone currently disliked!

Dressed in a white sports bra and tights, with boxing gloves and slightly curled shoulder-length blonde hair; Tangning exuded elegance and energy. Everyone was lured in with one glance.

She was too cool! She seemed pure and free with her naturally young appearance.

As mentioned earlier, she went through seven costume changes in the commercial. Most notable of all, was the last shot with the long dress and the roses, it was absolutely stunning. The dress shaped her body in a way that looked more voluptuous and sexy than before and her stomach recovered well without any remaining excess fat; it was an envious sight to see...

"Oh God... I'm getting burnt by Tangning!"

"I already jumped to Bai Yu's side, but at this moment, I have no choice but to return to Tangning."

"Those that said Tangning's figure is fat and disgusting must have swollen faces by now."

"All I want to say is, 'someone' has been dabbling in Hollywood for so long but has never secured such a big name endorsement campaign! My Ning really surprised us with a ticking time bomb."

While Bai Yu was still cheering about her 'high EQ', Beijing had already been spammed by the words 'Tangning' and the 'big brand commercial'.

Some fans even commented that they could watch the commercial dozens of times and still won't be sick of it because Tangning had a great figure and she looked beautiful.

At the same time, Tangning's appearance once again stirred up the excitement of fashion critics who used to watch her runway shows. In their hearts, no other model could do what Tangning had done. Even though she had already left the fashion industry, people couldn't help but worship her.

It was great. This was so Tangning.

Everytime news of her appeared, it always reversed the situation and slapped people satisfyingly in the face. So, Bai Yu's news was quickly overshadowed until not even a trace remained.

Tangning's commercial had only been released for a few hours and the number of views had already exceeded 10 million!

Soon afterwards, the big name luxury brand announced on their official website that their spokesperson, Tangning, was invited to their press release the following night.

In other words, after hiding away for so long, Tangning was finally making an appearance in front of everyone!

"Wow, I must say that Tangning is number one at endurance. So many people were insulting her about being fat, yet she managed to ignore it for so long before coming out to give a faceslap, if I was her, I would have thrown my anger a few thousand times already."

"That's because she knows she's not what people have described her as. Since she has the confidence, why wouldn't she be able to endure it?"

As Bai Yu was in the middle of filming, she was still unaware of the dramatic changes that had occurred. It wasn't until she finally flipped through her phone later that night that she realized, news of Tangning had already flooded the outside world.

"What's this all about?" Bai Yu asked her assistant.

The assistant glanced at Bai Yu and shook her head, "I'm not sure what game Tangning played either."

Bai Yu did not say another word. In front of the public, she had to maintain her friendly image. But, deep inside, she was exploding with anger!

She had no idea that by playing the high EQ card, she had dug herself multiple pits to fall into...

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