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Chapter 746: If Something Belongs To My Ning, No One Can Possibly Snatch It Away

Chapter 746: If Something Belongs To My Ning, No One Can Possibly Snatch It Away

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"One needs to wait for a good script and I'm not afraid of waiting," Tangning said before she pushed the script back over to An Zihao. "Sorry, Zihao."

An Zihao was stunned for a moment before he laughed, "This is actually more like you; more like the Tangning that I know. That's fine, I respect your decision."

"This drama indeed has the potential to be a big hit. But...I feel that simply being well-made isn't enough. The story itself is the most important thing. Only when a screenwriter's art is appreciated can a classic masterpiece be created, rather than having a moment of popularity and then being forgotten afterwards."

Tangning understood this better than anyone!


Soon thereafter, Bai Yu received news that Tangning had rejected her role. In response, Bai Yu was quite confused. Within China, a production like 'Concubine Ning' was already considered decent and was likely to be a big hit. Yet, she rejected it. Was it because her role as female lead had been snatched from her? Bai Yu's lips curved upwards coldly.

Wasn't snatching a common occurrence in the entertainment industry? How could Tangning be so petty?

Bai Yu really wanted to know the thoughts that were contained in Tangning's head. Was her brain made from bean curd?

However, regardless of the reason why Tangning refused to partake in 'Concubine Ning', Bai Yu managed to create a hot topic of discussion.

As a result, the following news headlines began to appear:

[International superstar, Bai Yu, makes a comeback; Tangning's female lead gets snatched away!]

['Concubine Ning' announces last-minute change to Bai Yu; Tangning not fated to be female lead]

All types of news articles spread like wildfire. But, it all came down to one message: Tangning was originally chosen as the female lead of 'Concubine Ning', but ended up being replaced by Bai Yu. Everyone tried to guess the reason behind this. Since Tangning had just given birth, they assumed it was likely because her figure and disposition hadn't fully recovered yet. On top of that, Bai Yu was internationally renowned and couldn't be ignored, and her acting was well refined. So it made sense for the producers to choose Bai Yu over Tangning because she was better value.

"Tangning's the one that always steals other's roles. Now that someone else has taken her role instead, it's weirdly satisfying."

"When it comes to experience, Tangning is still miles from Bai Yu. So, it's normal for the producers to change people."

"Bai Yu was my dream girl back in the days. I never expected her to make a comeback. I'm really looking forward to it!"

"Bai Yu has played so many classic characters. I don't even know where Tangning was during that time."

Of course, Tangning's fans fought back.

"If something belongs to my Ning, no one can possibly snatch it away - unless my Ning willingly gives it away."

"Don't make Bai Yu sound so sacred and out of reach. When it comes to acting, our Ning does not lose to her."

"How could you speak of Bai Yu. The roles she played in the past were all mechanical, no-brain characters. What is there to be proud of?"

"There's nothing wrong with my Ning's body and her kids are of no concern at all."

Regardless of the truth, from the intensity of the argument between the fans, it was clear to see that 'Concubine Ning' had become well and truly famous.

Yet, at this time, Tangning could not step out to speak up for herself. If she was to say that she was replaced, it would mean that she wasn't as good as Bai Yu. But, if she told everyone that she had rejected the script and the drama became a hit, people would say that she slapped herself in the face and that she was stupid for giving up on a role that helped her advance.

So, it wasn't possible for her to say anything.

Of course, she had another excuse she could have used: she could have said that she had to take care of the babies. But, she couldn't use the kids as a shield. The truth was the truth. She could remain quiet, but she would never do anything that crossed her bottom line.

Even Long Jie, who was pregnant, couldn't help but worry about her, "Look at the way this woman has come looking for trouble. Did she come deliberately to steal your role? And did you simply hand it over to her?"

"No. It's because I don't like the script. They've changed it too much," Tangning replied. If the script remained the same, she would not have given up on it so easily.

"What do you plan to do, then? Your situation is quite awkward at the moment and everyone is making their own assumptions."

"I'll just wait..." Without a good script, all she could do was wait.

"I'm not used to seeing a person with the guts to bully you."

But, bully? Tangning did not consider it as being bullied. In fact, she was the one that was bullying Bai Yu.

After all, her babies were her strength.

Meanwhile, Tangning may have simply rejected the script, but Mo Ting ruthlessly followed Hai Rui's procedures and filed a lawsuit against the producers. Firstly, when they signed Tangning's contract, they had agreed to use her as the female lead, yet a second female lead suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Secondly, the producers agreed that the script would not change, yet it went through a massive revision. This was a complete breach of contract.

But, of course, 'Concubine Ning' had a strong backing. Since Hai Rui mentioned compensation, then they were simply going to hand it over.

But, the producers of 'Concubine Ning' verbally declared that they'd never consider Tangning for any of their projects - ever again.

Since the situation had been blown up so much and Director Chen Feng was a man of integrity, he ended up quitting his position as lead director and left with An Zihao. Which meant, the entire production was about to undergo a complete change.

In the end, the words that Hai Rui couldn't say, Director Chen Feng said for them, "As the lead director of 'Concubine Ning', there are a few things I would like to say. Firstly, before 'Concubine Ning' began filming, Tangning had already signed a contract for the female lead through communication with our assistant director...until changes occurred. Secondly, as soon as changes occurred, the first thing that Tangning worried about was not who she acted alongside, but the changes itself. It was because she felt that 'Concubine Ning' had lost its original quality, that she decided not to take part in the drama anymore. It had nothing to do with sharing the female lead."

"Tangning is a qualified actress, so she refused to partake in this drama. And as a qualified director, I will also withdraw from this production."

A statement like this immediately caused an uproar.

The public had now discovered the reason why Tangning refused to take part in the drama: it was because the script had lost its original quality.

As a result, Director Chen Feng's words not only slapped the producers of 'Concubine Ning' in the face, it also made Bai Yu's fans blush in embarrassment.

Tangning didn't want the role; she threw it away. Yet, their idol gripped onto it like a precious gem and was flaunting it wherever she went.

Indeed, the drama was going to be a hit. But, it had nothing to do with it being a good drama...

"Tangning carefully selects her scripts. With President Mo by her side, she only accepts the good ones. Look at the films she's done in the past, it's obvious that she is a serious actress. This can't be denied."

"I hope Tangning accepts a different drama to compete with 'Concubine Ning'! How interesting would that be!"

"But, where is she to find a good script with a big production like 'Concubine Ning'? It's impossible!"

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