Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 749: See How I Destroy Her

Chapter 749: See How I Destroy Her

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Tangning was in no rush to clarify things because she didn't think it was time yet.

But, the drama needed to choose a male lead. So, Mo Ting ended up giving Tangning two choices: Lu Yiling or Long Xing.

Lu Yiling had a noble appearance, one that suited the emperor in the novel. Although his acting was quite mechanical, his appearance was a plus.

On the other hand, Long Xing was the complete opposite. He didn't really stand out in ancient costume, but he was comfortable to look at and not easy to get sick of. Most importantly, his acting was spectacular.

Both men had their strengths, advantages and disadvantages.

As Tangning looked at the information for the two men, she remained silent for quite a while. As soon as Mo Ting saw this, he knew exactly what she was thinking, "You're not happy with either of them?"

Tangning looked at Mo Ting quietly like she was staring into his soul.

"I've already contacted both of them to come for auditions. You should come and have a look as well."

Tangning nodded her head. But, she actually felt that the male lead she truly hoped for, was impossible.


As soon as Bai Yu returned to China, Bai Linlin suddenly found she had someone to rely on. Erasing the dreaded memory of the punishment in front of Tangning, Bai Linlin could now flaunt her power once again.

Of course, she still remembered the grudge she held against Chen Xingyan. Even if she couldn't pick on Tangning - who barely took a step out of her house - being able to teach Chen Xingyan a lesson wasn't a bad alternative.

Plus, they were both currently vying for a role in 'The Best Ex-girlfriend', so their chances of seeing each other were a lot higher.

After quitting from 'Concubine Ning', An Zihao placed all his focus on Chen Xingyan. He felt relieved to see that she had matured and become a lot more understanding.

Today, they were attending a test reading of the script. An Zihao accompanied Chen Xingyan to the bathroom and escorted her right to the door.

Bai Linlin happened to be coming out of the bathroom at this time. As soon as she saw An Zihao, she sneered and walked up to him, "Mr. An."

An Zihao leaned back against the wall and glanced casually at Bai Linlin.

"I heard you were once a top manager. But, from the looks of it, your abilities are quite mediocre...You've already struggled so much just to manage one Chen Xingyan, what other results can you produce?"

An Zihao didn't want to respond, so he ignored her like she didn't exist.

Seeing this, Bai Linlin scoffed, "For someone like Chen Xingyan, even if you support her for an entire lifetime, she will never become a superstar. You should give up."

After hearing this, An Zihao pointed to his ear, "I don't understand animal language. Or perhaps, my hearing isn't too good."

Bai Linlin sneered and strutted away. Not long after, Chen Xingyan exited the bathroom and looked at An Zihao, "I heard Bai Linlin's voice just a moment ago. Was she causing you trouble?"

"Let's go. It's about to start," An Zihao had no intention to explain.

"Did she insult you?"

An Zihao remained silent.

Therefore, Chen Xingyan did not ask any further. But, she promised to herself that she'd become the best artist in An Zihao's hands; that she'd dazzle everyone and make him lift his head in pride.

The test reading soon started. Chen Xingyan was indeed given the role of the tomboy that she had hoped for.

But, Bai Linlin was disdainful towards this.

"A piece of trash can only select a trashy role."

After the test reading, Bai Linlin turned to leave, but the staff suddenly delivered a whole heap of gifts. Bai Yu had arranged these for Bai Linlin.

As mentioned earlier, Bai Yu had her ways with people. To make things easy for Bai Linlin on set, she obviously had to put in a bit of effort.

"I never expected to see an international superstar here. I see Bai Yu!"

"Bai Yu, can we get a photo together? I like you a lot."

"Bai Yu Jie, thank you for your gifts. We will definitely get along well with Bai Linlin."

Bai Yu stood in the doorway with a warm smile and perfect EQ. This made An Zihao quite awkward as he sat in the meeting room. The management agencies of all the other actors in the room expressed their standpoints one after another. They at least wanted their artists to be taken care of on set, so they naturally needed to put in a bit of effort to make it happen.

However, An Zihao did not do a thing...

"Let's go," An Zihao said to Chen Xingyan.

" guys have gifts too." Bai Yu saw them trying to leave, so she immediately handed Chen Xingyan two gifts.

Chen Xingyan glanced at An Zihao.

In the end, Little Seven received the gifts on their behalf.

"Thank you, Bai Yu Jie."

In the workplace, there was always a type of person that used their high EQ to teach others how to behave. But of course, Bai Yu was doing it to make Chen Xingyan and An Zihao uncomfortable.

Bai Linlin revealed an arrogant gaze, like she was telling them to witness her sister's flawless methods.

"Let's go," An Zihao repeated before he placed his arm around Chen Xingyan's shoulder and left the room.

"She's Mo Ting's younger sister, yet she doesn't know how to behave. How embarrassing!"

"I heard that An Zihao was once a top class manager. How did he end up managing someone like Chen Xingyan?"

"It's probably because his talent has been exhausted!"

Before the couple had gotten far, mean words started spreading from behind them. Chen Xingyan wanted to turn around and give a response, but An Zihao held her back, "Just ignore them..."

"But, they said..."

An Zihao did not give her a chance to complain as he dragged her quickly away.

Bai Yu was good with people, but, so what?

"Sis, you came at just the right time and saved my pride!" Bai Linlin finally felt like she had satisfied her anger. "From now on, let's see how I destroy her!"


...An Zihao was known as a top class manager for a reason. Bai Yu was good with people, but she didn't set the right target.

How much was a simple gift worth?

The next morning, An Zihao invited a few important people in charge to a meal at a 5-star hotel. While they were eating, he said to the director, "Director Wang, I happen to have a friend that is the dean at the School of Foreign Languages. I think he may be able to give your daughter some assistance."

As soon as the director heard this, he slammed his hands on the table in excitement, "I was just stressing over this matter. Zihao, you sure understand me."

The school that An Zihao spoke of was the most difficult well-reputed school to get into. The director had already utilized his connections, but had no way of securing a place for his daughter. Yet, An Zihao unexpectedly had the ability.

"Don't worry. I know why you are doing this. I will take good care of Xingyan, you can be rest assured."

When it came to laying a foundation, it wasn't necessary to waste money on pointless people. One simply had to target the person at the top and it was enough.

It didn't matter how everyone else treated Chen Xingyan, because in the end, the director called the shots.

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