Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 747: Turning Point

Chapter 747: Turning Point

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In reality, Tangning had simply given up on a script. Chen Feng and An Zihao, on the other hand, had already made a lot of sacrifices for 'Concubine Ning'. So, it was a real shame for them to withdraw. However, they were both certain of their bottom line.

Of course, neither of them were in as awkward of a position as Tangning. Tangning was currently in need of a project to prove her worth. So, when Bai Yu saw the way that Tangning suddenly gave up on 'Concubine Ning', she thought she was completely crazy. Within the industry, a project that guaranteed advancement was rare to come by, yet she offended the producers of 'Concubine Ning' so badly...

Everyone was anxious; fans were especially anxious. But, no matter how anxious they were, Tangning would never accept a script unless it was good.

Meanwhile, 'Concubine Ning' progressed quickly. After Bai Yu joined the cast, it wasn't long before they released photos of the final makeup and began filming. It was like they were trying to say that there was no place for Tangning even if she decided to change her mind. At this time, during one of her interviews, Bai Yu expressed her opinion towards the drama with a smile, "Everyone has their own meaning of quality. I think the screenwriter has already done a great job. Honestly, everyone needs to respect the hard work of others. Even if you can't show respect, you should at least refrain from casting judgment."

Bai Yu's choice of words were smart. She appeared to praise the entire crew and the screenwriter for being hardworking and serious. But, she also pointed out that 'someone' held their expectations too high and was too demanding. Needless to say, everyone knew who she was referring to. It was Tangning. She felt that Tangning didn't respect the hard work of others!

"As for her so-called intention to only take on good scripts, I feel that a good actor should not be picky. An actor should be able to take on any character that is required of them. That's the proper self discipline expected of an actor."

Regardless of everything else, as soon as Bai Yu's words were published, they appeared reasonable, but immediately ignited a battle between herself and Tangning.

As a result, she assumed Tangning was at home in a state of panic.

But, in reality, Tangning did not even notice what she did.

Did Bai Yu say something?

Amongst the many scripts in Hai Rui's hands, Mo Ting tried to pick one with the potential for advancement, but there was indeed none that was suitable for Tangning. As Tangning had no projects at hand and did not make an appearance to prove her current state, Tang Fans wanted to stick up for her, but they had no confidence.

It was at this time that a phone call arrived at the CEO's office in Hai Rui.

An author by the name of Tang Xiao, called to say that she had a story in her hands called, 'The Forensic Concubine' that she was adapting to an IP drama 1 and wanted to invite Tangning to play the female lead.

She was a fan of Tangning's, so even her pen name used the surname Tang. She told Mo Ting that she continued to write because of encouragement from Tangning and that she got to where she was today because of her. So, she felt it was time to show her gratitude.

In response, Mo Ting immediately asked Lu Che to find information on 'The Forensic Concubine'.

The result? Even Lu Che was stunned by what he found.

The novel was currently ranked number one on all the biggest online platforms and was well received with billions of views. The author had already been offered huge amounts of money by plenty of film and television agencies, but Tang Xiao had never been convinced because her dream was to have her idol partake in the adaptation some day. So, she continued to hold onto the copyright until now, when the opportunity unexpectedly came along.

"President, this IP is worth a lot. Most importantly, the novel itself is of a high standard and every part of it can stand up against criticism. It's clear to see that the author is very talented."

"In fact, she even prepared the script herself; there's no need for a screenwriter. I've already checked it and it's perfect."

Lu Che was fairly excited. How could anyone reject a project like this?

Mo Ting received the script and flipped to the first page.

The story did not start off slow and simple. In fact, Tang Xiao's creations were always exciting and captivating.

The very first scene featured the Emperor of the Feng Lan Dynasty questioning the female lead why she was his mother; he was unfortunately in love with her and he admired her.

In actual fact, the female lead was only 3 years older than the emperor because she was a concubine of the previous emperor and received orders to take care of him. At the same time, although she was actually from the future, she upheld the responsibilities of a concubine and hid her true capabilities.

After reading two small sections of the script, Mo Ting closed it back up and said to Lu Che, "No matter what it takes, let's film this IP drama."

Tangning received the script later on. As soon as she laid eyes on it, she fell in love with the design. Apart from there being a forbidden love line, the forensic knowledge and related details in Tang Xiao's writing was so professional that even real forensic scientists praised her for it.

It didn't take long before Long Jie heard of the news. As soon as she heard it, she gasped in surprise, "Oh God, I've read this novel during my spare time. F*ck, you're actually playing the role of the female lead: my dear Qing Lan. Let me tell you, Tangning, this novel is honestly really good. If you don't read it, you will regret it!"

Was this considered a pleasant surprise?

Tangning suddenly laughed.

Long Jie could roughly guess how Tangning was feeling, so she quickly asked, "This is karma for the good things you've done. Reality is proof that your every move has been right. My God, I can't wait to see it!"

As a result, Tangning was extremely thankful towards the author. In fact, she told Mo Ting to invite her to their home. After all, they needed to discuss the role in person and develop a deeper understanding.

Tang Xiao was excited by the invite. Although she was aware that Tangning wouldn't have known about her if not for 'The Forensic Concubine', being able to come in close contact with her idol made her feel extremely lucky.

As the script was already good enough, Mo Ting immediately held a board meeting and confirmed that Hai Rui would be investing into the drama and Chen Feng would be invited as the director.

Practically all the directors agreed to the decision and were happy for Mo Ting to go ahead.

With Hai Rui's support, the production crew was quickly formed. At the same time, Chen Feng received the script from Mo Ting. As soon as he looked at it, he immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call and agreed to sign a contract as soon as possible. He was even more excited than them.

It didn't take long before the main production positions were filled and casting was to begin.

But, Tangning told Mo Ting that she wanted to first speak to the author.

Tang Xiao was talented, so she naturally had her own ideal actors in mind. So, it was best to listen to her suggestions first.

As a result, Mo Ting quickly organized for Tang Xiao to visit and got Lu Che to personally escort her straight into Hyatt Regency to Tangning's front door.

Before meeting Tang Xiao, Tangning had assumed she was a man. But, when the beautiful young lady appeared in front of her, she was quite surprised.

Tang Xiao was so talented and shocking.

"Oh God, Tangning you are so beautiful..." Tang Xiao was equally surprised by Tangning. "You're nothing like the rumors. You're not plump and fat at all!"

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